Monday, August 22, 2005

Ball(oons) to you 

I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant, trying to trouble myself with generous doses of red pepper chicken, when I spotted the young thing. Two years old. Maybe three. No, I think two. Pink skirt. Pink top. Pink cheeks. Holding a balloon she had recently bought, the girl walked (or is the term wobbled) towards the adjacent table. A young boy bearing matching youth was playing with a similar balloon. The two kids exchanged nods, stared at each other's balloons and then held hands and started walking towards a neutral table. I could hear the mother of the boy scream out a "How cute, na?"

All this made me wonder if adult romances could be made just as simple. What if the solution to all matters of love resided in lil colored balloons? What if I could walk up to a mini skirted blonde, flaunt my heart shaped red balloon, look at her "tied-like-a-giraffe" balloon and then walk off with her (with fading background music playing)? How cool will that be?

But maybe things are indeed like that. What if the stacks of credit cards and the little symbol in front of your car, screaming the brand name it bears, are nothing but "adult balloons" in reality? Coz I've seen men use these balloons of theirs quite effectively. What if all our demands of loyalty, "good sense of humor", understanding ... and all related crap is actually nothing but childish balloons that we wanna play with?

Please don't burst my bubble.

they are indeed balloons. problems occur only when the balloons burst. or deflate with time ;D
Hmm...this must be a first for this kinda balloon analogy! Looks like a healthy dose of Calcutta and jet lag put together make Sagnik wonder wonderous thoughts :)
"I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant, trying to trouble myself with generous doses of red pepper chicken"
..dude next time you make that statement think of my growling stomach first! was it Tangra or BBQ? If you have a taste for bengali food try Oh Calcutta! also not to mention continental food at Taazas..do I hear Sagnik saying who the #%@* is he tell me about food in Kolkata:)

As for the baloons, there are a number of "pricks" moving around to burst them!
@teleute - very true! after all its all gas and very lil matter :)

@ramya - ah! you bet i am facing the home blues - but trust me it is so wonderful :)

@vin - aha! i never knew that you are from Kolkata (or have been here) - your guess was good - it was Bar-B-Q. I still haven't tried Oh Calcutta coz it's a short trip and I really miss "Indian Chinese" food - so am stuffing myself with them
tahole eto kheyo na. gas hole kosto pabe :D
Okay I won't....burst the bubble (or the balloon) that is. Yup, we're just into bigger, flashier, more complicated toys now.
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:@ I thought you will be our eyes and ears of Kolkatta. Even after going there, you are still after ballons, blonds etc.,

Having fun?
u wanna try ur luck with balloons??:)but u better be careful with it..wat if u carry a balloon to a hot blonde n u realise her old hagged mom too has xactly the same balloon as u two ...who r u to choose then?or rather wat wud be ur small prayer then as to 'who chooses u':):)
I am sure, you are now desperate to get a girl...tum maana ya na maano !!!
cho chweet... i mean the colored balloons ...but it ain't as simple as tat like rk sings 'zindagi kaise yeh paheli hai...' i know i went off tangent but blame it on the balloons :)
brilliant!that could be a presented as a philosophy seminar paper in our college . lots of hot women in philo dep ,who'd absolutely love it!
The only thing I got from the symbol in front of my car is high insurance prices and low mileage :)......probably it also depends on who is holding the balloon
@teleute - don't forget gas is one of the most valuable commodities in the World right now :)

@ideasmith - ahaaa! now i know why they call it a "boy toy" :))

@ratna - oh! i will write and photo blog abt Kolkata once i return to SD hopefully - coz that's when i will truly realize what i am missing :(

@anon - nothing comes easy ... not even flirting with balloons :(

@debalina - wow! you seem to know things abt me that even i dont know :) so what more do you know ??

@swathi - very very very profound :)

@ru - wow! never thought that my posts had the potential to reach the philo dept - psychiatry, yes! but philo - never thought so :)

@point5 - is your car a convertible? coz if you have some open space for the balloons it helps ;)
Hey!!! havent been on the net in a really long time... Therefore have missed the meet... but that does not mean that we cannot meet up... :)

Would really wanna see my famous Namesake again!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

S Jr.
then set up a gas business right now. and send me fifty percent of the profits.
@namesake - chah! you missed the meet of all meet - you vegetarian *the meat pun* :))

@teleute - your "gas" is as good as mine :))
Very interesting metaphorical references!
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