Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just for you baby!!! 

"Tell me how much you love me?" the girl asks you while gently putting her hand strategically around your bicep. You know that all familiar grip. If you give a good answer she'll come closer and put the other hand around you too. She'll then put her head on your shoulder and smile wistfully. You'll also get three brownie points in her mental scorebook. But if your answer is not good, her grip will tighten. She'll first squeeze your hand and then push it aside strongly. You'll then ask her "what happened?" and she'll say "naaathing" and then sulk. This "nothing" is like the trailer of a disaster movie where you just hear some dramatic music for 20 seconds but you know that the actual movie will have two hours of mass destruction. So to avoid all that confusion, you look into her eyes and say, "I love you like no man has ever loved a woman". One second ... two seconds ... three and ... she smiles. Both her arms hug you and she closes her eyes and nods a happy smile and your heart knocks on the doors of your mind and says, "I'm sorry. I can't believe I actually said that. I know that was cheesy. Cheesy as in extra cheese on my burger cheesy. But what could I do?" The head starts to giggle. The ears amplify the volume. The heart apologizes again but the sounds are lost in the roaring laughter in your mind. The head says, "Can you imagine what your friends will say if they hear this?"

Each one of us portrays an external image. Some of us are the carefree ones, some of us don't cry, some of us never wear clean clothes while others never go for chick flicks. And yet, all of us occasionally break these images just to avoid confusion and we instantly look around to ensure that nobody has seen us doing or saying what we just did. I've seen friends of mine who've sworn off chick flicks all their adult existence, get caught red (or is it pink) handed outside movie theatres screening movies that scream out "For Women Only!" They've tried avoiding me. They told their girl friends "I'll be right back" and tried to run for the restroom. But to piss them off I caught them before they could piss. There they were. Standing with the trouser of their self portrayed image half down - ready to get screwed.

I've seen friends who claimed to loathe/detest/abhor pop music, dance all night long to the tunes of Britney Spears. I've seen friends who hated formal wear, pick up their dates in a bow and a tux. I've even seen a friend who thought that blogs are a waste of time, post one comment everyday on their lady love's blog, telling her how much the writing meant to him. And lest you think, I'm this macho dude making fun of all these love-struck folks, think again - if they ever start the hid-my-self-respect-for-love.com website, I'll surely be given a free account. Let's not get into nasty details but just to prove a point - I once wore a pink suit (and please don't ask me for details).

I know some of you reading this are going "Man! How can these people do all this?" The answer my friend is gently blowing in the wind and it's just a matter of time before you catch the cold too :))

So what is the most "un-you" thing that you've done in the name of love???

Isn't falling in love more than enough?
But then even Joe Satriani has two songs (Rubina, Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness) written for his wife. So there - even the bigiies do that. Tai saath khun maaph.
Aaro chai? If you thought that Ozzy Osbourne was the son of the Devil, listen to this song called 'Solitude'. Even Backstreet Boys couldn't get cheesier:)
i would very much like to know the story of the pink suit...

may get u more brownie points, u know..

@biplabda - but the question is what has satriani sahib's great fan biplabbabu done on this front. do share :))

@lynniebabi - naaaaaaa! trust me it will be embarrassing for you me and anybody else who managed to evolve into the human specie
So true, esp. the whole blogging thing.. my bf reads all of my posts although he swears he's indiferent to the whole concept of blogging.. and he's actually, secretly, very thrilled when he's mentioned on my blog.. he tells me so..in THOSE moments! So yes, we all do crazy things for love! Good one.
the craziest thing i ever did was actually go to a star wars movie. boy do i regret it. i was so lost and really scared of those fanatics.
One I can remember is that I watched two shows of the same movie simultaneously..the second time with my then girl who wanted to watch that movie only...it wasnt that bad as the favour was retuned in 'kind':)
@lavi - my ex get furious every time she is even alluded o on the blog - talk abt change :)

@sara - aha! the number of chick flicks that i have seen - most notably i remember Sweet Home Alabama - which i was disgusted by

