Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Da story of Di Relatives 

I think I'm one of the only Bengalis on the face of the Earth who doesn't have an immediate "famous" relative. Every Bengali - every Bengali - has some relative who is super famous. Seriously! Just go up to any Bengali and ask them abt their famous relatives and you can be assured of ... miles to go before you are let to sleep. Ok! Now I too have a grandfather who makes movies but he mostly evokes "courtesy recognition" where the person I boast his name to has no idea who I'm talking abt, but just to make me happy says, "Yeah! I think I've heard the name. What movies has he made??" Hmmmm! So that doesn't count.

But back me up on this - Bengalis love to associate themselves to famous people more than many other groups. Ask any Bengali who has treaded the route from Bangladesh to India and he'll narrate aplenty abt all the land and riches he left back there. Every one of them has a royal lineage - every one has a grandfather who was the pride, tyrant and savior of some "huuuuuge land mass in Bangladesh".

So in a time when our land in Bangladesh is gone, our royal ancestors are no longer by our side and Saurav Ganguly has surrounded himself in more controversies than runs - what do we Bengalis do?? We follow a simple philosophy - we take some celebrity and form a fictional relationship with him/her.

Just think for a second. Think of some of the Bengali "celebrities" - Sauravda (also called dada), Mithunda, Mamatadi, Jyotibabu - Bengalis always like to add that personal touch to their celebrities. Somehow it makes us feel closer to them. Have you heard of Shahrukhda, Bobby bhaiya or Hema behen? Nope! (I know that a similar trend exists down South but I'm not qualified to comment on that). I remember a neighbor of mine who played cricket for some local third division club and kept ranting abt how "Sauravda and Dona-boudi (term of endearment meaning sister-in-law) kept inviting him to their house."

Bottomline - I need a famous relative and I have one unified plea - nobody should ever address Rani Mukherjee as "di" - di End!

Do you need a famous relative or a relation? Whatever it is get one soon. So, I can boast, that I know someone who is relative of some famous....
did you mean addressing Rani Mukherjee as
Randi Mukherjee
Ranidi Mukherjee
Rani Mukherjeedi
Rani Mukherjee didi
Rani Mukherdi
Randi Mukherdi

I know about the Bangladesh bit. Raja Protapadityo happened to be on my mother's side. Everyone talks about my dad's great-uncle Tushar Kanti Ghosh. Our whole family seems to be made of famous people. Damn.
so true..all around its all da's and di's and gosh..such polygamy...
and yaa...sadly my great dadu was a big big ...i wont continue..
i have jomidar lineage. and i have uncle who is doctor to indian football team. does that count?

and don't grumble - now you would not want the girl form rouge to be related to you, would you?
:)) well I went thru college having people ask me if I was related to Rani Mukherjee(we had the mukherjee in common you see). Funny eh? But yeah we've got our share of famous relatives on each side and anytime someone mentions a particular famous person we chip in "oh so and so is my...". nice observation sagnik!
BTW decadence raja Protapaditya is a direct relative on my hubby's side of the family, so looks like we may be related too!!!
my only claim to fame would be that a lot of famous ppl r from my college!oh and a friends mom was friends with vir sanghvi in coll
.does that count???
@ratna - the only solution seems to be a famous wife - i have my eyes on this hot pop singer but she has beautiful eyes and that translates to this expression for me - :((

@unjustified - :)) never thought i will lead to such confusion :)

@decadence - thank you very much for rubbing in - i dont even know the peon of any Raja :((

@sush - ah come on! a lil boasting is good - so what is your lineage again :)

@teleute - jomidar lieage - wah wah! and please the rouge girl is true love - no words abt her :))

@m - and now people are finding distant families through my blog - yeeeeeeaaaah!!

@ru - well, i'd love to say that counts but then that holds true for my college too and then i can no longer rant - so foul :)
@decadence - Hey, even my mom's side had direct Protapadityo blood. Are we related, decadence?
How'd you know Tushar Kanti Ghosh? Thats my dad's side, the Patrika Bari. We owned the Amrita Bazar Patrika.

Do we know each other, or is this another of your manipulative games?
Even I can say that I know Sagnikda from college.. does that count now? ;;)
@kanti - this is turning out to be like a Hindi movie - all you folks are siblings now :))

@indra - no da - no da - no da :)
Sigh...can't think of any famous relatives...will any of the following count?

a)The same surname as Satyajit Ray
b)The first name of Aparna Sen
c)A friend who owns a house on Protapaditya Road

No? Too bad! Let me inspect the family tree more closely!
Nice thought Sanikda!
@aparna - you are still in the league of Satyajit Ray when it comes to sharing last names - the most famous Nandy is probably Pritish Nandy - need I say anything else ?

@vin - it is not "Sanik" and it is not "da" :)
every one seems to have the same thoughts as me... but i thought it first... sagnikDA.haha!!!!
btw, aj lake-e overherd some old dudes talkin.... they were discussing about some bloke, whos commands are not obeyed at all, poor dude and al, then they sed somat like, " catch-er por catch pore jacche,bechara kichui bolte parchilo na...".... then realised that they were talkin about souravda.... in this case all these old dudes personalised famous son.
@sayantani - the lake story was awesome :))
Hallleoo, SagnikDA. Hindi movie? I'm wondering where Decadence did her research to play this nice joke. I'm pretty sure that its impossible. Because, I do have Protapadityo direct blood on my mom's side, and I am one of only three direct descendants of the gigantic Patrika Bari.

There's no way in hell Decadence can also be related in exactly the same way. Its impossible. Someone who's just like me - too rare.
@ panty - are u sure decadence isn't your (shudder) *sister*!
@ Sagnik - hmm so are you indirectly telling us not to refer to you as a male!
If so its ok with me Sagnikdi!
@ people ranting about relatives - Yes YES i too have a (in)famous relative -- ME :)
She doesn't know how to open her e-mail, leave alone a blog. And she sure as hell doesn't know about the Protapadityo thing.
one person who really shouldnt be addressed as di is Buchu.
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