Saturday, August 20, 2005


Random words with vagueness strewn
And people will call it a poem
I shall jot down crap like this
And I bet dear that you'll know em


Old letters hiding in an envelope
Hiding in a closet, hiding down memory lane
Thirty seconds of joy, thirty minutes of pain

Past images flashed by
A young woman smiling, a young man smiling
Did a reality check
A young woman smiling, that's it

The inner voice said burn the mails
But mom had just cleaned the room
So I took mercy on the polished floor
And showed the letters the open door

inspired, man!! but from what, i can't say exactly.....how come ur not posting pics of out illustrous city yet? do a bit of onsite reporting thing, y don't u? and is it just me or bloggers universally are extremely unimaginative lot...coz for a bloggers meet in calcutta, a hypothetical one... the only place of convenience i thought about was crossword, too. check that out!lol.
Really cool poems. Nice, and they make you think...of so many things. :)
"Thirty seconds of joy, thirty minutes of pain" -- true :)
@sayantani - net connection is slow(er) and i will be nice on the bandwidth and post all the photos from US hopefully

@three_drinks ... - Thank you :)

@kumari - you know i am but an honest man :))
Are these rings of memory lane?
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