Monday, September 19, 2005

Eeet ees getting hot in here! 

Just a bunch of stray stuff. Maybe they are connected. Maybe they are not. Maybe they are connected. Maybe they are connected.

He 1: What's your favorite position?
He 2: Sixty five.
He 1: What? Huh?
He 2: That's sixty nine without "four play".

I was wondering abt the age old question elderly (senior) Indians ask you - "What is your good name?" and amused myself by thinking of this possible conversation between an Indian and an American.

Desi: Excuse me. What is your good name?
American: Dick.
Desi: Don't even tell me the bad one then.

This one is all Business baby.

He: I really enjoy your company.
She: But let's not go public with it.
He: Yes, I would hate to share you.

LOl:-)) Sagnik you are a riot!
The second was too good;-)
ur on ur way to risqueness, baby.;)
Oh Boy! I knew all along that business had a risque-factor to it!
the 2nd one was too good ,so I see that the toons have mutated..
lol! Are they connected? ;) lol :))
what about the shares and dividends?
@minal - thanks :)

@sayantani - risque??? vat aar u saying madam?

@aj - they say love is serious business :)

@swathi - the toons require more effort than a trying to graduate student can provide - but they will be back - you watch and see :))

@plumpernickel - thanks :)

@sidewinder - your guess is as good as mine :)

@kati - young man you are too young to be thinking abt the dividends - just think abt sound long term investments now :)
haha! gud ones there!:)..but the desi joke..i really dont think indians in america are sooo dumb as they r potrayed here.
Desi: Excuse me. What is your good name?
American: Dick.
Desi: Don't even tell me the bad one then.

reminds me of The Inscrutable Americans - when Gopal's new American friend bangs on the door on his second morning there, and Gopal asks "Who is it?" and the answer comes back as "I'm Randy," and Gopal responds with a "Still?"
i probably misquoted, but that was the gist.
is no-url-left slowly becoming an alternate url for desibaba
this be some funny stuff. :)
@xyz - i have actually heard the "good name" thing asked to me :)

@teleute - this is spooky. the person i first mentioned this too mentioned the exact same thing - :O incidentally my sister dates a guy called Ranadeep whose nick name is Randy. so the first time my sis told me that she is dating a guy called "Randy" I said "is that the name or profession" :))

@ari - we are cool - more like desi papa :)

@archster - that be some sweet words :)
@sagnik - Randy = profession
My roomie, "K" says,you are excellent with words.
I say,your posts have excellent words .

I was reading through all the post I missed and I realized,it took me long enough to pay another hours' net-bill charges.
Painfully funnny. Painfully so !!
@kanti - naaaaaaaa :)

@debalina - as sad as i feel for you spending the extra one hr on the net - i am flattered :)

@vignesh - thank you sir :)
oh, ki haashlam! ki haashlam! you're really SO funny! and i'm glad i can finally comment--last few days my net's been down...
Those were funny. I feel a pressure to be funny in the comments, as if funniness itself is a language which must be reciprocated. I give up. It was funny, that's all.
@rimi - thank you :) glad to know that ur net connection is back!

@bridal - trsut the great bridalbeer to make such a deep comment. thanks :)
The 2nd one reminded me abt the main protagnist's reaction in 'The Inscrutable Americans' when his friend introduces himself as Randy :)
hey man, nice!!! good laugh.
@rohan - you are the second commenter who said the exact same thing :)

@sanketh - thanks man :)
made me laugh after a lon long time...thanks!!
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