Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Truly random ... ajawqycwuw 

A hundred neighbors. A thousand questions. A million opinions. But it's all fun.

"Where are you exactly located?" Anjan kaku (overused Bengali term of endearment meaning "uncle") asked.

"California," I answered, wondering if that was "exact" enough. I've always fancied giving exact co-ordinates of my house, but like many of my other thoughts, this one too has never been implemented.

"That is in USA, right?" Anjan kaku fired back, squashing all elements of doubt abt the exactness of my previous answer.


"So you are in USA." This wasn't a question. Neither was it a statement. It was a space filler. A filler that Anjan kaku used to come up with something that would conclusively prove his depth of knowledge to me. Dressed in a white shirt and mud bordered white trousers, armored with a bag carrying smelly fish and peeking sprouts, Anjan kaku pondered, while Pota and Lalu stood in awe of something exciting that was likely to follow (Pota and Lalu work in the shop below my house and get thrilled when my Mom gives them some "foreign chocolates").

"Do you know Subir's son?" Anjan kaku finally spoke.

Once again this wasn't a question because he continued to speak. "He is also in US. I think California only. Close to Hollywood. Are you close to Hollywood?"

Before I could answer, Anjan kaku looked at Pota and Lalu (who were quite mesmerized by the situation) and imparted some much needed knowledge. "Hollywood America ka film industry hai" (Hollywood is America's film industry).

Pota and Lalu appeared quite excited with this piece of trivia. They finally had something to add to the conversation.

"Aap koi hero ko dekhey hai?" (Have you seen any heroes) Pota asked.

I thought for a second. My sister had bumped into Charlie Sheen during her trip to San Diego and dragged me to prove her claim. She later mentioned that most of her friends dint know who Charlie Sheen was. So I wondered if mentioning that to Pota, Lalu and Anjan kaku would be of much use. Here was a group of people expecting some stories from me and all I had to offer was nothing. Maybe I should make up some stuff for them; some stuff involving rampant orgies; that should excite them. I was also wondering if there were any Hollywood actors that Pota and Lalu would know. Maybe Jackie Chan. Maybe.

Thankfully Anjan kaku came to the rescue again. He was my Jackie Chan in shining armour. He quickly snubbed Pota and Lalu at their ignorance.

"Arre, Hollywood mein actors humarey politicians ki tarah hota hai. Unhey koi nahin dekh saktey hai (In Hollywood actors are like our politicians, no one can see them). Ek actor ka pachas body guard hota hai (Each actor has fifty bodyguards)."

Pota and Lalu seemed dejected. They had finally asked a question and Anjan kaku had classified it as worthless. I felt bad for them. The Pota Lalu combination is the source of all local gossip. Something tells me that there will be some unpleasant rumors abt Anjan kaku and the lady he has apparently been spotted with. We shall have to wait, hear, find out and spread.

At that point Pummy arrived. We were getting late for Dus. I wanted to watch the "Dus Bahane" title song. So we exchanged quick goodbyes and left.

"We shall have to wait, hear, find out and spread."

Quite a filler...hic! Way to go Shaggydadu!
"Where are you exactly located?"
"Oh I some how always thought u were in USA"
So it cud have been far worse u see. Btw if I can warn u in time go watch Mangal Pandey or Sarkar coz Dus sucks (just buy the audio)
Hey..perfect beginning for one of those new-age, cleverly Indian, short stories. may I steal it?
@biplabuncle - dadu ??? :( et tu biplab :(

@rohan - too late mate! watched dus. but it was fun coz we had the mot amazing nbrs around us. shall write abt it sometime. loved Sarkar - still haven't caught Mangal Pandey

@arka - thanks :) but never steal from a man who might be a stealer himself :))
u ought to spice up ur stories u know (toda sa mirch masala never did no one any harm :)) it wud not only make Pota n Lalu happy but i bet even Anjan kaku wud b thrilled.
Lol lol lol.....welcome home!

And by the way, I thought Dus was great.
Hey Sagnik,
We are contemplating starting a whole list of Blogger of BITS (BLOB) awards. The details of the event are here. Do take a look and let me know what you think. Cheers!

- Rathish
@swathi - oh you wait and see - next time i am asked i will let out a story of love, deceit, treachery and passion :)

@ideasmith - thanks :) i can see why you liked Dus - lotsa men get bashed up in it :)) *hides quickly*

@rathish - super idea man! lemme kow if i can b of any use
am in cal. meet me! mail me your number or something
having fun, eh? i can see that you are...
"@indra - :) that would be great BUT GoJa is owned by Rimi and all and you have to consult them"

i was, to the best of my knowledge, an entity in the singular. since when is rimi 'them'? *squiggly eyebrows*

indra--it's the GOOD joke association, 'good' being an entirely ironical qualifier :D
@samitbabu - i have im ed you my number. we should surely meet up.

@rimiji - i still havent received my GoJA membership card - i'm afraid that if things dont improve, i'll have to complai to the authorities ;)
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