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The "We Can Get" Guys! 

I've been wanting to write abt the "we can get guys" for a fairly long time BUT somehow I haven't managed to put my thoughts down on the text editor (doesn't "putting your thoughts down on paper" sound so much better?). I hereby conjecture (and once again people will blame me for generalization) that most men between the age of 18-28, including myself, have at some point been a part of the "we can get" guys group. "Who are they" you ask. Well, well - read on!

Have you ever seen a group of 3-10 guys walk down the road? They are dressed up well. Their hair is well combed/spiked/"carefully careless"/whatever. The top button of their newly acquired party-shirt is left open, exposing one side of the well toned chest. Their denim boasts of fancy labels. Water and body spray was used in equal volumes to bathe them ... I need not go on, coz we've all seen them. Popular places to catch them would be outside night clubs, fast food restaurants, leaning against railings of shopping malls and their favorite hangout - movie theatres. No matter who they are or what they do - all these men think that, that very day is the day when they'll get some woman attracted to them. Some damsel in some magical way will fall for their charisma, come up to them, and say, "Hey handsome, take me home! Will ya?"

It's a very guy thing. It's very sad too. Coz unlike women, men don't wanna look good. Ideally speaking, every guy wants to be in his boxers, without ever shaving, caressing his belly and burping away to glory. But we can't do that. Every time we go out, we painfully convince ourselves that it is important to dress up. It is important to look what we think is our hunky best. It is important to change our face to what we think is "the look" every time a girl crosses our path. If you don't believe me, just take some time to observe a group of guys when a girl (or a group of girls) crosses them. For a second they'll all forget their camaraderieship and strike their "choose me baby just one time" look. They'll then see their dreams get shattered just one more time and then get back to discussing whatever manly topic they were discussing. Somehow we men never wonder abt the logistics. We never consider the practicality of the situation. We can be four Indian engineers in the middle of Beverly Hills. Why will any hot blonde with a million dollars in her purse, and a smile to match, fall for us? Why will the girl in the red car stop for the men blushing red? Why will the group of three girls eating ice cream consider us to be cooler than the chocolate de-lite? Naaaay! That never crosses our mind. We are an optimistic bunch. We always believe that even though we went out single, for lunch we can be joined by a dame - how lame!!

And hence we buy expensive shirts even though they are uncomfortable, and hence we spike our hair so sharp that it can be used as a weapon, and hence we walk from one end of the strip to the other end relentlessly, and hence we never approach a girl and still think that she'll come up to us and offer love, and hence we are ... single men :))

Its called hope....you forgot one thing....when 'we' see a hot chick with a guy the first thing on our minds is that how did that good-for-nothin guy get hold of that chick...and then blame it on bad luck:)
"In Rwanda (I think), the goverment is funding girls who get through college as virgins. Guys who finish college as virgins, of course, get as usual, an Engineering Degree."

This is what Leno had to say.

Oh well!
Well said, Sagnik and Vin!

Though I blame it on culture. :)
mr. sagnik you have showed that men and women are not that different at all. you really think that women love to wake up that extra hour and a half early each morning to make sure she looks extra fabulous when she steps outside that door. nope she does it because of the same reasons you men do it. for the hope that someone will notice and appreciate her hard work.
@vin - brillieantly said :) it's all abt "mera number kab ayega" :)

@sanketh - lol!!

@thelearner - thanks :)

