Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Chinese Pick Up 

I met up with the elusive Ronny Dam after a stretch of almost two and a half years. The man is leaving for China in a week's time and what better way to celebrate, but by having some good old Calcutta Chinese food? However, true friendship is not just limited to having dinner, eyeing single women, making fun of each other's dressing sense and exchanging foul words - it's a lot deeper than that. Thus, like any true friend, I tried to educate Dam on the dos and don'ts of China. This included some classic Chinese pick up lines that I made up so that Dam can have his way with the women out there. Here are some of them:

* Beautiful, you make me weak on my Chi-knees.

* Hottie, tuney mera dil le Lee.

* Yellow, is it me you're looking for? (apologies to Lionel and Nicole Richie)

Cool! And then, in response to the first pick up line, the 'beautiful chinese' girl can earnestly ask your friend 'knee-how' ?;)
Bet ur home by now. Call me you besharam bugger...u have my no.
Those "chinese" pick-up lines neat but I really liked that "Intel" joke in your previous post!

Excellent PJ, hmmmm that is an oxymoron isn't it?

But what the heck, I thought that PJ was cool!
@indrada - what is this - spoiling the joy of my pjs cracking better ones?? nice :))

@ideasmith - i am home indeed :) ... and "bugger" :O what kind of language is this good woman - uiiii maaaa!! :)

@minal - thanks for the prev ones and thanks for these too :)

Ouch raised to the power three. :)
there! you've done it! THIS is how you become a member of GoJA--by cracking endless PJs. *all clap for sagnik* congratulations!

oh, and in a polite aside--enjoy you're stay in the city.
@jasmine - ui maaa ^2 :)

@rimi - so the big q - wht do i get for joining GoJA ?

@me - :?? :)
is GoJA == Goreeb (as in Poor) Jokes Association? :)
about the ":O" bit...I miserably failed at understanding the essence of "your Chinese wisdom" (for lack of a better phrase)...but then thats me...am bereft of most pleasures and occasionaly gape while encountering such grand fundas...
@indra - :) that would be great BUT GoJa is owned by Rimi and all and you have to consult them

@me - oh! don't blame urself. the jokes were bad and i wouldn't like them either if i were you :((
owwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Terrible! I don't recall hearing worse ones in the past.
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