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In an attempt to "entertain" a group of people in a gathering the author of this blog might have to resort to the only form of music that he occasionally lends his voice too - rap! Yup! For people who don't know me - I speak really fast and some kind hearted person created a genre of music just for folks like me. Yanyway! Here's the initial prototype of what I plan to blurt - ranting on some of my favorite topics :))

Hey single desi, are you getting some action
Forget the w(hole) thing dude, not even a fraction
I tell you all these women here - big distraction
Tell me yo desi, are you getting some action

My momma put my profile on a matrimonial site
I woke up to check it in the middle of the night
One woman said she liked me, wanted to give it a try
But she asked me for my visa status n if I was an NRI

So I told her I was a student, but new C, Java and Perl
Told her that I loved her and wanted to make her my girl
She then said I was her fifth choice, there was a 5 month wait
And that I needed an 80k job before I could ask her for a date

Then I called up my momma, with my 10 cent a minute calling card
Told her how being a desi graduate student was becoming so hard
Momma said "Don't u worry, we'll talk to Aunt Neetu's daughter
She used to be a very sweet kid, but since then has grown fatter

And soon I got a message from neetu_junior_cute_dame
I said I liked her id, even though I thought it was so lame
We exchanged all info - name, age, height, sex and location
Favorite actor, favorite actress, favorite place for vacation

But by day three there was silence, we had started to bore
I finally got the hint when I could hear the poor girl snore
I said "things aren't working out", so she called me a creep
Said that I couldn't get a girl like her, even in my sleep

And hence I'm single
Writing this jingle
Churning out rhyme
That wouldn't sell for a dime!

Hey single desi, are you getting some action
Forget the w(hole) thing dude, not even a fraction
I tell you all these women here - big distraction
Tell me yo desi, are you getting some action

Dude, say again...Pe(a)rl?
I bet, females will flock to your quarters now:))
You should consider audio blogging!
Yo Sagnik! loved this funky rap :)
@biplabbabooo - trust me they wont - even if i spend quarters on them :)

@manchus - thanks! actually i thouhgt of audio blogging but then somehow thought that is revealing too much abt me *as if i don't do enough of that* :)
very few things are so true and yet so marvellous- u r the boss!
nice lyrics...u shld get someone to record music for this, and make it a full fledged rap song :)
you poor boy! er, or something like it. recording is not a bad idea. we're bored of bhangra from beyond the seven seas; get the cap, headbands, rings the rest of it, then give this a shot at recording.
THEN see how the chicks flock to you!

(are you serious? you have your profile on a matrimonial thingy?)
:) I wish there was a audio file.
Whoa! That's hilarious and damn good :D
Let me know when the cassette hits the stands...mesa shall but it at once :))
LMAOOOOO!!!!! I'm sorry things didn't work out for you and neetu man. But I'm sure they'll be another message waiting for you at the matrimonial site if you put this jingle in your profile. HAHAHHA you completely made my day!
Audio Blog Please!!!
Excellent Rap, and it's not (C)Rap:-)Neat, Damn neat,

As for for buying ur idea...hmmmm

Sorry bloke
I’m broke:-(
Partnership would be the best
I’ll put in some & u chip in the rest;-)
[W]holesome entertainment.
@ari - thank you dir :)

@point5 - oh! i recorded it coz i might be actually "singing" it

@rimi - are you mad :)) the song is fully fictional - if i have a matrimonial ad, i'll surely not mention it here :)

@ratna - trust me you wouldn't want that :)

@kumari - oh! if you wanna buy one you can send me the money - i will call you up and sing it for you :))

@sara - neetu failure is ok as long as i dont have to settle for some jeetu ;)

@minal - aha! are we having an 8 mile style rap battle :)

@aj - thank you :)
oh wow! rap-o-mania n single men .i bet there r many gals waiting for u@Kolkatta airport :))
Rap Battle?
Me compete with your rap!!No chance

The rap just got me inspired to reply in the same vein:-)
Aha !
is talking fast and being rapper a "thing" of St. James guys ?
You should have a look (or rather lend a ear) here -


the rap-o-mania has hit u i guess!!:) g8 post!this 'fictional' post tells us a lot abt ur love-o-mania or rather shud it be marriage-o-mania(btw is tat also fictional?)..lol
There once was a blogger named nandy
Whose posts and poems were very dandy
I wish you no barbaadi
Just free food at your shaadi
And a stripper for those of us who are very randy...
@swathi - ah! if only words were true :)

@minal - so no rap war :(( (c)rap u dint fall fro the (t)rap

@debalina - why? who else is doing this ????

@aj - shall do so pronto

@anon - oh! trust me - purely fictional :)

@ttg - thats the way aha aha we like it aha ahaaa :)
F*ing hilarious! Looking forward to verse posts.
Very nice indeed! I never thought you would have to resort to the matrimonial column....with talent like this you are bound to have your hands full!
oh man! tumi to genius! i AM a bit on the crazy side...janle ki kore? ;)
stop! don't answer that...
I imagined Eminem singing your lyrics! Sounded and looked good inmy imagination. Great work pal! Bachelors of the world Unite!!
@thelearner - thanks :) lovely pun :)

@m - well, the song is a work of fiction. i haven't actually put up a profile on any site BUT the way things are going it might be the only option :))

@rimi - arre you are from pratt na - pratt er sob meye ektu pagol (including my sis) :))

@jhinguchaka - dude, all it takes to break the unity of United Bachlors Front is One girl :)
Dude, cooool rap :)

Reminds me of this forward doing the rounds. It's a song that's been sung by some students at XLRI. Extremely fun material. It's called "XL ki Kudiyan".

Googling got me the credits and the mp3 files. Worth a listen, definitely.

XL Ki Kudiyan
Lol, the chorus is so yo cool...me loves it.
Btw, it's sad you rappers have stolen the 'devil's horns' hand from us hard rockers and replaced the air-fisting with your goofy yo-action.
@rajesh - thanks for the link. that was aweosme!

@biplab-mama - that is why we should have more Aerosmith + Run DMC like rock-rap combos
doh...me like it just fine.
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