@ms. sara - but if a girl is going to another girl's house - she'll still dress up - but if it's a guy's night out - there is not dressing - it's just a bunch of men and chicken, beer and soda - for men it's ok if they have one woman drooling over them - they want nothing more :)
Awww...for a change you made me feel miserable for all those poufed up goof balls (aka single men hordes) found lounging around in the malls. But then who said finding a mate was going to be easy and that too one with "Good Prospects and Assets"
I agree with sara in that most people dress up to have a favorable impression on the opposite sex. And although a nicely dressed guy who is smelling good is a turn on, what ultimately matters is what is coming out of his mouth and that brain of his. Because even if he is good looking and dressed well, it all boils down to being able to spend time with him, even if it is a one night stand!
ok, great post. but point no.1---The stuff u said in the post had one Big general character. its sort of ( and mind you, i say sort of. thats not an absolute)limited to indian men, no? dress up, go out in a flock, lech like crazy and hope some chick will talk to you, while if u see a chik lookin at u, you have two reactions, either u think shes not lookin at u or u dissolve into a spurt of extremely wierd guy giggling sessions.
point 2--- i agree win M and ~sara~. women go out dressed up for the same reasons. even to girlfrends houses. all in hope that she might hav a cute bro, or some full blooded male accidentaly lost his way and landed up there. we're just prepared for emergency. y take chances, na?
Funny funny stuff. amazing.
Shaggy dada, its a source of sustenance. I guess u have missed out one thing- where a group of say 3 guys happen to cross by a group of equal number of hot girls- a friendly understanding is immediately reached by each of the guys where they say- the black ones mine, u take the red one and so on...and then they return to their old conversation..
and I dont think this is limited to only Indian men- when it comes to women all men think alike. Obviously India's population of men being larger, we are bound to see more of them than men of other nationalities.
haha...gud one there...i hv noticed a lot of "we can get" guys..but i guess u hvent seen the "we can get" girls too...these girls can be found mostly in places like nightclubs,coffee pubs etc..places where they can get a guy enjoy to the extreme n still manage not to open their purses but empty the guy's wallet..n then turn on to the next guy...sex dosent come into the pic of the "we can get"gangs..its just tat the "we can get" girls use up the "we can get" guys fully....n the guys fall to their trap!!:)....so the intelligent ones in this case..defn the girls:):)
i have ten mins before i go home - and i decided that i must open ur blog - coz i havent read it for a long long time.. funny na.. it feels so weird like i have totally lost touch with u .. i know i can write this in a mail but this probably the only comment i will be leaving in a long time - so let it be...

miss you , come soon... should be in delhi on 14th- 15th - lemme know of ur plans...
@bridalbeer - thanks :)

@anyesha - good! now that you feel bad abt them - go set them up with your still single friends :)

@m - what!!!! women wanna have a good time with the person even if it's a one night stand. so much to learn for me :((

@sayantani - thanks :) but please tell me why do women try out different clothes generally "for fun" for a future party??? is that for the lil bro too??

@ari - couldn't have said it better. even though these girls will never know - there is still the classifying :)

@xyz - very true again. if a girl wants a guy they can get in a jiffy coz the number of applicants is phenomenal. sadly, men dont have it that easy :)

@chitra - hey girl, will be in Delhi from late night 14th to morning 15th - hoping to meet up with you (though you will have to come to the airport then) :)
Are the swayamvaram days back? 10 or 100 guys stand well dressed, and the girl comes with varamala?
Get real dude! don't waste your time at the malls;)
i so agree with sara--but well, if women check me out, it's ok too...like she said, as long as SOMEONE appreciates the hard work! and why we dress up when we visit our (straight?) women friends...duh-uh, dude! we have to make her feel like she's the old crone, na? ;D
PLUS, if she has a cute bro...

ladies, before you jump on me, i'm overweight and unattractive, so all this is of course, pure conjecture on my part. (sheesh!)
cute post...
@ratna - i'm telling you that if we can arrange for a swayamvar for tecies - it will be a sell out idea - wanna try??

@rimi - aha! see men will never dress up to make another man feel old - we invest whatever efforts we have for the fairer sex :)

@aidrila - thanks :)
Sorry, you are on your own:) I have already found my DILs (Daughter-In-Laws). I should post their picutres pretty soon with their parents permission.
U think the problem is becoz of the might of the all encompassing and powerful " " which makes the "we can get" guys seem like the "we can get guys" :)
Lol, 'Shaggydada' - should I remind of da 'mojo'?
I mean, aargh, don't I hate those Woody Allen/Austin Powers flicks - imagine someone sooo lousy getting to sleep with the hottest females - every single time!!
Btw, eta dekhecho - 'Mating habits of earthbound humans' - 'tis hilarious.
I was just wondering where do you find your subjects for inspiration just so I can stay as far away from such places! Or I already do coz I don't go to grad school!!
@ratna - great! that means i am expecting another lovely family post from Mrs. R :)

@rohan - very "quote"able :)

@biplab-babu - yes seen it - very funny indeed! and forget Woody Allen and Austin P - what abt our very own yesteryear Hindi film heroes - some of them wouldn't get laid if they paid money now :))

@SN - well staying away from grad school pretty much makes you safe - you might also wanna stay away from Indian engineering colleges :)
@Sanketh - That's Uganda. It's an AIDS prevention thing.

@S'nik - I see you've switched to typing in mono... ;)
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