Tuesday, August 02, 2005

headLINES #28 

Vendor: Relationship advice for sale. Relationship advice for sale.
Customer: How much for one?
Vendor: $100 dollars.
Customer: I'd rather be single and rich!
Vendor: Darn! You know that advice?


P.S. Two unrelated advertisements :) (i) To add salt to my woes of near zero social activities, Kashyapeya has informed me that they are planning a Mega-Blogger's Gathering in Bangalore. So go visit it and rock and post abt it. (ii) I have to mention this post on Calcutta, which to say the least is brilliant and brought back lots of fond memories :)


64 is very true :D
65 is a GJ - ghatiya joke :p
Good one! I liked the GJ aka PJ better..been a long time since I read one :)
Sagnikda... T-shirt bikri korbey? aami aankbo aar tumi idea debey... profits 60:40 share karbo.. tumi 60% aar aami 40% :D
@kumari - if only i had known abt 64 earlier :) and i resent the tag of GJ - after all jokes also have emotions :)

@manchus - thanks :) another old PJ for you - what's a P + iJ ... it's a complex PJ :))

@indra - i'm a poor grad student and you are talented artist. if you draw i can give you ideas for 10:90 as well (10% being mine) :)
To pacify those emotions, I will buy all those Toon T-shirts when u do market them - it will definitely make Headlines :D
Well I am a poor grad student as well and hence thought of making some money.. by the way the demand is there... let's supply :)
lol :)
honesty n lying with a straight face do go hand in hand in relationcars :D
So when are you planning on graduating again !!? :)
@kumari - will this be like our restaurant business too :))

@indra - yea baby let's do it man :)

@ratna - thank you madam

@swathi - nice line - 2 in 1 :)

@vignesh - hopefully year end - why why tell tell
the cal post on m's blog was awesome! i loved it! and the second toon was hilarious. if you come up with one liners, i for one wud definitely buy the tees. (er, not promising i'll wear them though...)
So you are the relationship counsellor these days!! The toons are great and agree with the others on the T-shirt thing.
BTW thanks for mentioning my post on ur blog. I'm embarrassed * blush blush*. Thanks rimi!
dadaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! demand dekhcho... you are the USP after all (if ever we start this venture.) yippeeeeeee...!! We shall no more be poor! And you shall soon not be a grad student any more :)
@rimi... dukhkho pelaam ;)
@m ... Darun!
@all those who are willing to buy/wear these tees... thanks (in advance!)
@rimi - what if we give you the T free nd all you have to do is spread the word (or not put the blame on us) :)

@M - that post was really very nice, i'm all nostalgic now :)

@indra - bad then let's begin our story of rags to riches dude :)
"relationships relationships everywhere!!
but not even one is stable"
this shud prob suit the "new gen relationship era"...ironical isnt it??:):)
@XYZ - very true and the term "iron"ic is so apt for relation"ships" :)
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