Sunday, July 17, 2005


I've spoken aplenty abt love, ranted a dozen times abt relationships, given my two cents on betrayal and spiced up the occasional post by mentioning sex. In the recent past even marriage has found more than frequent mention on this side of websphere. So obviously it was just a matter of time before kids seeped into my posts. Sometime back I posted abt my desires to have a child who is slightly screwed up. Consider this post to be an extension on the same topic; only this time let's consider the quintessential bright kid that every parent wants.

The other day I was shopping in the Indian grocery store and the owner of the shop hushed into my ears, "There he is." I looked around and No, Shahrukh Khan wasn't there. So who was she talking abt? "You know him, right?" the lady went on, only to spot the ignorance on my face. Clearly I was missing something. "That's Anurag Kashyap, the Spelling Bee champion," the lady spurted, alarmed at my ignorance. There he was. Fourteen years or something and already walking down the path of fame. Would I want my kid to be like him? Of course I would. Which dad wouldn't want a kid who can spell "Appoggiatura"? But just think for a moment. Just uno momento.

The moment your kid becomes an achiever you have a reputation to defend. Remember for every success of your kid there will be at least one other kid in his social circle who would dislike him a lil bit more. "My son can count till eighty eight," the proud mother of a four year old would say and what do you think will play on in the mind of the listening mother whose kid gave up at "fitty too". She'll smile a forced smile and add in the mandatory "Wow!" but will secretly wait for the day when "Mr. Eighty eight" gets below average in his physics test. Then all the mothers would meet secretly and analyze the various reasons for the downfall of the icon. "I told you," Mrs. Sharma will say, "It was all because hi mother gave him tuitions from the class teacher. How else do you explain his marks." Mrs. Kumar will chip in her eighty six paise (I believe that's the mkt value of 2 cents). "As if we didn't know why he came first in class," she'll say. "It's just that we don't want our kids to take such routes." "Yes, yes!" all the other mothers would add in, creating melody for the group.

So tell me honestly? Do you really wanna be the dad/mom of a baby genius and always be scared of your son getting that one blunder before people pounce to pass a judgment on him? Or do you wanna greet every exam copy of your child with the joy that "he couldn't have possibly done worse than last time?"

Let me no - yes, you red it right. Now you no which option my fadder chose.

oh, God! ur thinkin bout kids now?! lol. nice post.
Ever since i was a kid , i've hated these "bright" kids , they are snooty and snobish , and when they grow up they suffer from serious attitude problem , now who would want a kid like that??
I can never forgive Siddharth Basu for that horrible show - India Child Genius. Those kids need to go out and play a bit more. Its amazinly horrid to see the pressure these kids are under, what with their entire family in the audience and the rest surely watching their everymore on TV !! Sheesh !!!
**shudder**shudder**at the thot of being a mom of a prodigy!
i think not only the kids but even the parents have to live upto xpectations.
i wud like to have a cuteh lille girl alwayz struggling to spell or pronounce correctly n hence appears more cute (yaa cuter) :))
You mean to say, there aren't any 'cute' child-geniuses? Well, isn't Drew Barrymore cute enough, and well, isn't appearing in a Spielberg movie (E.T.), well, good enough? Say how about a kid like that, huh?
Disclaimer:I know I'm dumb :-)
The other day, I was watching a news channel and they were showing this 1 year old kid who could rattle all capitals, all currencies and all flags of the countries of the world by just looking at the picture.
And the mother just couldnt stop gushing at the fact that she used to train her child from the time it was 3 months old..
yeah i just want an everyday normal child... sigh .,, have been thinking about kids too for a while now.. i wanna adopt one when im 30... some needy baby...dont know why.. my bio clock is starting to ring quite incessantly ..lol...

Vig tells me to get a Puppy at 30...
*looks dazed*.... NOW how do i choose?
@sayantani - me and thinking - that's a term ppl don't associate with me :(

@divya - abso true! plus if i have a brigt kid people will seriously doubt my wife :)

@vignesh - in short - those kids need to start blogging :)

@swathi - i want a cute lil girl too - one who will flirt around cutely with all the neighboring boys and be the dream woman of these super kids :)

@biplab - oh no questions! drew barrymore - speak no more! but then you will have to agree that she is one in a maillion !!!

@rt - when i was one i dint even know capital letters - let alone capitals of countries :((

@grafxgurl - dogs are more diff to potty train (i've been told) - so now you decide :)
I think your cute little girl (that was might cute of you to say that, btw) or cute little boy should read this post one day :)
@ramya - yeah! s(he) should read it and find spelling mistakes in it. how cool will that be :)
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