Thursday, September 01, 2005

Coming soon in 71mm ... 

The film addict in me wants to make movies. Great movies. Movies that will change the way people think - or at least the way women dress. Hmmmm! Here are some projects that are appealing to me right now:

1. A passionate tale where cricketer Harbhajan Singh falls in love with a slutty woman. I call it Bhaji on the Bitch.

2. A family drama where a King finds out that he has a brother in South India. A masterpiece called Anna and the King.

3. A musical (come on, given my expertise in this area, a musical was but expected) involving two stupid idiots. A musical bonanza that moi wants to call Dunce Dunce.

4. The story of an Indian chef who goes on cooking to feed his irritatingly obese child. A heart touching story titled Curry on Papa.

a lil medicine to boost your confidence and bolster your ego...

My eternal dream is to make Kumar vs. Kumar, a Ekta Kapooresque divorce saga complete with saas, bahus and errant husbands.
i plan to sell the rights to my life for a sitcom.

and publish all my e-conversation transcripts for bestselling book.

i am very ambitious.

but you still cannot beat this title ... "Shoshur MLA, bouma jail-ey" :)
@me (!) - nice link. thanks.

@plumpernickel - why not Kumar vs. Koomar - then it will give a whole Tintin feel. BTW, the idea of a musical saas bahu drama will be awesome

@teleute - any chances of getting a free copy or a rough draft - puhleeeze???

@indra - that takes the show man - BRILLIAAANT !!!!
How about this - A psychotic superstar examines his obsession with the weird acrobatic feats that made him successful : Dance & Dancer (starring Mithunda...)
kewl ones..
LOL! Anna and the King has me in splits :)
How about these?

'Choley'- A village's struggle to keep the fart out of town.
'Amma' - Story of Amma Shoehouse.The protagonist is a wealthy ,party changing and self-satisfied fat woman.
@ideasmith - you know i am sentimental abt Mithuna - then why do you make fun of him - nahiiin :((

@swathi - thank u :)

@gratisgab - thanks :)

@manchus - ha ha ha ha! choley - awesome :))
a couple overcomes all odds to attain intimacy - tomar bogole amar ghaam, ishwar-ke koti pronaam.


aar boi-er rough draft chailei paoa jaay. in return, all you need to do is ensure that i'm not murdered by irate e-communicator(s).
@teleute - oshadharon! this is brilliant! how much does one pay to get the movie rights to this?? :)) :))
i shall consider it. and name a price.

in the meantime, you might want to chew over:

chiti chiti bang bang - one man's dream of a pest-free life.

let's stalk - when all those who have been sued by catherine zeta-jones and michael douglas decide to exact revenge.

the blouse-strap - the docu-feature about mandira bedi's "extraa innings" wardrobe.

jamayan - the story of every bangali's pujo spree.
this is extremely weird. teleute love, wasn't "publishing my e-communications as a book" my idea? but ok, you clearly can provide more stuff, if the "rough drafts" are anything to go by! ;D

sagnik--way to go!!! you clearly have too much free time...;D
Haha.Bhaji on the bitch.ROFL.
@teleute - you just broke a Golden rule of blogging. no comment is supposed to be funnier than the original post :) so be careful henceforth - great names :)

@rimi - is this what you say to a busy PhD student who takes time out of scheduling problems to blog for you - shame on you :))

@srin - thanks :)
ohhh, now i'm feeling all mean and miserable! i shall crawl away to a dark coener and cry my heart out! *sniggers nastily*
no no no! anna and the king still beats all :D
some more
1.baba keno chakor.
2.shashuri bishwa- shundori
3.haseena ki passena(i want this one)
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