Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What would they do? 

In case any of you've wondered why the frequency of my posts have gone down slightly over the past few days, then it's an issue that I'll address or rather I'd say it's an issue with address. Yup! Moi is shifting apartments and even though most of the moving-in has been accomplished (yes, it's no small achievement), telephone lines and internet connectivity still needs to be fixed up. A man without broadband can only blog so much. Hmmm! Well, for all you sheltered folks who've never performed a move-in by yourself - it's one hectic process. No amount of planning helps and no amount of trips seem enough. There's always that one thing that's left in the old house when you've made what you thought was your last trip for the day. Yanyways, lemme not bore you with tiring details of the move-in process (the likes that'll tell you why you should be wary of stepping on the green rug in my new house in case you ever visit it). Instead, lemme share what's actually going on in my mind.

The whole move-in ordeal warranted a nice big post. I owed it one. Sadly, I couldn't think of anything remotely interesting abt the move-in and was left wondering if anybody else could do it for me. I tried to think of some of the bloggers I've been visiting for a while and what they would do if they moved in/out. Seriously, what would they do?

My good friend bridalbeer would probably give a sigh of relief if she ever moved out of her protected char deewar. She'll probably throw in a NYC reference as well; mention how Brian helped her move-in the last time. Antara will not post anything the day she moves in. She'll wait for a week and then post ten delightful photographs abt the whole experience. Megha too will have one photograph and a small accompanying post. But the post will not remain small when you visit it 30 minutes later to find everybody from blogosphere having left a comment on it. Three volunteers would even offer her a helping hand, even though two of them will be in India. And the sweet girl that she is, she'll dedicatedly answer every comment. The delightful Ratna will post some amazing story involving her little ones and how they reacted to the move-in while Samit Basu will just leave a fleeting reference to the fact that he moved out but list all the dvds that he took along with him. Ideasmithy will have a small poem, very deep, that'll compare moving out with some ordeal faced by women (I wanna know her reaction to this claim :)) while eM will have a random photograph and a very interesting description of the house warming party that'll follow. Rajesh will get phenomenal leverage out of this event when he successfully converts it into a short story that'll soon get published by Sulekha. Both Me and my good buddy Avinash Modi will try to be discrete. Knowing Modi, he'll just leave one line saying how engineers never move out but their abode gets outsourced. Sayantani will have a post peppered with anger of the younger generation at the whole concept of moving in and out. "These bloody Kolkattans and their moving issues," she'll chip in. I can just go on and on and on - how Ramya will surely mention a Tamil movie or how Anyesha will name all the people who helped her move and how the band met afterwards and played music or how good old Janani will mention at least something from Pilani associated with the whole experience. The list can just goes on and on.

Still, pretty still, personally there's nothing that I can write abt moving in. Except for:

Truck rental: $80
Cleaning material: $15
Electric Cables: $10
Kitchenware: $15
The price of seeing your new room when the setup's complete: Maybe it's priceless but I don't know coz I'm nowhere close to completion yet :(

hehe..! Good analysis on the bloggers. Visit some of them regularly and seems quite apt for them..:)
But yeah.. Moving houses is a huge, huge ordeal.. More than packing and transporting, the unpacking part kills you. There is no end to it.
Grrrrrrrrrr you funny man....!!!!You seem to forget I can write insults too...remember 'When I get nasty, I say'?

Good analysis, however...made me laugh on this rainy Wednesday morning.
:-D Pretty good analysis and a lovely post to read b4 i hit bed so i can sleep with a big smile on my face.
But shtill am heart-broken...I "Moved Continents" and i don't get a mention, tsk tsk :((
@rt - thanks :) oh my packing is so clumsy that often things unpack on their own

@ideasmithy - ha ha ha ha! you don't know how much joy that comment is giving me :))

@kumari - what would i do without you and your posts - but then i dont associate and one style with you - xcept that they are all great fun :)
Hmmm, seems like a rather moving experience! (I am shocked that you didn't use that pun, btw) And thenkoo! That was too cute :) Infinitely funnier than any post I would have actually written about a move!
*suspicious look*

Any chances that you've been spying on my Blogger drafts recently?
Copy cat :) (about the mc ad)
Hope you had a safe move.
We never moved since kids were born - that will be a great experiance
Nice. Predictability is so comforting.
wat a mo(ve)ment!
yaa the complete picture might b priceless but till then u gotta pay the bills :))
I thought of a bunch of comebacks but none of them sounded as funny as your post:(

For example,

Hey Sagnik, did I tell you about this Tamil movie I saw recently :)) ?

...and Sagnik would write a post about all the trivialities associated with moving and still make it sound laugh-out-loud funny!

Oh well...happy moving, keep making me smile :)
Wow...you understand me so well(I flutter my eyelashes here like heroines of yetseryears). Your blog just reminded me of my own experiences a while back...I should quickly write up a blog about all those folks who helped me move!!!
That really moved lot of movers-n-shakers !

But,to me, moving out-n-in will move my patience too !
I mean, just imagine,moving out from Kolkata to Bangalore and then you realize that you forgot to get the keys for one of your luggage ?

OMG ! Btw, your analytical skills rocks ! You aren't 1/4th as bad as I am ! :P
@megha - see the sweet megha not only answers every comment on her popular blog but even in the lil ones like mine :)

@rajesh - not at all *and looks into the peep hole again* :))

@ratna - see you know married ppl are diff when they think moving in will be a great experience - uuuuuf!

@bridalbeer - indeed :)

@swathi - dont remind me - right now i am paying bills for two aprtments as we have an overlapping period :(

@ramya - :)) :))

@anyesha - aha! lemme post this comment and i'll be off to read your experience :)

@debalina - :)) ok you beat me but i have done almost similar things - so be prepared for some tough competition ;)
cholche na, cholbe na...
me? me, me, me, me, me? ME?
@arka - :)) you might not believe it but the one of the first things i wanted to right was that "kashyapeya would write a post so profound that he would need to make another post to make us smaller ones understand it" :)) but then i wondered if you will take offense *see what a ice boy i am* :)
*** Rolls up the sleeves***
Says " We'll see 'bout that " ...with a very wicked grin and walks off ..as they play Good Bad n Ugly theme in the background on a Altec Lansing Speaker!
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