Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just for fun ... 

Dinner tonight was preceded by a ten minute wait. The lady at the gate asked me for my name. "Sagnik ..." Ooops! Rarely ever does anybody get the spelling or pronunciation right. So I normally give my last name. "Nandy," I said (I pronounce it N"u"ndy). "How do you spell that?" another question fired back. "That's Andy with an N before it," a standard answer followed. That's when the idea struck me. Next time I'm in a restaurant, and they ask me for my name, I'm gonna say Tikkuveerapandubabu and then spell it out slowly -

Tee as in Tea (and gesticulate the whole slurping cup action), I as in I (point at myself), K as in Kansas, followed by another K as in Kentucky, U as in You (finger pointing the other way), V as in We ...

That should be fun!

Hey Sagnik,
I have been following your blog for quite sometime now.
You write really well.

About the name thing, how about using "Tikkuveerapandubabu" and then proceeding to explain T as in
Tikkuveerapandubabu , i as in indrajith, k as in krishnadevaraaya and so on......? :)
You sadist...and all this while I thought you were just another harmless Bong!!!
Very well written and funny too. I believe everyone living in the US with a name more Indian than "Appu" has been through this whole rigmarole of A for Andrew, B for Bill thing. Atleast the Indians still believe that these guys will get it right at some point and keep trying. All the Chinese I meet these days have names like Bob, John, Jennifer and Jackie! Thank God we don't have to do that yet, although to be honest with you I do know an Andy (Anindya) and a Marty (Amartya).
ABCD... figue that one out.
Heh.. that reminds me... A friend of a friend was named A.N.S.C Bose... for a long time i thought he was bong, but the too many initials bit made me suspicious. Then i found out he was a mallu. His name was A. Netajisubhashchandrabose. Dad was a big fan of Bose, apparently. Go figure.
@divya - thanks a lot :) brilliant idea and then to remove confusion i shuld spell out each of those names too :))

@anyesha - i just figured sadist begins with sad *mummmmmmmy* :(( talk abt revelations :)

@m - thanks :) nice that you mentioned appu coz a lot of people here have an entire one billion population pictured in their mind using Appu - who is a "cartoon" :((

@sayantani - still trying to figure out :)

@lovely nick (he who shall ...) - imagine if the mother admired somebody and they named their kid after two such famous people :))
:( i don't have to think of new names. Le Nom i was born with is enough to make Indians tear their hair out...so i don't blame the 'All-knowing' American!
If u have seen the friends episode when Phoebe is asked to spell her name out and she goes P as in Phoebe, H as in Hoebe, O as in Oebe and so on............. mebbe u can try that for ur new, suave and debonair Tikkuveerapandubabu avataar :)
@kumari - actually if i was able to pronounce your name - i could have used that itself :))

@rohan - ah! good ol' FRIENDS again. yes, remember that name as well another name episode where Phoebe changes her name :)
Then it would be Americanized to Tiks ;) Nice:)
but of course with a name like Princess Consuela Bananahammock how cud nyone forget
This is how New Sagnik will introduce himself:

"Hi I am Nandy,Tikkuveerapandubabu Nandy, Tikkuveerapandubabu Headlines Nandy"

The other person is sure to faint.

P.S : I assumed Headlines is his new middle name :)
Whenever someone hears my last name 'Swaminathan' and remarks "Oh! you have such a long last name."
I reply "It is shorter than Schwarzenegger."
@ratna - tick mark to your jawab :)

@rohan - once again, what would we do without FRIENDS

@manchus - oh! that's a brilliant answer - wah wah :)
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