Friday, August 05, 2005

Cleaning the Closet 

I know who's the first cricketer to score a century on his one-day-international debut.
I know what were the first lines Donald Duck said on silver screen.
I know which actor got an Oscar with the least amount of screen time.
I know why tennis balls are of the color they are.
I know the name of the first movie where Charlie Chaplin appeared as The Tramp.

I know a lot of stuff that I never use ... and yet I keep them well placed in corners of my mind.

I was discussing this with Rakesh yesterday and I realized that, like our rooms, we should have "mind clean up days" too. We'll go through all the stuff that's lying around and categorize them in split second decisions of "useful"/"not useful".

"Do I need to remember three lines from Dumb and Dumber? No! Good! So this space is freed up now. Now I can finally fit in those images of Jessica Alba that I wanted to."

"What's this? I didn't even know that this existed? I actually wrote a poem for a girl I didn't even know. Why do I need to remember that poem? Good! Out you go Mister. Aha! Now I can neatly lay down the thoughts of the few stellar cricketing performances I've given."

"Man! Too many thoughts of exes. I don't think I need more than 10 thoughts of each. And I've never seen these movie theatre memories. Are they even mine?? Who cares. If I don't clearly remember, I don't need them. Tata!!"

"Good! So now I have rearranged all the memories. The good ones are at an arms distance. I can access them from my comfy bed. I have kept some of the angry ones in the bottom shelf of the cupboard, lest I need to use them sometime. And those weird chats I had with Ronny. They are ..."

Wouldn't it be nice if we could do this???

It would be beautiful....just think if with the click of a button we could start off a program like the disk defragmentor on our brains. Leave it running for a night while you sleep and wake up happier, organised and more in control...gosh ( on second thoughts!!)that sounds like something out of Stepfordwivesville.
U can still fit in Jessica Alba's images next to the three lines from Dumb and Dumber- I m sure u r mind doesnt send u alarm beeps of low disk space.
@anyesha - loved the disk fragmentor idea - man the possibilities are endless - so much free space and easy access to information - wow! you da woman!

@ari - i can still fit in Ms. Alba but then I have to take out two images of Tulip Joshi - and I dont wanna do that :))
why can't they coexist together...the mind has enuff spaces to cram in all the crap that we go thru'
Aah, very relevant topic Sagnikdadu. I do want to know whether that whole 'will try to forget the Copernican theory' of the Master - whether it works for any lesser motals. For me, it's more of a Catch-22 kind of thing - the more I remember to forget the more I remember anyways:(
@ari - coz lotsa research related stuff has to be stacked up in neat piles - there is only so much the mind can hold for people like us :)

@biplab(notice the non use of da after the dose u gave :) ) - nice line :) reminds me of this thing my pincipal said - the more we study the more we forget, the more we forget the less we remember, the less we remember the less we learn, the less we learn the more we study ... :))
Point taken I see:-D
Lol, yea, to quote a famous man - 'janar kono shesh nai, janar chesta britha tai'.
Waiting eagerly for your Calcutta coverage.
Interesting thought! We also need to design a backup system, something like a dumbledore memory sieve, atleast for the trial runs, once we know how to organize thoughts well, we should be good to go :)

I mean, what if after three years, I suddenly want to access a memory that is useless now but later is needed? That's when I upload from the memory sieve!
Naah..i definitely need to know what i wore for my b'day in Class 3 and i cannot throw away the poster of Tom Cruise in Cocktail out of my mind :) So no defragmentation but i like RS' idea of a pensieve. That would be really good.
Your post reminded me of this one by Kaaju Katli http://kaajukatli.blogspot.com/2005/07/rearranging.html
"Just when I thought you couldnt do anything dumber, you go and redeem yourself"
walks to the bus...
"excuse me, but my friend is a bit slow. the town you want is three miles THAT way."
Were these, by any chance, the lines from Dumb and Dumber that were stuck in your head?
Selective memory wiping was tested with disastrous consequences in 'Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind', it also went on to show no good can come from wiping Kate Winslet from ur head :)
Absolutely fantastic post, Sagnik! I don't know why, but I really like this post of yours very much. Hmmm.... Maybe I am crazy too.
yeah...my mind's vaccuum cleaner wony work...one of these days am gonna burst on the over drive!
@biplab - yes - a Great man said that and lesse - I wanna post phtos from the streets of Kol

