Thursday, August 25, 2005

On Pretty Women and Prettier Men 

An interesting snippet from a very interesting discussion with a very interesting lady. The woman in question was watching Pretty Woman and raving abt it. Now, if I had to choose one common connection between all women after their universal love for shopping, I'd say it's their common fascination for the Richard Gere, Julia Roberts starrer. And I think I know the reason. Coz no movie creates a set of yardsticks so biased in favor of women. Come to think of it - women watching this movie, dream of a man who is super rich, has the looks of Mr. Gere, is suave, displays a sense of humor AND can raise the hand and shower a few blows if need be. AND what yardstick does the guy set after watching the movie? Well, the girl shouldn't be a hooker - that's it. Can you think of any other movie with a more skewed representation of central characters??? (Okay, maybe Shrek but that happens in a land far far away)

So women can watch Pretty Woman and complain to their men abt how they aren't "this and that and slim and fat" and all things Gere and the man can do lil but nod in admiration. Men watching this flick on the other hand, can only look into the sparkling eyes of their lady loves and say, "I'm so glad you won't hand me a bill after the evening."


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I guess most often women are looking not for any Mr.Gere but rather someone who would accept them for who they are - A Not-So-Pretty Woman!
@ Kumari,
In the 'Pretty Women' film Mr.Gere tries to change her by giving her a makeover. So I don't think he is accepting Julia as she is.

But yes you are right! everyone looks for a partner who accepts them for who they are.
Whatever the reasons be(money, makeover, Gere etc.,) I love this movie and try to watch it every time I find it while flipping the channels.
maybe you're right, maybe you're not, but i just droppped by to point out that i detest shopping and haven't had the patience to sit through pretty woman.
pop goes the weasel, eh sagnik?
@kumari - aha! keen insight into the woman mind - very pretty! :)

@manchus - agreed and also come on - it is Julia Roberts we are talking abt ;)

@ratna - and you have been hereby added as a coveted member of the International Womanhood Council :)

@rimi - and you have been hereby removed from the post of a coveted member of the International Womanhood Council :)
i think i'm one of the few women who actually doesnt like this flick 'coz i dun find Richard Gere handsome (patha nahi kyun!)
but i luv the numbah by roxette in this movie 'It Must've Been Love' - beautiful track there
Thenk yew, I thought the conversation was interesting too.

Incidently, what do you think is the origin of all the pressure on women to be tall, slim, sexy, 100-watt smilers?? So women tend to look for charm, chivalry...stuff like that. I always said men are really visual creatures.
It seems most women look for a fat checkbook, good looks, eternal youth and politeness in a man.

Shouldn't be too hard to find men with all these qualities.

After we know how to genetically engineer them.
i totally second swathi--great number. and luv, in case you didn't notice, i don't like the flick either!

sagnik--*slaps forhead in a 'hai, hai, yeh kya ho gaya' gesture* NOOO!!! how could you do this to meee!!!
Oh yes, I agree totally, and of course there's no pressure on women to look like... umm... who was that again? Julia Roberts?? Oh, that woman 90 per cent of the men on this planet fantasise about AND want to take home to mother? Oh please, bring on the stiffer competition, I say!
the stiffer competition?
What a pure mind you have, my dear boy!
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