@vin - at least she was "kind" :)
Hmmm, you got me thinkin (sooo un-me:). I don't think women go through this much drama - they are always inside out.
oh god.. i had to sit through a whole string of rugby matches for my ex...lol...i was totally bored out of my mind but it was well worth the effort ;)
oooh pink suit....
now THAT is worth another post :D :D
and I want ALL the details ;))
the worst experience till now was when i had to sit with my bf in an exclusive mens parlour(somehow got permission to get in as he was a regular one there:)....now dont ask me y? he wanted me to choose his new hairdo....felt soo outta place ...cant tell in words how bad it was..worst experience ever!!
I think Men end up doing most of this faking stuff in the name of love. Although I do reassure my man's ego by giving him the "right" answer everytime he asks me if he is losing hair from the top of his head or getting a little paunch down his middle....
Let the damn jerk dictate terms to me! That's the most un-me, most horrible, most "God I wish I could forget that" thing ever!
So what is the most "un-you" thing that you've done in the name of love???

Event: Forumula 1 racing trip

Cost: $75

Weather: Freezing, raining, misty, miserable!

Sounds: Once every 3 minutes a small car would race past with a blaring, grating, annoying noise - tires screeching on roads!

Duration: 3 hours (driving time to Indianapolis not included)

Me: A person not interested in F1 racing!

All in the name of love...but once is good enough for me :)
lol. But you have to do the ritual mating dance! I am reminded of Jim Carrey in "Liar Liar" He'd say "I've had better" and get thrown out. lol. Truth never pays sometimes.
whatever u said- are they really possible...i dont think so ...hahaha
@ratna - agreed! in the World of high valued women men come (turn) cheap :)

@grafxgurl - see atleast ur bf took you to a place where you could feast your eyes with more men - chick flicks normally have only one sobbing girl - now say :)

@angel - sshhhh! :))

@anon - aha! proper hair raising experience only :)

@m - that's sweet of you :)

@ideasmithy - you could have posted that comment without a name and i would have known it's you *hides quickly before sandal comes flying* :))

@ramya - wow! you guys are a "fast" couple *cla clap*

@jhinguchaka - 100% right! a man's gotta do what man's gotta doooo :(

@ari - yes some of these things actually happened and ... and ... and ... i feel very tempted to share some of ur stories :))
Man, well, one of the worst was when i stayed up all night talking to her and to tell you the truth, was so damn sleepy could hardly listen to her on the phone!!
been patient. very patient. when i would have ripped the skin off someone else for the same thing.
Hey it isn't just me being nice. I do expect the same reciprocation from my man :) I just wrote about that in mine this morning.
@DHR - oh! i hve fallen asleep while talking, woken up and fallen asleep again - all this on the phone :))

@stiletto - never seen a comment that has so much compassion and anger at the same time :)

@M - shall go and read it pronto :)
what about the sheer tolerance bit...the ability to evolve and transit into phases that may have seemed inconceivable at some point of time...
one too many things for my own good.. just blogged about it.
I racked my brains n turned my memories inside out but i still can't think of a single un-you thing i have ever done...un less u count watching Star Wars with The Mr when i don't like it at all.
@me - very true and that is a continuous phase i guess *starts thiking*

@hwsnbf - aha! gotta go and read it

@kumari - what is this abt women and Star Wars now - I still haven't seen Star Wars but now I feel twice as bad coz I haven't made anyone see Star Wars for me :))
I shared my Dr.Pepper!!

(No I didn't!)
@DoAnything ... - if it makes you feel any better - a lot of people share their salaries :))
i thot i commented on this, but luks like it got lost somehow ,never mind tat
the most un-like-me thingummy i did was to tolerate 3 whole hrs of some weird Rajnikant movie!n he endures my Harry Potter movies apart from animation flicks.
So my reputation preceeds me? As long as it serves as a warning call for the future....
@swathi - if it makes y ou feel any better - i sat through Mudhalvan (I'm sure I got the spelling wrong) without understanding Tamil myself :))

@ideasmith - madam, you are like Sachin Tendulakar - even when you are not around people wonder what it would be if you were there :)
The most "un-me" thing I ever did in a relation was to listen to all the bullshit concept of god knows what whole night that too on a STD call !!

I wish,I could shout on his face and say "shut the fuk up ! I got job even on Sunday" but I guess, I had to act jobless to make someone else feel better !!

Is there a way to erase it off the memory and stop feeling bad about it ?
@debalina - :)) i did that over ISD for a fairly long period of time :) if that makes you feel any better
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