Saturday, July 23, 2005

Once Upon a Time ... 

I'm sitting with Vipul and Sid and watching DDLJ - The DDLJ. The DDLJ which was The movie for The generation that I belonged to.

It was 1995. A young boy and young girl landed up in Kolkata's famed Metro Cinema. The young boy hustled to the ticket counter only to find half of India's population waiting there. The girl looked at him and raised an enquiring eyebrow. The guy look flustered and just then a guy in a lungi appeared out of nowhere.

"Ek ka der sau, ek ka der sau," he shouted in a hushed voice (people who have seen ticket blackers will know exactly how this paradox was achieved).

After ten minutes of bargaining the boy managed to get a great deal. Two tickets were bought for 300 rupees :) and the two pushed their way to a crowded front stall area. Many more men in lungis and twice the number of staring eyes greeted them there.

"Everybody is looking," the girl said coyly.

"That's not a bad thing. They have good taste." The boy made a feeble attempt to hide his embarrassment. His high school pocket money couldn't have afforded better tickets. Alas!

In the next ten minutes as Vicco Bajradanti and Washing Powder Nirma adorned the screen, the girl let out a few more complaints. They tried whatever little they could. They exchanged seats at least twice. She gave her dupatta an extra trip around the shoulders. They both glared at some of the roving eyes. But the problem was hardly solved. The boy started wondering whether the whole idea of bringing the girl for the movie was indeed a good one. But just then the Yashraj Banners appeared on screen. Kajol appeared in a towel and Shahrukh in rugby attire and everybody stopped looking anywhere other than the screen.

The guy kept admiring the dusky and husky Kajol while the girl kept saying that Shahrukh is very cute. Every time their eyes met, she smiled a twinkling thank you for the movie treat.

DDLJ saved the day for the boy ten years back and boy, ten years later the movie STILL ROCKS!

I gave my tenth standard exams with the help of this movie. used to study for half an hour, then watch the movie for some time and then pick up my books again. u can guess how many times i saw it . :)
That was a good post. And a good movie, too!
n no prizes for guessing who the boy was I think.even i have very special memories of this movie,of my best friend and her crush :))
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Those were the days of Family Movies Supehits. HAHK had flocks of families stacked together watching Madhuri, and the girl of the big smile.
Imagine taking grandparents to one of the Generation Y movies.
All that ends well,leaves happy memories ?

I still wonder how come anyone like the guy on screen who is stammering so frequently !
I remember watching it on TV couple of years back and back then,when the movie was released, I remember, my classmates bunking classes to watch the movie again and again and again !
@priestess - that depends a lot on how hard you studied for your tenth exam :))

@couchpotato - oh! thanks but can't let a post that defined a bored mind's state to the movie that defnies a generation's romance :)

@swathi - who was the boy ??? :))

@bridalbeer - yes the grandfathers should be taken for a screening of a Payal Rahtogi film - lesse how they react to that :)

@debalina - whaaaaat? you dint see the movie when it released :O *shocked*
how come no toones nowerdays?

we want toones...
Ah...you have brought back pleasant memories, Sagnik...I saw DDLJ in the theatre three times, seven times in all...everytime I boarded the TN express to go to Pilani with my friends, I would tell them wistfully that one day, a handsome guy will extend his hand for me...it kinda happened, a sardarji extended his hand to me and pulled me back into the train when I stepped into the compartment while the train was in motion, he was 50ish and sounded me off, "Aap pade likhe ho aur chalti huyi gaadi ko chadna chahti ho..." :))
@ratna - actually toons require more thinking and network connection to upload so took a break from them till my move in finishes but just for you i shall make a new set :)

@ramya - aha! and then the whole "palat" scene - i've thought so many times that if a girl loves me she will turn and she did, only to tell me that i thought out loud and everybody could hear it :))
I thought it was a lousy movie but apparantly it holds especially sentimental value for you. By the way, if you want to indulge in tripping down nostalgia lane, some of Mumbai's theatres are still showing the damn movie!
Hey wait a minute didnt the guy get ripped if even after hearing 'ek da der sau' he still picked up 2 for 300 thinking he still got a gr88 deal :)
On a seperate subject I thought DDLJ was the 2nd best Bollywood romantic flick after QSQT and probably single handedly responsible for half of the broken hearts at my school on the Valentine after the movie was released
Dude, yea, those were the days...SRK was SRK and not the hep/posh popstar he is today.
Actually it was the first Hindi movie in a theater, that too w/o PG (ha ha US ratings). Went with a school pal of mine - his mom had actually got the tickets for us - Mitra" (North Cal) and had even asked "my" mom to join us. But me being the all shy me, had declared "no Hindia filim with parents"
And hell yes, I was scared when Amrish Puri landed the missiles on poor poor SRK's cheek. It remined me of another poor poor tortured soul:)
Sigh...those were the days...
@ideasmithy - you dint like DDLJ :O what????? o what was yoru love fodder as a teenager?

@rohan - yes, wasn't that a good deal :)) am i glad that with multiplexes now this whole ticket black thing is done with

@biplabda - what? DDLJ was yoru first Hidi movie in the hall?? i remember that my parents showed me this Dharmendra movie called Gazab when I was 4 yrs old appx :) and years later i answered a question i a quiz courtesy that movie - interesting :)
Not some theatres but just one.
Here's my take on DDLJ (if anyone is interested).

Even if you are not...

@greatbong - nice artice! i still cant believe that some theatre ran it for 500 weeks :O
DDLJ was one of the finest romantic movies I saw. Some of the movies just stick with you for the rest of your life. DDLJ was one of them. Andaz Apna Apna, Masoom, Lagaan, DCH & Jane Bhi Do yaaron to name a few!

We were a bunch of 15 year olds who caught DDLJ in the first week of its release and all that we wanted after viewing it; was a Euro tour when we were ready to be married so that we would meet our prince charming!!!

Now when we think about it we can't stop laughing!!!

It did have its influence man, it still does!
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