Friday, August 12, 2005


Location: Thai Restaurant in Downtown San Diego.
Cast Members: V (mid twenties techie), A (mid twenties Physicist) and me (mid twenties sex symbol - ahem ahem - who am I kidding? mid twenties grad student)

V: Hey A, are you seeing anyone?
A: No, I just broke up. But it's ok! I saw it coming.
Me: How do you spell that last part?
A: Heh heh! What abt you? Seeing anyone?
V and me: No!

V, A and I know each other from our high school days. Eight years back (yeah! That's when I left the gates of high school) when three guys met, they would exchange winks, smirks, banter and cheap jokes on one topic - women! "Are you single?", "Have you seen that girl man?", "Is she seeing that guy" and the likes ruled the conversations. Eight years have passed. All three guys have changed (or so they claim). Two of them are abt to add PhD degrees to their names and the third one is responsible for many a cell phone call that you make successfully ... and what do they discuss when they meet??? Women - still!!!

Obviously we've changed a lot. We no longer make stupid excuses to hang outside the girls schools. We just choose a good restaurant that overlooks the beauteous downtown streets. Obviously we've changed a lot. We do not make statements like "Hey is Priya single?" Instead we ask questions like "Dude, is anybody single?" Obviously we have changed a lot. We don't smirk or make weird sounds when a hot bod crosses the path. We just let out a gasp that sums up our last eight years. Indeed we have changed :)

Makes me wonder. Do things change later? Say, even after marriage? Will "men will always be men" always hold true? Will A, V and I meet eight years from now, with wives next to us (ok! If I don't get a wife by then I'll rent someone to be my wife for the evening), in the same restaurant? Somewhere in the middle of dinner and "how's pressure at work?", one of the wives will say "I'll be back from the restroom". The other two wives will join her and three men will be left alone for five minutes. Will we take that time-out to discuss politics, economy and corporate policies OR will we exchange stupid smiles wondering why the three wives went to the toilet together? Will we be matured "expensive shirt sporting" adults or will we still be just like we are now - men in shape and boys at heart. Will A ask me "do you have a secretary?" or will V ask A, "Hey, doesn't that girl on the road remind you of my first girl friend?"

Who knows ...

I doubt if theres something more interesting to discuss- so as u said-with time new dimensions will be added but the main topic shall remain the same. But dont u think its good that way.
Time might tell...

Like in another 8 years...

If the world is still standing by then...
heeyyy come on! u think after 8 yrs u all will bcome matured n discuss economy??? no chance!!:) aging is defn not gonna supress the 'guys or the 'BOYS' in u..DEFN NOT!!my cousin used to be succa freak,stupid,silly guy rite 4m school thru coll..n he was wondering the same as u r now...but then even now(he is married 4 two yrs now)..he is still the same...commenting on the 'hot' girl who passes by..still compares the girl on the road with the girl with whom he had his 'first kiss'...all this with his wife next to him:)..but then ull realise tat girls also hv the same 'immature-girly' thoughts even then...so prob even ur wife wud be thing abt her 'first bf' when a guy passes her..so u both can even discuss all these outrite...personally i feel aging dosent change ur character..mabbe the way u do things may differ a bit tats all:):)
@ari - yeah! look at us - you and i - 7 yers - same topic - never got bored :)

@anwin - true buddy, very true

@XYZ - aha! that's comforting :) good, now i can stop reading all the heavy material :)
May I say, "I told you so"?
Maybe this very blog will track your tranformation in the years to follow.
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