Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Boring Day 

Well the day was not very eventful ... programming, debugging and more debugging and oh yes! this mundane conversation with Sid:

Sid: Is your one working?
Me: I think so.
Sid: Mine is not working properly. It's not going in.
Me: Yeah! That's a bad one. It's even worse when it goes in and doesn't come out. Happened to me once. Not a pretty thing.
Sid: So can you try once for me. Just put in your one once.

So I put my one in and it seemed to work well. Then Sid tried again and his one got stuck,

Me: You are putting in your one the wrong way.
Sid: Oh! You put it in this way?
Me: Yes.

Then it finally worked for Sid.

You know it's not been very exciting a day when you write abt you and your apartment mate opening the mail box.

No, but others seem to find it very exciting before they read the last few lines.
Hmm.... nice presentation of an otherwise mundane conversation. Anyway, on second thought it would have been much more intersesting if you had published the pure bengali conversation that took place ;)
naughty, naughty! I'm guessing your girlfriend doesn't read your blog? :)
ooh, devious! and subtle! more mundane conversations, is what i say!!!

and can we have the bengali version? ;D
@kanti - dint your parents ask you not to read stuff like this :)

@sid - why comment when i can just scream from my room and you can hear :))

@mary - thanks for the naughty bit and "wish me luck" for the gf bit :)

@rimi - going back to what a great man once commented - dint your parents ask you not to read stuff like this :)
Sagnik - But don't girls like guys who have a great sense of humour??!! :)

why u....


i tot....


i give up!!!!! u win!!!!! u r the king of PJs... risque ones at that, i agrrree with Sid, tho, banglay hole better hoto, puro maneta wud come across better.
hmmm....this is so naughty! i can't belive this!!!
men , will they ever LEARN??????
seriously...ur the king of risque PJs :-)
If u haven't noticed it yet, there is FLAG tab on top of every blog....I have a feeling that somebody is gonna press that tab on ur blog very soon :)
Sid sure has a friend, philospher and 'how to put it in' guide in u ;)
P.S. I am getting a pop up opening on ur site blocking ur first post generally whenver i open up ur blog nowadays. DO u know wat cud be the reason?
@mary - do they? *expression of daze*

@lynniebabi - err ... err ... err .. thank you :)

@sayantani - if i had said it Bengali aar dekhtey hoto na :)

@aindrilla - learn what? how to open keys? :)

@ron - fetch me the crown now will ya you noble servant :))

@point5 - wow! the hoisted flag controls the hosted blog - is it? :)

@rohan - loved the guided pun :) oh that blocker thing maybe part of blogger coz i have been getting it in quite a few sites myself. be assured mate - i havent done anything to make my blog less readable other than putting crap on it :)
A nice safe (censored) ending we all get. hhmmpph.

No wait. thats a good thing!

Im going to link ya, cool? I like your posts! And they're short too.
section 1

sid: tor-ta thik moto kaj korchhe?

sagnik: mone toh hoy.

sid: amar-ta thik moto kaj korchhe na. dhukchhe na.

sagnik: ha. ota baaje. tar chaiteo baje hoy jokhon dhoke, niye aar beroy na. ekbar hoyechhilo amar. jinis-ta sundor noy.

sid: toh tui amar jonyo ekbar chesta kor. ekbar tor-ta dhoka.

section 2

sagnik: tui tor-ta bhul bhabe dhokachhis.

sid: oh! ei bhabe dhokate hoy?

sagnik: ha.

sorry, i just couldn't resist! in my defense, it's been a really boring day.
hope it came close to the original conversation, though :D

nice blog ... nice post ... its worth it all if it can make someone smile :-)
@teleute - LOL! there was a reason why I dont write in Benagli and your translation has pointed out why :) i am ashamed at my own conversation :))

@shradha - thank you :)
Have I just been rather blatantly ignored?!?!

hhmmppph yet again!
@archster - Noooooooo! Honest mistake :) *that's how i treat ppl who link to my blogs :))* it was an honest mistake and now a separate comment just for you :)

btw, thanks for linking to my blog - i will one of these days surely update my blog list (some of them dont even exist now) :)
yeah, sagnik, grrr time for me too-- teleute and i are, in case you didn't know, the same bloody age!!! so how come she doesn't get a "didn't your parents..." thing? huh? huh?
@rimi - :)) isn't that a complimet then?? i thought you were uch younger than teluete ;)
LOL this is indeed a boring conversation...hmm the Bong version, now that is something! :-))
@aparna - what is this? people with better command over the Bengali language are comig and stealig my glory :((
and apparently comig and stealig your n-s as well.
and must you spell my name wrong? leave it as tel - i'll understand :D
:-] .. what's more hilarious is that word verifier is making me type sumthing that reads almost like 'ejacula' to post this comment.
wondering what this tarsh is?
Well I too am doin the same!
Word verification is requiring me to type this crap to prove I'm only human!!!

ANyway good one mate!
Keep Blogggggging!
Came thru Desi Pundit.
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