Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Amidst a million problems, the blogger posts ... :( 

Well, well! Reached San Diego! Found out that the hard drive of my laptop is baked - so money has to be spent and extra work has to be done to ensure that work doesn't suffer. I also realized how paralyzed I am without my laptop when I figured out that I couldn't even blog properly without it (it has Hello installed and also has the basic prototype of the headLINE's characters saved on it). Yanyway, this is my feeble attempt at trying to blog from Sub's computer. The initial post idea(s) was a series of cartoons as part of the headLINES series, titled Kolkata Khronicles - depicting events inspired by conversations from my Kolkata trip. Lesse how it works out ... (please enlarge the image window fully to read the crap)


you are back! yay!
shagnikda, "kya butt! kya butt!" ;) welcome back!
@teleute - so get ready for the flow of crap :)

@indra - wah wah! wah wah!
hmmmm...I read, I weep, I wish someone will kill me as I am afraid of killing myself.
Aha, you are back to normal. Welcome back:)
Welcome back, these toon posts are like ur bread and 'butt'er
So how was kolkatta? Hope u have got more stories abt the trip! nyway iam new here
"butt"ylicious, is it?
@anwin - coming from the mouth of flaming cyanide, that is brilliant irony :)

@ratna - but the laptop isn't working :((

@rohan - ahoy! let's do a round of "bottoms" up to that :)

@sidewinder - Kolkata was great as usual! More abt the trip shall follow soon. thanks for stopping by.

@jaded - ur g"ass" is as good as mine :)
"Butt"-er half works at so many levels. Nice!
Lol lol lol...you crazy man! What did you do in Kol...only ogle at butts??
u seemd to have had a wonderful time at Cal
gald to see the toons back, havent heard the word 'buttocks' used of late ,somehow as compared to butt or bums it sounds a lille gross, tatz doesnt mean i din joy the 'butt of the joke' :))
@sanketh - yup! and it aint even cheesy :)

@ideasmith - i call it glancing carefully - perverts ogle - artists admire :))

@swathi - oh! i always find the word "buttocks" very British-ish - very old school :)
And we are back on track for our regular dose of toons, PJs and wise cracks:-)

Good going....
nice ones!

Anything that looks like a butt is a rear sight indeed in cal...ok I am being too harsh;)
Hey, weren't you supposed to post Cal photos too? Please do.
And get-well wishes to your lappy from my side:D
These cartoons are cool
@minal - :)

@vin - aha! five years back i would have agreed to that but ever since i left teh city the parents seem to have been a lot more generous in letting out their beloved daughters :)

@biplabda - alas! i decided to take videos this time around (the std foreign-returned guy doing his thing with a web-cam :) ) and hence there are no photos :((

@kanti - thank you sir
i thought u were a guy who loved to have up'front' perceptions abt people...but i didnt realise tat u prefered the 'rear' views instead..:):)
anywaz tat was a cl(ass)ic post i shud say...:)
@sagnik - they don't say hindsight is 20/20 for nothing, you know? ;)
@xyz - ass you say madam :)

@megha - wah wah :))
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