Sunday, September 04, 2005

Funny ... eh? 

My sister's friend who had recently met me for a fleeting 15 minutes told my sister, "Hey, your brother is funny." My sister gushed out this information to me hoping it'll excite me. That made me wonder. Is "funny" anybodies first choice? Is it? What other adjectives would I have preferred from this girl?

So here is a slightly philosophical question - if you had to choose one adjective that everybody would describe you by, what would it be? (And puhleeze, spare the "loving and caring" for the pageant contestants) And I'm quite sure that "funny" would not be the first on most people's list.

Let's think abt this objectively (coz yeah, that's what we do). Imagine that the adjectives "intelligent, handsome, funny, sexy, understanding, loving, caring, cute, whacky ..." are all being auctioned away and they have a "one person one adjective" strict limit. So which one will you put your money on?

"Ok! We have the fat man with the strange hairdo in the corner bidding for cute. Going One. Going Two. Going Three. Gone. Sir, now you are officially cute. Coming up next we have funny."

What will you be thinking at this point? "Ok! Maybe I'll bid for funny. But ... hmmm, intelligent is still left. If I'm intelligent, I can get a job with it. Funny can only get me some laughs. And sexy is still available too. I know I want to be called sexy. Caring is a little too general. Hmmm! Tough choice. I think ..."

"The bald gentleman in the corner with the family says 100. Do we hear a 150? Do we?"

"Hmmm! He can afford to be just funny. He has a wife and children. He also has a well trimmed beard. In my circle that means money. Yeah! He can afford to be funny, coz that will make him the well liked dad in social circles. I think I'll settle for intelligent ... the person who gets understanding will get my point of view ..."

fascinating would be it :D
i wud to bid for 'versatile'...
lovely idea :) i really enjoy your "people watching"!
I would rather swap 'humorous' for 'funny'......cos 'funny' can also mean that people are laughing at you rather than ur jokes
@teleute - now that's something i wouldn't even be able to pull off :((

@xyz - now that's tricky you see. the "he is intelligent, funny and yet sensitive" versatile is good but the "he can wash the dishes and also do laundry and cook" versatile translates to work :)

@m. - thanks a lot :)

@point5 - good point! i see that "insightful" is your adjective :)
Perfect wud do it for me i guess :)
Intimidating is something I hear often for myself, I often think its not so bad.
How about the following:
Sorted-out (this one's doing the rounds these days)

These are my favorites...they're so all-encompassing and say really nothing about the person.
'Interesting', at best.

And btw, no childREN as yet, just the daughter. Hmph!

I would like to be called the "perfect SOB". Isn't that original???
Danke, Danke...
@rohan - nice :)

@plumpernickel - see, now "funny" sounds better :))

@ideasmith - make up ur mind lady. choose one - jaldo :))

@JAP - :)) man! now that i think of it - you seriously fit the bill :)

@anwin - that is indeed hatke sir :*clap clap*
see, things that come to my mind when i think of the terms write about and me.
intelligent----more like unintellegable
sexy-----yeah rite, lump of lard
caring-------whats that?
that leaves us with , not a lot, is it?
so my suggestion is....." Shrek."or "Bejan daruwalla" or " Arnie."
what do u think?
'filthy rich'
that's what i'd choose.. everything else either follows from that, or is irrelevant.
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A person with great SOH (sense of humor) is good to have around in your life:)
I'll go with temperamental then since that's what's up on my profile on several network. By the way this simply denotes someone of some temperament (which also means way of being, thinking, feeling, acting)...fat lot that tells you about someone!
'wonderful' is one adjective i keep hearing
@sayantani - now come on, you ar ebing hard on urself :)

@he who ............. - you do realize the potential of just winning the term "filthy" ... and that aint rich :)

@ratna - aaah! if only more ppl think that way :)

@ideasmith - nice! now it's all clear

@swathi - bravo woman, bravo!
crazy?? :))
the grass is always greener on the other side of the field isnt it??
since im not funny would be quite happy to be thought so .....
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