Thursday, September 08, 2005

A dream dad! 

I have to mention this. I was talking to dad this morning and he mentioned two delightful dreams that he had. Retirement has left him with more spare time than he thought it would and there isn't anything interesting on television either (he feels watching golf is the lowest form of entertainment coz it's the only sport in the World where they perform the same objective 18 times). Yanyway, all this boredom forces the Sr. Nandy to indulge in a lil siesta these days, which in turn has been playing havoc with his night sleeping habits - resulting in fancy dreams.

* The first dream involved some detective story where my dad was the silent spectator. Apparently the story was very gripping and involved an anonymous gunman who wore a long suit. Dad had reached the climax of the dream and the identity of the killer was on the verge of being revealed when Mom woke Bubin up. The incident has really bugged Bubin coz he feels that Mummum did this deliberately. He is now spending the day trying to unravel his "dream mystery".

* The second one involves a one line background - Bubin loves Sourav Ganguly (so much that Mom has contemplated getting them married). Dad's love for our consistently failing National hero is so strong that he often plans his days accordingly (e.g. he has noticed that when he watches Sourav bat with my sis's boy friend, Sourav fairs poorly - which is ironic coz Sourav always plays poorly. Hence, my dad comes up with interesting ways to keep Pummy's bf away on days when India has a match.) Yanyway, in Dad's dream, Sourav and he took a rickshaw ride from Park Street to our place and Dad gave Sourav many valuable tips on the way (????). They then got down from the rickshaw and started walking back home when an angry mob started throwing stones at Sourav (which dad feels comprised of Dravid loyalists). Sourav, in spite of his bad batting spree, was quite athletic it seems and ran away promptly but just when Bubin tried to run, he tripped over his lungi. That's when he woke up and what has been annoying him most is the fact that he had gone out with Sourav wearing a lungi. Ahem ahem!

I have interesting folks :)

:)) Was Saurav driving the rickshaw (he got valuable tips);)?
The Sr.Nandy does make my day :D
I have been laughing non-stop ever since i read the lungi episode and i keep coming back for more.
Am hitch-hiking on your next visit to Kol to receive some 'tips' from your dad :)
@ratna - nice one :) come to think of it, i am sure he can use some extra dough :))

@kuamri - the Jr. Nandy thanks you for being amused by the Sr's dreams :)
the lungi thing was awesome man! :))
Ur dad sure didnt give ur mom any credit when she woke him in time to avoid being belched by an irate mob :)
such ingenuity S...that too when rationality takes a backseat...is so plausible only in dreams...nonetheless gives food for thought and pleasure...vicarious or otherwise...
@DD - :) i think neither me nor dad can take credit for it :)

@rohan - excellent point - see these men always undermine the woman's contribution :)

@me (!) - yes gaining joy from other people's dreams would be really vicarious I guess - well said :))
I forgot to add that this is probably the funniest thing i have hrd or read for a while, I brk into smile everytime I go thru the second dream (of course u r not getting any credit for it ;), unless u wanna claim one for the Nandy's )
oh, it's funny, it's sooo funny, and it's oh-so-cute too! *simpers horribly*

but i mean it. really really.
and lesson learnt: when referring to family, always use daaknaams. adds to the intimacy of the text with the reader. (oh man! ki dilam! applause please)
@rohan - even though none of the Nandys are taking any credit for the post, I still thank you again :)

@rimi - sotyi - ki diley, ki diley :))
hilarious stuff...ur folks sure r interesting,
next time I'd make sure that my Mom thinks twice before waking up dad from his siesta.
aha re!! to be woken up just when ur about to discover the identity of an anonymous gunman in a long coat!!! my sympathies.

ur family sounds like they are straight out of a pg wodehouse novel. pls do keep writing about them :-)
LOL! tat sure was a g8 post...n i shud say ur dad is very 'chweett':)...he not only has such interesting dreams..but it is soo 'cute' of them to share it to u...n wait...tat shud mk u 'cuter' to hv shared it on ur blog:):)(oh dont u think the advantage of hving a funny n cute dad comes into pic here rite:))n dont forget to pass a hi to ur dad on my behalf(btw on who's behalf??xyz??):):)
reminded me of my dream. I dreamt that dad and I were drowning in the sea and were waving out to mom asking for help. Mom, who was standing on the beach......waved back :|

woke up feeling all the weight of the water on me and cursing my mom :D
I do hope your dad does not read your blog regularly;-)

Hmmmmm Dada Ganguly is on everyone's mind in Kolkatta? They make Dravid look like a villain of Hindi movies! He isn't that bad and it really isn't his fault!

As for Ganguly I'm also a fan of his, no captain has done what he did. But that's the past and the present and future not looking to good for dear dada!

What's your Dad's take on his future:-)
Lol....I absolutely love your folks! Can see where u get your crazy streak from...
i know the identity of the killer... its saurav dada...

he(saurav) dodged the stones being pelted at him, picked up one of the stones pelted at him and threw back at the guy, who died...

for some strange reason i believe that these two dreams were meant to be inter-twined :)

came here thru xxfactor... u have a great place here :)
A good one ...
i had a dream about the pakistani cricket team, once. this was in class VII, and i had a huuuuuuuuze crush on wasim akram. so i dreamt that they'd come to visit my house - and different members of the team were engaged in doing different things - the ones that i remember most clearly are saqlain mushtaq cleaning the garage, and shoaib akhtar squatting with some people in front of the house. and i was most annoyed with my father because he was monopolising w.a. completely, talking about golf, no less.
the dream went on far longer, but i'll end it here. else this will be longer than the post.
@swathi - thanks from the nandy's and i am sure yur dad will thank me for the favor that will be done to him courtesy me :))

@ron - na they are straight out of Bengali soaps with a dose of high adrenalin action and dance mania - i have no clue what that means :)

@xyz - :)) i am sure my dad would be happy to get a holla from someone called XYZ :)

@tipsy - that was very funny and i have actually seen a variant of that take place where someone was waving for help and th eother person dint realize

@minal - oh! dad is clear on that - Ganguly should be captain and opener of India for the next 50 years - that's it :)

@ideasmith - crazy?? what? don't all ppl have Ganguly dreams :))

@rumpel - thanks for stopping by. that ending would be awesome - a gunman called gun-goli

@scarywits - thanks :)

@teleute - cricketers cleaning your garage???? lol! did any of them bowl you over btw ??
LOl !
yes - wasim akram. but then, dad was hogging him. i stayed mad at him for about 3 days after that dream.
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