Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sleaze on lease 

Continuing with my ongoing trend of posting a slightly more risque post over the weekend, here's an excerpt from a very interesting conversation I had with one of my closest friends this afternoon. It must be mentioned that the person concerned is a married woman and the only reason I mention that is to reduce the sleaze factor of this post :)

Me: I seriously think women give way too much importance to clothes. Trust me, men don't care much abt what a woman is wearing.
She: Then how do you explain the fascination for lingerie. Why do men have a craving for that.
Me: It's like gift paper. A good gift paper can add value and curiosity to a good present. You see a funky wrapping paper, you become curious to know what's there inside. BUT no matter how good the wrapping paper is it can't make up for a bad gift.

To give you an idea of how this conversation then proceeded, the mention of wrapping paper made me wonder if this situation can ever happen.

Waitress: Sir, have you decided what you want for appetizer?
Man: Yes! Lettuce wrap!
Waitress: Yo! yo! put your hands in the air and sing.
Man: What?
Waitress: You said let us rap.

Since women usually like wrapping paper more than men do, why is frilly male lingerie so uncommon?
coz women like to shop and part of that experience is to buy something and then return it or replace it with something better. so the men don't wanna be well wrapped presents only to be returned in the "used and returned" counter :)
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