Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Look no more Vs. Look more and more 

Ah! The last few weeks have seen me posting enough social commentary and cheap jokes. For now, I'm back to talking abt my favorite rant - men vs. women and relationship issues. As good ol' Austin would say - "Yeah baby!"

Today's topic is also based on something that I've seen take place over the years and though I'll be generalizing in this post, lemme warn you that there are exceptions to this trend - but then that's for some other time. For now, let's talk abt the eagerness (or the lack of it) that men and women show in making a relationship "official" ... the saga begins.

I feel (for the non discerning, see I put that in bold) that men always want to quickly make things "formal" and proclaim to the World that "yesssss. we are going around". Women on the other hand are very reluctant when it comes to accepting the fact that "yes, I'm indeed taken". I call it the seeker and seeky phenomenon (and pardon me for the introduction of that word). To men, getting a woman is no less than a conquest. Like the hunters in good ol' days, the common man sets out hungry and distressed in the morning, with the faint hope that his search will soon be over. And boy, that's no easy search. It goes on for days, sometimes months or like with some of my peers - for years. So when men finally think that they are anywhere close to ending the search - they just wanna get done with it. That's us - that's men - that's the truth.

Women on the other hand are the sought after specie. They are the sparkle that all kings desire in their crowns but only the select few can acquire. SO they enjoy the spotlight. That's why they resort to the phases - "no, we are just good friends" to "he is a very close friend" to "he is very special ... i don't want to give a tag to our closeness" to finallllllly "yes, he is the one ..... (long pause) i think" :)

To sum it up, to women, the male market is like a sumptuous buffet. There are lots of dishes and you don't want to commit your taste buds too soon to any one of them. That leaves you at the risk of sitting through your meal full stomached and longing for your friend's choice. Also you always want to leave some room for dessert. To men, on the other hand, women are a staple diet - without which all meals are incomplete - so the moment you get it - you just want to have it - otherwise the entire meal would be bland.

Tan tana tan tan tan taraa ...

Oh! you unrefined little twit calling us women "staple diet" and all that. I would like to think of our species as connoisseurs with discerning eyes. Joking aside, I have to admit your post is fairly representative of the so called going around business.
makes a lot of sense..

so we are a sumptuous buffet for them, aan?? what about the women who are so calorie conscious.. would they end up having a salad :)
Ermmm...I would ahve said it's the other way around...aren't guys much more commitment - phobic ?
@anyesha - some on :)) "staple diet" i said - the very essential need - that's a compliment (albeit slightly obscure) :)

@ranga - yeah! the food conscious women are the trouble my friend - they will taste a lil bit of everything but nothing to the full :))

@ash - oh! commitment is a different ball game altogether - i was just talking abt officially declaring that "i am taken" - now how long you stay taken is a committment issue :)


Bang on Dude. Amazing Post!
LOL Sagnik, too cool :-))
You are both right as well as wrong. There is this breed of women, who are rather C-phobic and get perverse pleasure in being chased. There is this other group who will always be there, your best buddy, but whom nobody chases. Sadly, the former enjoy greater memorability among men and perpetuate various incorrect myths about women. And then the men wonder, why women are soooo complex. And the best buddy will perhaps find happiness someplace else. What a waste, but then people get what they deserve. Or at least some of them do…
@arzan + shreyas + aparna - a big thanks :)

@primalsoup - i thought the relaible overlooked friend tag was taken away by the gay best friend - always something new to learn :)
Guilty as charged
sorry, but i think you've got this completely wrong, as is the case with most of your takes on relationship, methinks, which leads me to ask, where ARE the men that you talk about???
dude seriously, where?
A good one... though not true in all cases (maybe I know more so-called 'exceptions') .. but it is true that the insecurity among females is much higher
rotfl...tats indeed very insightful!
hilarious read...
yea..wat u said mite be rite for few..but try viewing it 4m a different prespective..4 girls "guys r a sumptuous meal" meaning girls look upon guys as the core of their life...guys r always the main thing in their life(like the main course)..they see guys as everything in their life n dont just treat them as a meagre part..but guys on the other hand see girls as a "staple diet..without which life is incomplete"...this means girls are just a small part of their life...even if u can say life is incomplete without them...its not as if there is no life without them(as for the girls..there is no life without the guys)..so...who's looking more here??:):)
guys wud luv to be termed a Casanova
whereas gals r frightened when their repu is at stake :)
er...really? i thought men took the 'we're just friends...with benefits" lines more often. this guy i know assures me that his first marriage was fixed with this woman the day after he asked her out for coffee. for the first time.

and this other guy thought i adored him just 'cause i smiled at him at the coffee machine twice.

what were you saying again? ;D
@tipsy - so what's the fine (or maybe that's fine) :)

@ai - now you will see that there have been men and women who have supported my views in the comments too - so it's not that i'm completely off track :)

@nirav - i know exceptions too but in my social circle this has been the dominant trend i guess :)

@bharti - thanks :)

@xyz - trust the lady to spi a fully differetn possibility with my words - are you a lawyer???

@swathi - that's sad but true :(

@rimi - eeeeeeesh! you smile at random guys in coffee machines :))
Waha wa waha wa !
brilliant! brilliant!
:):)...trust me-i aint no lawyer!i dont even think i hv the slightest trait of becoming one too:)...but belive me-its an unxplainable wonderful feeling to to hv someone think u hv an ability when u r not even anywhere near tat:):)...lol
anyways enuf of my crap!!
my blog shud start out(hopefully) in a week's time:)
(u see xtra publicity never hurts!:):)
Agreed! I write a lot abt this exact topic too. Would love to know yr views on those :)
@xyz - enuff of the trailers - nw show us the big movie - we are waiting :)

@vijayeta - oh! trust me you, there will be lots of it here :)
Hmmmm... I just guess women like keeping their options open, because "going around" means two things to Indian males depending on the kind. (a) Lets jump the broom and make babies, you cook, make rajma-chawal, bring in mega-bucks and reach home before I do. (b) When do I get your booty? Then I can go ahead and marry the beauty amma has chosen for me.

"In a relationship", "going around", "seeing each other" so on and so forth are alien concepts to most Indian males. So I guess most Indian women preserve themselves? The dating scene sucks in India. Most dateable men above the age of 27 are married. Most supposedly educated, "open-minded" men are guided by mom's apron strings and if you date multiple men you are easy game. Sad, very sad.
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I'll be sure to come back.
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