Wednesday, August 31, 2005

headLINES + Kolkata Khronicles (Volume 2) 

Two friends sit in a dark Kolkata room. One abt to leave for a land far away and the other for home coz the cell phone had already rung twice.

Friend Uno: You have fun and mail back ... and how abt a goodbye hug?
Friend Deux: Let's do this the manly way ... Fu#k Off!!



Great toons.
kolkata "kronicles"! , did u meet kara johar or ekta kapoor while in India?
saw toons.
soon, perhaps, you'll discover humour...who knows it might even be the next decade!
not even a macho handshake-thingy?
@kanti - thanks :)

@anat - why not Rakesh Roshan ???

@rimi - what would i do without your words of encouragement meye :)

@teleute - doesn't the term "hand" + "shake" itself have some very non manly trait to it :|
err, to be self-sufficient is not necessarily to be non-macho ;D
@teleute - :)) :)) :)) well well, to be "self" sufficient in the company of others would be (i) ironic and (ii) non-macho - wouldn't it??
to be self-sufficient in the company of others would be:
i) exhibitionistic
ii) potentially arrest-inducing.
@teleute - THAT was absolutely priceless! :)) ;))

@sagnik - sorry, I don't have anything flattering to say about your toons. teleute's comment was show-stealing :)
nice, but still waiting for the pix,dude....whats with the toons? they should cum aft the pix....and got over kolkata hangover yet?
Hmm...hmm...hmm....wish you would write posts too and not just toons.
agree with IdeaSmith, new post ...new post...
@teleute - megha has stollen my words :)

@megha - you have stolen my words

@ideasmith + swathi - shall do it tonight ... btw, megha has stolen my words :)
That was EXACTLY our parting gift to a batchmate leaving for his MS. We got together for what would probably be this one last time at a mall in B'lore - psentiness was in the air. The usual vibes were put and then it was gifting time. The dude opened up the gift wrapper with misty eyes (ok... probably this could be a slight exaggeration)... to see a greeting card with the (only) two words boldly written where he least expected it.
Short and sweet...

Hindi-Chini bhai bhai...does that imply Hindi-Chini bhai bhen also..hmmm!

The "geography" of the girl is certainly is very imporatant:)
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