Sunday, August 21, 2005

We came, others saw, no one conquered 

What's common to a civil servant, a writer, an intellectual property expert, a PhD student, a bunch of college students and one solitary high school student - well, other than being an extremely sexy lot that made a bunch of eyes wander (some detractors claimed it was courtesy noise population), these were also the main players of the highly successful Kolkata bloggers meet. A budding journalist and a lawyer were missed. Now what did we all do? Well, well! A lot of people wanted an element of mystery left and so it will. One of the three settings described below took place. Keep guessing which one it was ...

1. Setting One ... this might have happened
(i) We all had coffee and read some magazines
(ii) We discussed each others blogs and critiqued it
(iii) We concluded that blogs are too trivial in nature and should deal with more serious issues like poverty and World Peace
(iv) We all contributed some money for buying Mallika Sherawat some clothes

2. Setting Deux ... did this actually happen?
(i) One of the bloggers danced away to glory
(ii) One of the bloggers got teased abt P.M.S
(iii) Sex with a German Shepherd was discussed
(iv) Brown, black and white belts were discussed

3. Setting Three ... or maybe ...
(i) Two of the bloggers hooked up and were caught in a compromising situation later in the evening
(ii) One of the bloggers confessed that she/he actually pays someone to write his/her blog
(iii) We were thrown out of the venue after two hours
(iv) We decided to meet once every month

I'd love to say "your guess is as good as mine" but that's not the case :) So keep guessing ...

P.S. The following bloggers were present - Dozen, Duck, Teleute, Kanti, JAP, Fishy, Rimi, Blue and NoURL. Please visit them and leave them nasty comments.

aami jaani, aami jaani
*prances about exitedly, like a young schoolboy who knows the answer to a parnab question*
refer my blog for details.
you missed out jacobean knights in white gis...
"...Sex with a German Shepherd was discussed.."

...this might be sheer coincidence, but only 2 days ago I published something on the above lines.....

the absence of BridalBeer does lend credence to the rumours that Sagnik and BridalBeer are, in fact, the same person.

@arka - your sources are good :) *clap clap* - though sliiiightly inaccurate *or mayb i am just saying so*

@teleute - but of course :)

@point5 - wow! the latest flavor of the season - "is Ash and Vivek still dating", "shoulderless tops" and "sex and German Shephers" :))

@anon - :)) sh!t i never thought of that. but then Samit Basu, Bridalbeer and I have been hanging out together over the past week, and he has blogged abt it too. Samit is rumored to be a man of integrity - so what say ;)
Hmmm... Looks like I missed all the fun stuff.
No matter which of those scenarios really happened, you guys must have had a lot of fun.

So you'll be over from San Diego every month? Leaving your speaker-phone to the tender mercies of the Moron?

@plumpernickel - which of the points that you missed peeves you most?? :)

@JAP - aaaah! how i wish i could come down more often from San Diego - looks like I have to find out abt Kol from ur blogs :(
You have finally fallen over the edge. You are not only attending Blogger meets but also organising them. What next random emails on a egroup. You sick man...I abhor you.
watever mabbe the situation...i can defn say it cud hv NEVER been situation 1...coz i bet u guys r defn NOT goin to pay to get mallika sherawat MORE clothes...are u??:):)..or rather u guys wud love it if her 'dress size' becomes half rite..:P..lol.
anywaz g8 way of putting up the days proceedings:)
@modi - but i love dude and want to produce cute kids with you :))

@xyz - thanks :) oh! i forgot to mention that the women outnumbered the men - hence the Mallika Sherawat thing could have still happened ;)
dude, u askd others to rite nasty comments on the attendees blogs? just wait.... i'll set the farah khan with brown-black belt configuration on u. remember what was promised right? hehehe * sniggers nastily*. go see the cartoon on my blog. go on.
One of each setting must have happened, I can guess which ones :)

1) had coffee
2) one of the (who else ) danced away to glory
3) thrown out

Samit probably danced, but not sure. i left too early i guess.
@sayantani - checked toons, commnted on toon, loved toon :)

@ratna - ha ha! you have no idea lady how wild these bloggers meets can get *neither do i* :)

@kanti - how could you forget the swaying Teleute boy :)
the swaying teleute? gah!
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