Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's an Ad Ad World 

Aaaah! What a pain it is to be without a computer in the house. In a phenomenal coincidence, Subs's comp gave up too. So we are both left without computers right now. Aaaargh!!!

So this is something that has been bothering me. If you visit any Indian website (TOI, rediff, etc. etc.) all the ads that you can see are one of the four categories.

1. Cheap Calling cards for India (12c/min, 5c/min, 2c/min, free/min)

2. Fly from LA to Frankfurt to LA to blah blah to finally Mumbai at advertised rates that are almost cheaper than the calling card prices :)

3. Send money home to your parents (who are advertised as homeless people who are just waiting to receive a check from you) AND finally ...

4. Some cute girl smiling or a fat boy with SW Eng written below his photo screaming out "Marry Me"!

What? Are there no other markets for which they can target Indians. In the past four years, I've rarely seen any change in this format and that is very disturbing. In my mind I imagine their target Indian as a guy who:

Calls up home and keeps saying "Maaa, have you found a girl for me?" "Maa have you found a girl for me?" "Maa ..." This goes on and on and on coz the calling cards are dirt cheap. Then finally one day Maa says, "Yes! Beta we've found someone." So he instantly sends some money back to India for the wedding arrangements and then flies back to India via a route that touches every major city in the Globe.

Seriously! Is there nothing else that we can be targeted for. Visit any American site and you'll see so much variety. Laptops, iPods, penis enlargement pills, mp3s, furniture, cruise packages ... are we that "physically and technically well endowed" that none of these things would ever be purchased by us? Are we?

U can watch Mama Bhalla Matri ad, some jewellry shop ads from Jackson heights and also Knorr sauces ad if u follow the desi cable channels....so i guess we do have some variety as well
are all girls cute and all boys fat :)

btw, what about the girls out here?

about endowments, :)))
haven't you seen the complan ads?

dekho ami baarchhi mummy...
main badh raha hoon mummy...

now why would indians need endowment pills after that? after all, there's just so much growth that can be handled.
My favourite here would be the marry me ads. I use google adsense on website I also get allot of hotels in India ads.
hehe .. well these "flashy" ads are actually the reason some of the sites still exist :)

moolah has always been the reason for everything ! .. and more NRI's read these papers/websites than RI's ! :)

just a game of moolah ! :)
y cant u imagine like this?
'the guys call home daily to say"maa...i love u maa...take care maa..."'where the cheap callin cards r useful...guys fly home freq to be with their loved ones on special occasions or just to tk a break n also get to meet friends who r spread all over the globe often, all with due credit to cheap flying rates.send money home to their (filty rich)parents (even if they wont use it)coz he feels mom, dad wud be veryy happy to know they r remmebered n loved...n mabbe the cute girl smiling wud prob wud become his brother's better half(its much better than the toll free number flashed over some american sites to talk to some sexy hot girl 4 timepass)...
H-Bajir is back, and I dont know why. This blog has nothing to do with me, my intrests, whatever. But somehow its intresting to read, and seems friendly, or something like that. so i read it.

Like the toons
hmm interesting.. but your friend Arijith seems to think indian ads are very intelligent!!
ya seriously...its so damn dumb...
they really piss me off
@ari - not the tv ads - my concern is only abt web based ads - btw, if it is tv ads that we are talking abt, you have to mention basmati rice :)

@ranga - that's a "big" point :))

@teleute - eeeeessh! complan ads will never be the same for me again - look who's complaning now :)

@akshay - great then. you can marry the girl of your choice and then choose an excellent hotel for the honeymoon :)

@surinder - yes, sad but true. money talks and we all listen

@xyz - very interesting alternate scenario - brilliant :)

@edge - thanks. will check it out - but where?

@divya - oh! arijit is a fictional character - don't listen to him :))

@aindrilla - :)
tv ads are the beshtttttt .......i mean i realised they r the only source of humor these days for me...
@ari - i know. sometimes i watch bad serials just coz the ads are good :)
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