Friday, August 05, 2005


The tickets arrived. Professors have been informed. Work has been completed ahead of schedule. GOD willing, i should be in good old Kolkata in ten days time - yessssss! It's gonna be a short trip - just two weeks, but I so need to be there. Like I told someone - the city acts like a charger for me - there's something in it that drives and motivates me BIG TIME!

Phuchka, chicken roll
Jhal muri, doiyer ghol*
Dakhineshwar, Adyaapeeth,
Westside, Park Street
New Market, Tangra
Music World, changra**
Nizam's roll, Flury's cake
Ballygunge, Salt lake
Badshah, Bedwin
Lighthouse, Chaplin
St. James' School, Peter Cat
Bijoligrill, beter hat***
Mukhorochok, Jalajog
Roshogolla, Rajbhog
Nicco park, Nalban
Globe Cinema, Nandan

... all these things have an amazingly positive effect on me! I love Kolkata!

* doiyer ghol = lassi = yogurt shake
** changra = harmless hoodlum
*** beter hat = straw hat = popular item outside Calcutta Zoo

Psst - I should mention that Nizam's has shut down since the last time you were there.
Wow....lucky you! Everything you mention, everything....is Calcutta. Two weeks notwithstanding, you should have a wonderful time.
Has Nizam really closed down??? That is just terrible!
nizaams has NOt closed down. don't b scared,sagnik.. even if it has or will, there are plenty more good places. new places u need to add are forum, city centre, crossword,etc. thats the in place now. since u cant wait to come to kolkata, kolkata also cant wait to have you back. hurry!
Cute post :) I know what you mean, am going to Madras in about 40 days and have begun the count down already!
Boohoo...I am happy for you but i am VERY VEry Jealous :(
When will i get to play in the sands of Marina beach ?
Do blog from there too!
Btw, oi multiplexes...Forum et al...bhishon stuffy. Aar Chaplin ki kortey jaabey? As far as I know it's become a softer version of "Elite-r paasher hall"...:)
Have a great vacation and please do regale us with stories about your misadventures on the streets of Calcutta...also looking forward to a couple of indepth analyses of the bengali pschye and probably a treatise on the mating habits of the Bengali Male.
Arrey go to Sourav's.....the restaurant is doing pretty badly just like his cricketing career...time for u to go and change its fortune
hahaha !
I am leaving this city in about 36 hours from now and I'll be missing Phuchka and Egg Roll and Chicken roll!
oh god am almost crying now thinking of you in kolkata and me.. in... sigh never mind... ..WAAAA!! i wann go with!! take me too!!!:((
@ani - Nizam closed? Man the last time I was there was a few years back and then they had the whole shop covered wih trade unon posters - so I'm not that surprised :(

@M - yeah, i am really looking fwd to this trip as my batteries need serious charging :)

@Sayantani - oh! i know o fthese new places - i was in Kolkata in December lady :) and as far as rolls are concerned my personal fav is still Badshah

@ramya - thanks - yes, i know the whole countdown thing. sadly, it's fun when you are going to India. once youa re there the backward countdown begins and that's not that much fun :(

@kumari - but then you have a husband *i'm going to use that against you in any cribs you make* :))

@biplabda - i have been to Forum and i like the fact that there is no "ticket blacking" - Chaplin used to actually have Chaplin film festivals when I was young - later they shifted to C-grade semi pornish English movies and then Bengali movies - I dunno abt the present state

@anyesha - will definitely do so madam :)

@ari - what are you saying - Dada is back :))

@debalina - ahh! leaving Calcutta is very depressing - it's only then that you realize how warm a place (and not temperature wise :) the city is :)

@grafxgurl - why dont you come down - i keep telling my friends - that to enjoy Kol's true spirit you have to see it with a true Kolkattan
Nice post. Very nostalgic. Totally can relate to what you feel.
We are going to Bangalore,Kanpur & Chennai in 25 days. Boy! the countdown is fun.

Since I am from Bangalore I miss everything about this city the most.
This is totally unrelated but I have to tell u that i hate it when u put up disclaimers in bold reacting to some comments. I think it kinda stifles ur freeflowing style in the longer run. I guess ur blog is ur forum to the world and u dont have to be apologetic about ur thoughts by posting around disclaimers. Hope this post doesnt warrant another disclaimer :)
@manchus - have lots and lots of fun. take lots of photos and bring back lots of food (though i don't have any incentive for the last request) :)

@rohan - true. but i have always been a "dogmatic non-partisan" :) - so i have opinions but dislike upsetting ppl by expressing them - hence the statement :) and whatever happened to "bold is beautiful" ??? :))
but bolley na tho keno jachcho?
English translation of the above comment: Why are you going to Kolkata?
Khoka, chhora taa khoob bhalo. Shadhu!

Nizam's is still open, but for rolls you have to try Kusum on Park Street. Be my guest.

Was there recently and will be again later in the year, but none the less, *sniffle sniffle*
Any plans to come down to Bangalore?
Kusum any day.
@indra - to meet my folks and just relax for two weeks :)

@JAP - "aastey ladies achey" :) Actually I frequent Kusum a lot more than Badshah coz it's very close to my house but I feel that they put a tad bit extra onion in their roles. I would rank it third - after Badshah and Sher-e-Punjab.

@arka - na boss. short trip so will try to spend as much time as I can in Kolkata.
btw after how many years r u visiting kolkata?
Have fun buddy:) Come back with tons of blog plots :)
@aindrila - :) actually i am a very home sick person - i was there in Kolkata in Dec but am going again since ir eally miss my family and the place :)

@ratna - oh! i plan to blog from Kol too (with a lil help from the internet connection that is)
the "i-m-gonna-go-home" xcitement:) i can sense the vibrations in ur post...its always g8 to be bac "home" the place u always belong to irrespective of where u spend ur life 4 yrs...hv u started the countdown (i used to mk a rocket outta each date's paper in the calender n imagine myself flying home:) )...so do u hv any such wierd countdown styles?:)
on the other hand...the serious-ananlysing of ur post hs my philosophical 7th sense:) to think n post this comment too...
'we count the days with happiness n xcitement when we come home after staying somewhere far away 4m home n hate the same countdown when we hv to go back again. but how is it tat every year the ppl getting outta home to somewhere far away always seems to be increasing???'...
moral of the comment: we dont realise the worth of someone unless we are far away 4m them
**the author apologises profusely if this comment hs made mr.sagnik's mood 4m "xcited n happy" to "philosophical or mind-bothering "**
@XYZ - lovely thoughts - and yes the countdown has started but i try not to think too much abt it coz that leads to the countdown of returning back again :(
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