Thursday, September 29, 2005

Out Dated 

Some say it is inspired by an old Big B number.
Some say it is inspired by the hours of stand up comedy I watch.
Some say it is copied from obscure sources.
Some say "who cares?"

* Never date a girl who is fatter than you
- Then you'll always stand a slim chance

* Never date a girl who is taller than you
- Then she'll always be short sighted

* Never date a girl who is richer than you
- Then people will always greet you with a "poor you"!

* Never date a girl who is stronger than you
- Then you'll only get to do her weakly.

* Never date a girl who you are fairer than
- The you'll always be left in the dark

so,what kinda girl are you gonna date??
ha ha...TRUE TRUE...
that does say a lot for your girl-status. non-existant. you know what they say.....beggers cant be choosers. and ur so broke, man.
I love stand up! And you so love punning dontcha?

*leaves wishin him all the very best finding a woman*

If in case he doesnt already have one :)
@divya - as sayantani later said - beggars can't be choosers :)

@aindrila - thanks :)

@sayantani - i shall promptly ignore your biting, caustic, acid dipped, thorn strewn remarks

@archster - oh stand up is awesome and i consider myself to be quite an authority on American Standup comedy - who's ur fav standup comic?
I just watch whatever friends get off limewire. Comedy Central stuff...

But my favorite is Eddie Griffin in "Dysfunctional Family". Politically incorrect, tiwsted and def. not PG 13. I have him on DVD... its a movie. But its still stand up. (a stand up flick?)

I should stop voluntarily confessing to such things. But its funny i tell ya.
ummm..ur not seing anyone right?? now I Wonder whay that is... ;-)
So basically you're saying "Never date any woman (and leave them all free to date me!)"??
@archster - oh, i have seen that. very funny - very raw. quite a few stand ups have released their standup acts as stand alone movies - try watching one by Margaret Cho (which is the highest earner among all these). my personal standup dvd release is Robin Williams's Live On Broadway - see it if you can ... it's brilliant

@ron - hmmmm ... i wonder why that is??? hmmm :)

@ideasmith - sh!t now you have mentioned my plans here on the blog :((
Did you find lean, short, poor, meak, dark INTELLIGENT girl;)
@ratna - oh in that dept i liked challenges - so bring me the tall, lanky, hot woman and lesse what i can do abt it :)
a similar incident happened today
Me and Panty were talking.

Me :- Dude why do you want it?

(Panty was asking me for a CD containing Counter-Strike)
(I told him not to come with me to play computer games such as Counter-Strike and now he's got himself addicted lol)
Hey haven't stopped by here in a while!
Nice to see you're still your pun-loving self ;)
Keep it cool :)
I shall try :)
ustaad u should be crowned the King of Puns...
by now i think the whole blogworld and their respective frends
r aware of ur single status...
'am sure u r gonna get hitched
4 days and no updates? Are you feeling okay?
fine i'll not be caustic. i was showing more of my anger filled self. farah khan was having a good time. now fishhater is back. so mr.sagnik, i got a free invite for u at shaadi.com. want it? :~)
@unjustified - such a simple innocent comment it is :)

@angel - hey! gr8 to see you back :)

@archster - lemme know if you like it

@swathi - see i have been ranting abt this myself - ppl think i am what i claim to be on my blog - for all you know i might be a middle aged lady who works as a despearate housewife :)

@ideasmith - was away for the weekend - went beach hopping :)

@sayantani - ah! the sweet you - cant believe it :))
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