Saturday, August 13, 2005


The purpose of this post is to crack a terrible PJ that I made up in front of V's parents (my "humor" seriously needs to be censored). Sadly, a two line PJ is too small for someone who likes to blabber like me :) Hence the introduction.

So aunty (V's mom) was saying that she noticed that a lot of Indian mom's visited their children when their wives were pregnant. In return I oozed the following profundity:

Aunty, here they often remember the naani only when they require a nanny.


P.S. The next two weeks are likely to have a lot of Kolkata based blogging (which should resume Monday onwards) - lots of pics, lots of raves, lots of rants - so basically lots of sights and insights :)

Congratulations! You just made it to the top of Aunty V's "Brides wanted" list.
I've lost your phone no. E-mail it to me again...
dude, hope no nani or nanny's readin this.lol. funny stuff. when r u landin at cal?
ouch! Even my dad couldn't possibly top that one.. :)
welcome to GoJA--the good joke association. the 'good'bit, of course, is highly debatable...;D

GoJA, by the way, is copyrighted.
Funny, but sadly so true:) Have a safe trip.
@sanketh - soncidering Aunty V only has a son, that doesn't help much dude :(

@bridalbeer - considering that we spoke last night, i guess that problem has been taken care of :)

@sayantani - na my blog has an auto naani blocker (except for maybe Andamu I guess). just arrived in Kol yesterday.

@jasmine - please apologize to ur dad on my behalf for that :)

@rimi - so what does one do to get a membership in GoJa - i'mm all ears :)

@ratna - thanks :)
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