Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Bad Joke and some random listing 

Last night Vipul, Sid and moi followed the ooh la la meal in Punjab Tandoor with FlightPlan - a follow up closed space thriller from Jodie Foster post her moderately successful Panic Room. 90% of the movie is based inside an airplane and 80% of the movie is very engrossing. After the movie Sid mentioned that the ending was tame compared to the build up.

Me: There is irony in that.
Sid: What?
Me: It was a plane simple movie.
Sid: Arrrrrgh!

Current songs - Badd (Ying Yang Twins and Mike Jones) *Sid and I've noticed that this song is always playing when we are in the car*, Gold Digger (Kanye West), Dhol Wajda (originally part of Let's Enjoy but I got it with my copy of Asian Flava)

Current TV shows - I'm totally into Rome on HBO. Strongly recommended for people with HBO. The series is one of the rare historicals that look extremely hip and modern. Also watching re-runs of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Current Obsession - Oh! Go check her out. She's one of the cutest dames I've seen in a while.

Now stop reading crap like this and go and enjoy your weekend.

parlaam na.. Not even close to tulip joshy... but in case you are no more interested in her can I try my luck with her now ;)
u interested in her coz shes indian? coz Legha is definately hotter. ug, oh , more voluptious....even lauras better.
80% engrossing!! hmm!! It was most ridiculous last 30min of any hollywood movie I have ever seen. It has no plot what so ever, if there is its thinner
than a quark. The way the characters explain their purpose in platter is so tame and you feel cheated. As my friend put it, porn movies have better plot than this one. After this one I have lowered my hollywood movie expectations by a light year I feel most of the bollywood movies are way gripping than this(atleast they don't pretend to be thrillers)
@indrababu - the picture i put a link to doesn't do justice to her beauty - you have to check out the "dont be shy" video :) and what's with you calling tor tulip-boudi by name :))

@sayantani - same explanation as above - the picture doesn't do justice to her beauty - check out the video :)

@gvenum - now i dint think it was that bad but then i have to be honest that i do have a failry low yardstick :)
what's with you calling tor tulip-boudi by name

stop being funny in the comments at least--there should be like, rationed humour on this blog. this funny per post, and no more.

but hey, she's hot man, what's with you guys? i really liked her...
gotto admit.. she looks *way* better in that video. But still tulip boudi is well.. tulip boudi :);)
i too dont think tat lady is cute..she looks old...n neways...i hv started my blog(atlast!):) www.who-stole-my-mind.blogspot.com
check it out!
@rimi - there was noting funny abt that ;) for that matter even you should call her tulip boudi :))

@indra - come on, the girl is Miss India Worldwide - my taste is not that bad - but yes, Tulip boudi rocks :)

@xyz - check out the video and her smile in that and then you will know what I'm talking abt :)
Ahem, Sagnik. You might have noticed that my blog had been replaced by a mysterious porn site. Well, its now back at a new address - http://ex-post.blogspot.com. So, could you update it and turn your blog PG again?
We are trying to find good yahoo movie to take the kids this weekend. Good yahoo movie reviews are hard to find

I just stumbled onto your blog while looking. Seems to happen to me a lot since I am a knowledge mooch LOL

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