Wednesday, August 10, 2005

headLINES #29 

New toons in large screen format! New toons in large screen format!
See, read, try to enjoy and then ... forget!
Forget what?
I forgot!



:D Nice. put a smile on my face :)
How about women who are cold? Cold as in frigid? :P
how 'bout I like dark guys, i like fair guys too ...i like guys in all colors (n hues too :))
*Again, Chinese gong sounds*

Kung Fu Kid: Mastah! Mastah! I flunked my CHEM-1 paper again!:(

Master (opens eyes...):
*Tsk* *Tsk* Kiddo! You need to pay more attention to Headlines.
The nicest thing to do and which is the hardest, is to put a smile on people's faces, you seem to have become a pro at that:-)
@kumari - i am glad it did :) thanks.

@jasmine - just ask them to chill out :))

@swathi - "hue" are you woman? that's not "fair" :)

@aj - if it wasn't for you man i wouldn't know the popularity of my blog in China :)) thanks a lot :)

@minal - that's a real sweet thing to say, thanks a lot :)
Just completed checking out all ur toons...u r really talented :-)
BTW, i am from BITS too..96 batch
chemistry is all abt mixing,absorbing,dissolving,heating,chilling n pouring;)...all these seems to be happening in every relationship rite:)...no wonder its always chemis(try) bet 2 ppl!!:)
@RT - really sweet of you to say that :) thanks. if you were in BITS that means we would have surely bumped into each other

@XYZ - for me it's more like che(miss)(try) :)
love got complicated the day it was attached with science (must have been einstein himself)...it would have been so much easier if Darwin had come out earlier with the statement that.."love is like plucking apples, its just a matter of standing under the right tree"
@vin - love-ly thoughts - aha!
Toon 67 looks like a brilliant, contemporary, reflective and self pitying adaptation of the age old adage 'Beggars are not choosers'
@rohan - dude, these days beggars often get to choose but single men - No :)
I just realised my commenting (on ur blog) seems to be more regular than my blogging itself -

maybe I should call these Headline-comments SideLines or something! :)
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