Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Random thoughts from a trying-to-work mind ... 

Some random thoughts that are running in my mind:

* Can someone please explain to me why books and movies show aliens wearing a helmet and with an antenna ? No! Seriously, what's the deal with the helmet? I've never seen an alien riding a motor bike. And what TV programs are they trying to watch with their antenna? And why are aliens always so ugly? Why can't they be oooh la la gorgeous? Maybe it's all a decoy. Maybe all the bright, talented and good looking people around us are indeed aliens. What if the phrase "his acting was out of the World" has far deeper connotations than what meets the eye???

* I've been shouted at several times for raising my voice but never noticed the irony in the situation.

* If you are looking at a girl, then there's a thin line between admiration and perversion. "A second" is a glance, five seconds of calculated staring makes you an admirer and anything beyond that can get you a date with the security guard. I guess for an admirer to not turn to a pervert - look no further.

* I think happy meals are so called because of the amount of cheese they have - say cheese!

Call the supervisor. You need more work man! :D
>>Maybe all the bright, talented and good looking people around us are indeed aliens

They are..Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg, Tony Robbins,Richard Simmons(Thanks to MIB) are all aliens . Haven't you learnt anything from the movies and to think of calling yourself a movie buff....tsk tsk.
@kumari - don't worry. they already gave some more :)

@gvenum - i was actually thinking of that movie when i was writing this post but the thing is that in the movie all the aliens were still ugly - it's just that they pretended to be like people - bt what if aliens are just good looking bright people??
but inspite of the antenna i jus luved the ET alien ,he was choooo chweeeet

n wat do gals who stare at guys get? :)
jeez. that last one was sickeningly bad.

Re point number 3, here's an interesting anecdote: While commuting to work y'day, i noticed something special about this girl sitting opposite me in the subway. I did not stare too much, but on the way out, I glanced at her, and she flashed a somewhat angry look at me at the same time. Eye contact that lasted for, maybe one second, at the end of which, she smiled/smirked. The following mental conversation took place:
"Stop looking at me, pervert"
"I may be a pervert, but YOU are the one not wearing any panties"
"Oh, you noticed!?"
I've thought the same about the silly depiction of ugly aliens. Here's a thought though: Perceptions of beauty are based on what we are used to. Remember 'Cocoons' that showed aliens as light-filled creatures with smooth scalps and big, dark eyes? I thought they were beautiful.
Dropped by..
>> Seriously, what's the deal with the helmet? I've never seen an alien riding a motor bike.

Ha Ha Sagnik.
Good one (as usual).
@swathi - the same q that i asked someone else - will you date ET if he agreed. i doubt it :)

@hwsnbf - :)) did you make a mental note of her number then??

@ideasmith - they are cute to look at but not cute enuff to bring back home to momma - are they? :)

@nomad - how often does a nomad stop by?? i am honored :)

@divya - sweet of you (as usual) :)
* If ashwairya rai was to land on a different planet she might be looked at the most ugly thing to touch down by their definition of beauty...if vivek oberoi crash lands on the different planet (I hope he does) he might end up being the most charming 'piece of shit' to ever land on their planet...

* Being branded an admirer or a pervert also depends on who the person in context is....if according to the girl he is 'charming' she wouldnt mind him looking at her for as long he wants but if the guy happens to look like vivek oberoi he mind be branded a pervert even at a sigle glance...
i c... can u also tell me why the aliens have brains that are pink in colour and bulge out from under the helmets???

I mean, gawwwd.. they look so gross!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


btw, felt good to be back after a looong hiatus
@evolution....Thats because they wear the helmets all the time....that explains the pink color and the bulging out brains. :)

Why do they wear helmets?

They know earthlings are the shallowest people around and its their best attempt to hide their "ugly" areas to be accepted by us.

So please have a heart and accept people like Tushaar and Kishen Kumar
dude have you never seen star trek? klingons etc etc, helmet is not mandotory, but weird facial distortion is a must, even if they did resemble "humans" in the rest of the appendages.
@vin - aha! lovely we have a common hatred for our man oberoi i c - but i think that even if he goes to some alien land - he will be just as big a prick there :)

@namesake - great to see you back too :) and u are the one with the name "evolution" - you should be the resident expert on aliens :))

@gvenum - now you are crossing lines - this blog shall have not even a single line against my man Tushar :)

@ashanka - true. it's not always the helmets - but sometimes it's such features that you wish there was a helmet - or at least a mask :)
for that matter why the hell do we wear anything.

This must be some stupid space DMV rule.
@sanketh - lol! i was trying to imagine some aliens who really wanna come to earth but dont get their driving licenses :))
It'd be ironic wouldn't it, if they couldn't really come because of some space bureaucracy. Come to think of it where there is life there is bureaucracy.
g8 collection of thoughts!:)
but y do ppl call it 'apart'ments when its all close together in one building...:)
@sanketh - sh!t man - now you are making me all sorts of things - like discussing the issue you raised with some aliens over tea in Central Park :))

@xyz - lol! lol! a class apart :)
@Sanketh - Where would they apply for a visa?

@S'nik - I saw this DVD of a movie called "Femalien" the last time I was in Blockbuster. The DVD cover didn't say anything about helmets or antennae :)
@advaniji - at least you mentioned that you saw the dvd in blockbuster or else with a name like "femalien" you can imagine what kind of a movie i thought it would be :))
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