Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Don't "Excuse" me! 

I was talking with a close friend of mine who is planning to propose to a girl that he is sure will reject him. Being the sensitive and supporting person that I am, I suggested various excuses the girl can use to spell out "Get Lost" for him. There were the oft used "I don't think of you that way" and "I don't wanna get into anything serious now" that I suggested but I feel that maximum damage will be caused if the girl says the fast popularity gaining - "You are very nice and you deserve someone better" :))

This is one excuse that was not very popular in the nineties but is becoming a show stealer these days. Back in "those days" a rejection always earned the girl the tag of a "bitch", while a declining guy was labeled a "bastard". Then in the late nineties, I believe, some bright chap came up with this new excuse of "You are too good for me". Brilliant! Not just any brilliant - this was "chocolate fudge and vanilla ice cream brilliant"! Imagine - you can't blame the other person for thinking highly of you. It's not their fault that you are better! So you feel like sh!t but can't find a vent for the sh!t either :))

But seriously women (and even some men who say "You don't deserve a jerk like me. I'm sure you'll find someone who'll keep you very happy") - do you think this excuse makes sense? Have you ever seen anyone get fired for being too good in a job?? "Sorry Mr. Bose, we have to let go of you. When we hired you, we were expecting a 20% increase in profits but now you've made the profits soar to 80%. We hate deviating from our plans, even if it's in the positive direction. So we have to let you go." THAT NEVER HAPPENS. You never find a slab of gold on the road and say, "I'm sure that the man standing their deserves this gold more than me." Nope! So why try the same thing for relationship, eh?

The things that amuse me ... hmmmm!

hehehe.....ki r bolbo
I guess its akin to a person getting told he doesnt get a job coz he is overqualified ;)
hahahaah brilliant thought ,
have you ever got that response???
after reading the post I am convinced that you deserve better readers then myself:)
:)) Too good post. Does these simple things come to you with ease or do you brain storm?
You know, sometimes they actually mean it. A friend of mine got asked out by a guy she fancied, but she said no because she thought that he would ditch her when he found out what kind of a person she really was! Stupid female or what!
hey long time hiatus for me...

but seriously, me agrees with jasmine... sometimes they (gal/guy) really do mean what they say... speaking from the point of view of a guy/girl jilted quite recently, that might be the feeling... believe me, i know...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Stuff and nonsense! No one ever says 'you are too good for me' and means it. Human nature is really not that unselfish and self-effacing. If you really like somebody, you ALWAYS think you are the best thing to have happened to that person. Only happens in melodramatic HIndi films, just like people sacrificing beloveds for friends who also love the said beloved happens only in Saajan-type crappy Hindi movies.
Believe it or not, but it happens. Have seen it, and experienced this happening.
Insecurity is a big thing in life! What will you do if SRK/Ash proposes to you? Practically speaking, u r more likely to refuse if u r sane.

And have also experienced people being reprimanded for being a little too good with their work.
If you had worked under the "insecure boss" ever, you'd know. Jealousy can become a factor.Pray you don't
i labh u
and u don't labh me
the big old tragedy
er, sagnik, you don't take women who say such things seriously, do you dude? cause they're just trying NOT to walk on your heart with hobnail boots, that's awl!

i'd consider "you're too rich for me", "we move in different social circles" and so on--more specific, see? but "too good for me?" that's not something a guy will ever hear from ME, i can tell you!
Recently saw Jeff Foxworthy's stand up piece on break-ups...one popular line...

"I think we should start seeing other people"

(...it means that I have already seen someone better than you....)
g8 post!:)
"u r too gud for me" spells ONLY the foll in 'today's world of love!'
1.u r 'too gud a bitch/bastard for me'..so bitch around with someone of ur level..
2.'u r too gud for me'..meaning ..
'i feel ur(hot/sexy/handsome/cute)sis/bro is better off for me'
3.or plain 'buzz off...i hv already found someone else'
@ari - :))

@rohan - exactly my point

@divya - nope, if you know me you will know that it is very difficult to tell me "you are better than me" and yet sound sincere :)

@vin - :))

@ratna - i normally think abt my posts on the way to university or they are based on things that happen. thanks :)

@jasmine - well, as i said, my social circle is devoid of class and humility - so we wouldn't fall in either sides of that eqn :)

@namesake - nice to see ye back - cheer up and get going - you deserve better :)

@the-mrauder - very very true. couldn't say it better unless i paid someone else to write :)

@Phoenix - trust me - IF Ash proposes to me - I will still say No - and take it as an insult - come on, her last choice was Vivek Oberoi :((

@unjustified - ah! such emotions :)

@rimi - the honest woman says it all :))

@point5 - hey, i saw that too. it was actually very good. have you heard his "you know you are redneck" series?

@xyz - trust the woman to teach us the truth :))
hmm didn't know my trick was out in the open....he he he!
ROFL!That was a kool blog!

Personally i think a woman who rejects in any form or shape is much better than the ones that confuse u.

"I love you.Do you ?"

"I dunno".Now u gotta rip ur hair out to figure that one out.
the excuses can be real dumb sometimes...i mean y not say it on the face that "our relationship may not work" wat's the point in uttering something that is soooooo useless?
on a totally unrelated note...me thinking of starting a blog for quite a few months now...but somehow i always manage not to start off with one:)
the reasons being twofold:
1. my lazy side wins over every time i think of starting one
2. the thought whether i can update n maintain my blog regularly

but now u really feel i shud do it..Now now-wats more reassuring n comforting than another person's faith n belief on ur ability?tnx a lot 4 tat!:)wats preventing me now?(atleast now i can be assured of minimum one comment 4 every post;);)..wat say?:):)
hence coming soon..my blog!:)
hows this? "its not you its me"

could mean so much ;)
@m - aha! so now we know who started it all :))

@ramchi - thanks :) and yesss! the whole confusion angle of "i need more time" ... :)

@aindrilla - ah! honesty - when was that ever their in relationships :))

@xyz - excellent. lemme know when that blog starts - going by your comments - that's gonna be one stellar blog woman :)

@vishnupriya - there is an awesome Seinfeld episode that deals just with that phrase - seen it ?
how about you are too funny for me? that should worry you, no?
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