Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Passing "bye" 

This always plagues me. Whenever I have to end a perfectly good telephone conversation I have no idea what to do. Why end the conversation for starters, you may ask. Coz no conversation is great till eternity, I say.

You start off by finding out how the other person is doing, then move on to movies, then sprinkle a lil bit of gossip, add in another pinch of movies and even do a little bit of soul searching. This is great you say to yourself. We can do this forever. Naaaay! Naaay. You soon get into movies again and this time you realize that it isn't as interesting as it was the first two times. You realize that more conjunctions and non words have started to sneak into the conversation ("Errrr .... ummmm .... and then .... hmmmmm ...."). Soon you know that it's time to end the conversation. But then you can't just tell that to the other person. So you start thinking on how to draw the line. While still talking. While still pretending to listen. "Yeah", "right" and "very true" becomes the principle ingredient of your vocabulary. "It'll be so much simpler if he just hangs up." you think. You know there are some stock situations - "Hey some guests have come over", "Hey, I have to go out", "My room mate is calling me" - they all work well. Sadly, they all sound lame as well. Even if they are genuine, the other person always gets the feeling that maybe you got bored. Moreover, you run the additional risk of using the same excuse multiple times (I remember Hemo asking me once during high school - "Exactly how many times does your father need to use the phone when you talk to me?"). So you try to choose the best dish from the buffet of excuses laid before you. Finally, a perfectly great conversation reaches a point where both parties have no idea what they're talking abt and just hope that the other person will throw the bait of cheap excuses. Alas!

This post can't be ended with the mention of a new technique that's doing the rounds (I've seen it in action twice). In this style you hang up, but put the blame on the other person. "Have you eaten lunch?" you ask her, knowing perfectly well that she'll say no coz she told you twenty minutes back that she had a late breakfast that day. "You better go and cook then. As much as I would like to keep talking to you, I don't wanna be the reason for that pretty face to look hungry. Give me a call once you are fit and fed." So now you have managed to hang up while sounding concerned and loving. Nice!

Any more ideas?

well...this is a situation where we all need proper preperations b4 actually using any xcuses:):)...wat abt.."hey xcuse me man...but i urgently need to visit the loo"...this thing always works:):)...or"hey gf/bf is on the other line(but works out only if u hv one)"...these r some sure shot xcuses tat can work out g8! try them out buddy!!
"hey , u knw what , i think u r boring , can i hang-up now?"
well this is what i tell for my very close frndz!!
Ppl whom i knw little of , " Guess we spoke enough for now, will call u later bye!"
u shud write a book on "how to make successful blogs out of mundane things":))

a popular one wud b "i think i've bored u enuf"
but wat happens with mi close frends is jus when we have said "byes" we suddenly remember something else that cant wait till the next call n then we wud yap some more till my cell's battery wud die - which is actually a very gud excuse :))
@swathi, i know wat ur sayin gurl....but only my closest pals.

@sagnik-- mostly used xcuse in a mobile conv.. press a cupla buttons and say "hey, theres a all waiting, can i call u bak?" (never, duh)...or yawn loudly into the phone..just say that" oh , hehe i just farted...hehe" and the caller will most cirtainly hang up on u.
"Hey, nice talking but I really have to watch this episode of sex and the city..."

This worked ok until one day,

"ewww...You watch sex and the city? The four women doing a lot of talking...really?"

Haha, I always use this one, 'Hey I got to pee, so will run, talk to you later..'

Or even better, 'Oh gosh my battery is dying on me, must hang up now' (Only for cellphones of course)

Or to just hang up and send cold email saying, 'You hung up on me???'

So, many alternatives I tell you! :)
whats wrong with "chalo phir. gotta go. bye" ??? :)
oh man....if i get too bored of someone...i just hang up and blame it on t-mobile. thats one of the reasons i love this cellular telephone age! everyone knows wut a sucky company tmobile is and how it drops calls so i pretend that mine dropped and i tried to call back but the network couldnt connect so sorry {evil laugh} and then if they call u back just foward it to voicemail and say u never got a missed call and u dint have service. awww man im such a meanie!
@anon - what if you are talking to your gf/bf :))

@divya - i guess i don't have friends who are that close :((

@swathi - thanks :) and your talking after having said bye is so like my Mom - she often begins the main conversation after she and her friends have bid good bye :)

@sayantani - what ???? never ever used farting as an excuse. you are definitely a masterpiece of art woman :)

@rs - sadly for a man "Sex and the City" doesn't sound good and FRIENDS and Seinfeld have so many reruns that you cant use them either :(

@soup - i have actually tried variants of 1 and 3 but never tried the battery one - but it sounds real good - i hope none o fmy friends are reading this :)

@shahshank - nothing wrong with it and this is the one i predominantly use as of now :) but it is alays good to have alternatives :)

@sara - sadly, i anyway get terrible connection and hence most of my friends call me at home - so can't use the call drop idea :((
I think the "new technique" you mentioned is too dangerous, specially if it's a woman you're speaking to. The response could easily be "So you don't want to speak to me, and you're making it my fault?" Even if you really are concerned about them not missing lunch :)
@advaniji - in my case it was a woman who tried it on me and when i told her what you mentioned she laughed and said "you have tried the same thig on me before" now what can one say to that???
maybe after a small pause you could say, "so when are you calling me next?" ...this gives the impression that even though you have to end the call now, you enjoyed the conversation, and would like to do it again...
@syl - shall try it out - but sadly most of the people i talk to read my blog - so it's gonna be tricky :)
Gaaad....how i hate this trait in men. Why not just say, "Okay, catch you later. Bye"?????
@ideasmith - because we are the sensitive of the two sexes - oh no! that's supposed to be the women - seriously, then why don't we just say "bye" *hmmmm* good questions *keeps thinking*
"Hey my mum's/roomie's calling me, guess I'll catch you later" or "Hey I think someone's at the door, guess I'll catch you later" work pretty well for me :)
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