Monday, September 19, 2005


Two social observations that I feel like talking abt ...

* What's with this trend of making twins wear identical clothes? For starters, it looks like you are squashing their individuality by saying, "That's it! The two of you are identical - not just the way you look but also the way you appear." And btw, how daft do people think we are - do we really need identical clothes to realize that two people look identical - duh? However, to me, the most irksome angle is the fashion loss of these siblings - if you bought two different items for the twins, they effectively get two possible pieces of clothing coz they can then mix and wear the stuff and no kid should be robbed of that joy :) Seriously, I think the whole thing is basically a time saving technique - it's like saying, "We've already spent an hour buying something for A. So lets not spend another hour on B and just buy her the same thing that A got." Hmmmmm!

* The second point largely applies to Indians in US (read desis). Why do we feel a compulsive need to get up in advance and proceed towards the door inside buses whenever we see our stops arriving? Have you ever seen any other group of people do it? Are we in a race or something? Yup! We got out first. We rock. You suck! Yeah! Is there something like that? Why else will we suddenly get up the moment our stops are visible and take wobbly shaking steps towards the door. Someday we'll realize that the bus actually does wait for everyone to get down. Right?

You can add non-identical twins to that list too :P I am a twin, and for birthdays, christmas etc, if we didn't just get the one present 'to share' we got the exact same thing, and had to sit back to back while opening so we wouldn't spoil the others surprise.
Hey Sagnik,
Dunno how things work in US but maybe it's the habit here in India that does not go away.

Bus drivers here are perpetually in a hurry to get the bus off the stop or to not stop at all:-)Waiting apparently is a word that's missing in their dictionary.

Old habits die hard?
Similar sets of clothes bought for twins is I think more to do with the fact that they dont get into a fight over who is gonna wear what...Its still ok when such a practice is limited till the time they are really small but I recently saw 20something twins in a marriage wearing the same set of clothes and jwellery, and that was really weird!
Quite an observation really! And a neat one at that... but what about twins that are not identical? I mean, wouldnt the parents want to tell the whole world they were blessed with twins? Just a random, might not necessarily make sense! :)
Sienfeld in the making.

Awesome blog...
ei na... i actually know identical twins who dress distinctly differently.
@mary - aha! the surprise spoiling angle is something i never even thought of - i guess the key lies in one of them putting on more weight and hence messing with the folks :))

@minal - good point! they say abt habit that "even if you take the h out - you still have A BIT left" :)

@vin - ha ha :) that's like confusing people in the wedding ho don't know abt the twins - "i just saw you next to the food and now you are next to the gate - wow!"

@shivangi - then it makes sense - but even then i guess till a point (not when they are 20+ and in marriages as some one pointed out i guess) - what say they only wear the same things to school - that things called uniform :))

@anon - thanks a lot :)

@teleute - see! i can always trust on you for unique information :) you da woman :)
Buses in Delhi actually carry a sign that require u to to inform the driver that he needs to stop the bus at ur stop becos unless there is a passenger waiting at the steps or a potential one at the bus stop, the driver doesn't stop the bus!

Bhaiya yahan roko....
wonderful post!nice observations:)
just my bit of observations!
1)wats the whole pt being in the cinema hall an hr b4 the show begins just to occupy their seats when they hv already booked the tics the day b4 n actually hv them in their hands
2)rushing forward to get one's copy of mark sheets,forms in coll when its obvious tat everyone will defn recieve his/her copy(i hv done this myself many times though:):)
3)when the guy/girl who feels n preaches tat relationship is bullshit 'sudd' realises the benefits n need of getting a bf/gf imme after their best friend has landed up with one.
many more!! i guess tats just how people are:):)
shaggy, thistrend of wearing same clothes is best exemplified by Govinda and Chunkey Pandey in Aankhen....i think the rest of the world is just blindly following it....
:) Funny musings. Especially the second.
@tipsy - oh that's the same way here but only t hing it is via a chain that then lights a sign for the driver - so you dont have to get up and proceed towards the door - and yet we do :)

@xyz - see that's why you should blog soon woman - that's a wonderful post spoilt in the comments section of a mediocre post (and i am not complaining) :)

@ari - aaaaha! the old days - when what chunky did today was what India did tomorrow :))

@archster - thanks :)
*such a huuuuuuze compliment brings a blush to her face*
on the second point... i agree with minal. in india u gotta get up early from ur seats to reach the door thru the crush, man. so old habits die hard. and also kolkatay, bus drivers can be made to stop in between stops , conviniently, for ones pleasure, so for that u need to get up in advance too. so i guess ppl forget that.
and twins being dressed alike can be appaling. but they have an advantage. identical ones can probably switch places and all and have fun....i guess. but most appaling is when u see siblings say with some 4 yr difference between them dress identically. i should know coz i suffered that way till i was at least 10. my mom prolly cudn't get ovr the fact that we werent actually twins, me and my sis. it was just effort saving.
btw, since when r u shaggy.....really suggestiv name. risque . shag-adelic babby.lol.
@teleute - :)) i somehow cant imagine you blushing :)

@sayantani - yeah i know :) my poor sis used to wear all my childhood clothes for a while till she finally resented dressing up in boy's clothing. and as far as being Shaggy is concerned - i have had the same nick name from school to college and the reason for it is coz it is an obvious twist to my name and NO OTHER REASON
we in singapore also get up early when our stops are approaching... maybe it's becoz buses are always crowded, maybe becoz drivers are always in a hurry, mayb becoz we are so damn afraid to miss the stop. *shrug* i think all pple across the globe are (almost) the same... =P
Forget about twins, me and my sister got the same (design, color) clothes until we protested. I do have the bus compulsion:)
@lynnie - but here in San Diego - the buses are largely empty and yet people get up :(

@ratna - et tu ratna :))
its actually very accurate regarding the bus thingie...at least in India.Must be a habit that has not left the Indians.
but i do blush... once in every seven months or so :-)
i muz confess:
when i was in san diego holidaying, i got up reall early for the stop.... oO'''

guess old habits die hard... =P
et tu? which language is that :-|
I guess desi's never get over their fear of queues and crowd. Cant blame 'em (meself included) considering the mad rush in des.
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