@ramya - he he - techie speaks - then we will also need servers to index and retrieve this information effectively - basically total PhD topic :)

@kumari - so what did u wear woman :)

@hwsnbf - no way - i am keeping that sequence that i oft tell people is one of the best things to happen in comedy

@rohan - actually when i was writing this post i was thinking of ESOTSM but my image in mind was that of a room cleanup - where you just scan thru things and keep or discard them - ah i wish i could recreate that image :)

@jhinguchaka - thanks a lot :) actually, personally i too liked this post a lot more than many of my other posts

@grafxgurl - you kno what they say - vacuum cleaners suck!!!!!
You are a genius :) Please patent this idea and erase it from your memory;)
@ratna - wanna start a business - you put in the investment, get this idea patented and get it running - i will blog abt it - hows that for a partnership :))
Hi Sagnik,

My first post here..I really enjoy ur posts, but have never commented before..

...Actually I had thought of soemthing similar, but much drastic in consequences...


I think the disc fragmentation is a continual process taking place in the brain...just that it is too slow for one to realise

It would be interesting if we can increase the space though...say just add 60 GB more and then store all the dialogues of Dumb& DUmber instead of just 3 :)
you're lucky you have the choice. i don't. i remeber all sorts of arbit snatches from the past, some, people swear, exist only in my version of the memory. and i forget the important stuff always...*sigh*
btw, are you from james? (re, the poem in the last post). curious, 'cause i was from pratt...
@point5 - thanks for stopping by. your comment has given me this amazing mental image where people store images in loose disks. so you ask someone - hey, dint i see you in Japan in 2002 and they will be like - "wait a sec lemme plug in that" :))

@rimi - i know exactly what you mean. so many times i am sure of what i am saying and people will be saying "i am sure that this dint happen" :)
yes i am a very proud Jacobean :) and what we do without Pratt. my sis is from Pratt - for all you know, you might even know her :)
Thank God I dont have that problem..hardly anything gets into my brain!
Thank God I dont have that problem..hardly anything gets into my brain!
A Tulip Joshi enthusiast! Well met!
@vin - and still you remembered to comment :) how sweet!

@sanketh - tulip joshi rocks!!!!
yeah, well, we are a bit of a pratt-james family too--mum from pratt, dad from james (another very proud jacobean). your sis--which batch? might just know her. 'tis a small world...
@rimi - my sis gave her 12th in 2001 - her name is Sangsthita, though she motly goes by Pummy - now wont i be surprised if you actually knew her :)
Yikes, now way, Sagnik, that's such a scary thought.. Imagine, you'd throw out so many memories that, in the end, you'd end up with nothing inside your head but pictures of Jessica Alba.. Frightening.
i m sure the mind managing tech u told wud be disastrous...i mean sagnik...enuf of the technogogy present at the moment ...everything tat we go in for today is a 'state-of-art'...like tk a refrigirator, a microwave or even a tv its all state-of-art...do u want ur brain also to a state of art perfect gadget???never!! there is always fun in confusion n irregularity rite...if everybody cud organize their brain then individuality n the xcitement in 'trying-to-recollect the name of the handsome guy i met at the niteclub last week' wud all be lost...it wud be succa DULL life...everything today can be got in the press of a button..we r lazy enuf already tnx to technology:)...i wud rather hv all my thoughts mixed up n spend time confused which one to hv n which one to discard than be a PERFECT updated computer...perfection is boring...its fun being disorganised:):)
@jasmine - very true - I just saw Jessica Simpson in DoH last night and figured that too much of Jessica Alba can be bad :) So yes, too much space cleaning can lead to later lamenting

@xyz - very very true - there is a great deal of beauty in chaos and confusion and that is lovely :)
this post immediately reminded me of "Eternal Sunshine...."
n i bet i wud b like
though we'd luv to have slective amnesia ,i wonder that life wudnt b the same
without those random memories lying around in ur brain, i mean i do remember wat i wore for my b'day in Class 5(like Kumari) but cant for the life of me remember the formula i used yesterday!
You get ur ideas patented right away!!!
Nice way to clear confused minds;-)
Keep up the writing:-)
@swathi - yeah, my dad tells me that we remember more things from our childhood (nursery rhymes and all) than we do from college ducation :)

@minal - wanna be partners - or better still - buy the whole idea :))
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