Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sad State 

They say sympathy is the way to a woman's heart. So consider this to be me knocking (I couldn't find the bell(e)):

* The only woman to tell me that she loves me in the past six months then added "Sorry, I forgot my lines"

* I went shopping for my last surprise gift

* The only romantic email I received in the past two months was a spam

* The only visitor to my apartment in the past one month has been my apartment mate.

* The last time I got into a girl's pants was when I accidentally went shopping in the wrong store.

* The last girl to propose to me proposed that I become a committee member of the poetry club!

Knock knock!

Man u r gonna be gettin so much 'pity love' after this post, the only problem being that most of the love will be either of the sisterly variety or these love stories will end with 'can we be just friends' bit :)
at least the term pity love has love in it - booooooooo :(( *breaks down into tears*
1. They say that, 'You will find love, when you stop looking for it!'

2. Some others say that, 'If you want something badly enough then the Universe conspires with you.'

3. Women type self help books tell you that if a man is THAT into you he will do the chasing.

Which means that:
... You have not stopped looking
... You don't want it bady enough
... That you are not doing any chasing

They might sound contradictory, but the trick is to achieve all of it! :)
now wherez M(she who shall not be named?) ....sympathy? dun go looking too far but if u r ok with the virtual variety u'd get umpteen on the net :))
Lol lol lol....u really need to get a social life Sagz...come back to India!
Awww.... I can understand , everyone goes through all that...sob* sob* sob*

Now does that sound sympathetic enough?

Aha....soup somehow sums it all ;)
@soup - ok i have stopped looking. now where is my true love ??? tick tick 1 .. tick tick 2 ... nope this doesn't work :(

@swathi - the thing with net romance is that the net result is zero :)

@ideasmith - meri desh ki dharti ... you brought out the manoj kumar in me :))

@debalina - aha! i already feel better :)
Maybe someone is missing you somewhere and they don't even know abt it?

(There's no point in that either)
Mebbe girls think u r one of the 2 good to be not gay kinda guys. Guess that declaration list needs saome additions :)
@anwin - that surely will be a tragedy. won't it?

@rohan - ooops! i thought that point should have been clear from all the "straight" out of the heart posts I make :)
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