Thursday, September 15, 2005

News, Views and something else that might rhyme with these words 

For starters, hard drive arrived today and my laptop is currently being restored to normalcy (hopefully)! The pretty, popular and prolific Megha has tagged me for the 55 word short story chain. So here goes my modest effort:

"Come on! Say something," he urged her. "Something at least. Your silence is biting me."
"My silence speaks a thousand words," she replied coldly, without raising her head.
"That's cheating," he cried. "The limit is 55."

I guess the rule is that I tag 5 other people - well, here they are - Anyesha, Rohan, Swathi, Ideasmith and Kumari!

On a disjoint but philosophical note, lemme present a question that came to my mind:

What is better - someone driving you nuts OR someone driving over your nuts?

Are you nuts? (Oops)

Of course the answer is "someone driving you nuts", you nut! (Um...) There should be no doubt about that!

That is one wince-worthy closing line...

I mean, ome on! Have a heart! (or alternatively, replace with body part of your choice)
Ooooh I likey story! Thankoo thankoo! :)

As for the pholosophical question, it seems wince worthy, even though I cannot speak from personal experience :)
The best thing would be someone driving over my ex-'s nuts.
Are you looking for a nutty answer from nuts?
@rajesh - :)) nut a good question to ask i see :)

@meghaji - and we thought you had seen it all :))

@ideasmith - tat will be ex-tremely painful - wont it?

@ratna - :) *muhahahahahha*
wat a (nut)ghty question to ask??:):)
(nut) something to dwell on for long I see...
I am going "nuts" trying to figure that one out:)
3 times tagged ,well i wud take it in FCFS basis :)) n since I'm parading a block these days I might as well make use of it.

n btw watz all the discussion u guys r going nuts over?
The story was expected of you:-)
Seeing the whole discussion on nuts, I shall refrain from entering the domain:-)
@xyz - and still i ask - muhahahahah!

@kanti - you have come to a place which asks meaningful questions boy :))

@vin - and i am paying you peanuts to do that :))

@swathi - so when are we getting to read it *tense face*

@minal - thanks, the first one who noticed the story :)
Story sure made headlines minus the head & lines :)
And i had already been tagged but still humoured you. You owe me big time for this :)
Pretty - may be.
Popular - most certainly.

Prolific - Nooooo way, unless we change definitions here!
“She knows I’m always 10 minutes early. If she’s 10 minutes late, that means I have 20 minutes to get pissed.”

“Can’t blame her for the first 10. And… always add 30 minutes for women. So if she comes now she is actually 20 minutes early.”

“Fuck, man!”

“$10.99 please. You like fries with that?”
In any case the God is one!
There are different opinions on this subject.
Very interesting.
Thank you, I just wanted to give a greeting and tell you I like your blog.
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