Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Express post on expressions 

A quick post on two "commonly used expressions" that have been amusing me. I must mention though, that a lot of time these lil trivial amusements I get, are due to the images that I associate with them in my mind. So don't Mind :)

The first expression hit me when this evening I asked Ronny Dam if he wanted to "catch a movie"? Now is it just me or do others find this expression strange too(specially when you make it more amusing by saying "hey, wanna catch dinner and a movie" - it almost makes it sound like hunters on the prowl). No wonder they say a movie "is running". So next time you think of catching a movie, imagine a great chase sequence where you get hold of the movie at the last moment and then beat the sh!t out of it :)

The second amusing expression takes place every time I suggest something remotely ludicrous to a person. They then promptly reply back with a "are you mad?" ... Have you ever realized that by asking this question the person gives way too much importance to your sanity. What if I am mad? Just imagine this very plausible situation - you ask your friend "Hey, I heard you are getting married" and before you can blink he says "Are you mad?" BUT what if you are? Come on! It's no sin nor rare phenomenon to be a lil cranky. So what if you are a lil bit on the bonker train? Does that mean your friend will actually marry for you? The examples are endless - "Hey, would you like to come for a movie tonight? ... "No way, are you mad?" Exact same logic. What does my sanity have to do with you watching a movie.

Lemme know if you have ay answers.

usually the movie beats the shit of you!
you are maad!:).... who's said that to you recently other than me, the other day ofcourse? i see improvement on ur part. ur talkin to more ppl with sense, than ever. nice normal post. i like it.
Now, since you never expect me to follow rules anyway, I will go completely off-topic here and start bombarding you with questions.

1) Have you checked what suit the King and Queen on the rest room doors in the international arrivals hall is?

2) Have you found out about a decent hotel around Rs. 1800 a night, not too far from the center of things, and with (ahem) Western conveniences?

3) What can there possibly be for two South Indian vegies to eat (outside of sweets, which we can quite handily consume by the barrow-load ourselves, thank you very much) that is authentically Bengali?

Once you catch your breath, I am sure I will have a few more, since you are after all our reporter in situ as it were.
@iii - and you pay to get beaten - sh!t :)

@sayantani - thank you for the kind and encouraging words supporting my sanity - madam, you are great :)

@sivani - this is indeed Raju Guide Jr. reporting from Kolkata :) To answer your qs briefly:

1. No

2. Great Eastern (where you were earlier plannig to stay) or Peerless Inn (which is 3 * and not 5 *) should fit your bill perfectly (including Western conveniences) :)

3. Tons. Even though you will miss out on Authentic Fishy stuff (which I avoid too) you can still have lots. Just visit Sonar Bangla or Oh! Calcutta and you will be surprised to see the number of Bengali dishes in the menu.
Dada amar...

u are in town... n i did not know... but then, the univs opened... n net access is next to nil... would be great if we could meet up!!!

i missed the blogger's meet, because I did not know there is one!!! Yanyway, I do hope that we would meet up...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

S Jr.
Even i end up giggling/laughing for things nobody else laughs for,coz i visualise them in my mind.

And according to me, "Are you mad" = "No way.What makes you think i would come for a movie tonight?Are you mad?"
Did you catch any desi toons? :)
Wasting time on useless expressions....are you mey-aaad??
@namesake - i was sure i will meet you but then you had disappeared from this side of the globe :) as a matter of fact i was sure that you will be one sure person for the blogger's meet. sadly, i am leaving in two days - tai ebar bodhoi aar dekha hobey na :( but next time for sure - as they say - always keep in touch with a lawyer :)

@divya - nice to know that you have giggling thoughts too - makes me feel less mad :)

@ratna - i have a few ideas but posting (or even trying to post) images from my slow internet connection here will be moronic on my part :)) *my father insists on not taking cable based internet*

@ideasmith - that i am for sure :) any doubts??
Heh. Your post reminded me of the way one of my friends says that phrase.. "Are you meyd?" :D

@jasmine - meyd for each other :)

@namesake - :(( trsut me when a techie fails to meet a lawyer the loss is definitely the techies :)
ummm. so what say??? can we catch a movie??? he he...

n what about a meeting between a neither-a-lawyer-nor-a-techie and a super-techie-cum-boro-dada???

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Sagnik Jr.
i am most certainly not mad. who's saying i'm mad?

and just because i'm not mad does not mean that i cannot stare off into space and laugh about the bizzare visuals making the rounds of my head.

are you mad?
@namesake - techie "cum" boro dada???? :O

@teleute - since you are Bengali, i can crack this bad joke i had once heard - in Bong land even if you are "un-mad" you are mad (read oonmaad) *hides in shame* :)
since you refuse to be insulted on other people's blogs, it is here that i must say things.

*unmukto unmadonar ucchhaase unmotto ujbuk tumi!

that is what happens when you try to be punny and crack bad jokes. be warned.

Jesus... whatever happened to the decent brother that we once craved for???

Sagnik Dada pagol hoye gechey...


Love, laughter n keep the Faith

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Then.. Was i mad?
Hey Sagnik,

Excellent post as usual :)

We have announced the categories for the BLOB awards now. Please do take a look.

God! I realize I sound so much like the spammers!
Thankoo, thankoo.

But beta, come and tell auntie what new math they are teaching you at that Amrikan university? Peerless is Rs. 5500 for a single room only?!
@sivani aunty :) - well a lot of the advetised prices are diff from what you get with when you come - my sis reported hat her friend managed to stay in Park Hotel for 3000 a night and that made me estimate that eerless (which is 3*) would be arnd 2000. Aso these estimates are for a single room (I thought two South Indian tourists can fit in that) :)
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