Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Planned Random Thoughts (or whatever crap you wanna call this) 

* A big change that I noticed in Kolkata is that people have way too much money. Hence nobody cares for change anymore.

* Depending on the breed, the love bite of a bitch might give you rabies or babies.

* Knock knock. Who's there? Invisible man. I see!

* Does too much sh!t piss you off?

* Rust can be Ironic.

I'll tell you something funny...

"Sagnik's thoughts"
Knock knock

Who's there ?

Sagnik and his PJs

AHHH !!! The horror !!!

itty bitty lil witty post! i like :D
gud collection! just wanted to add some more
* people are madly in love with being in love
* beauty is in the eye of the
* did u hear of the guy who played the trumpet in the band? he simply blew it!
The last one was the killer:)
@ideasmith - thank you thank you :)

@vignesh - *rolls eyes in angry fashion* :)

@teleute - i like that u like :)

@xyz - wasn't it just the other day when i told you that you can't post a comment better than the original post - loved the beer one specially :))

@minal - thanks :)

@biplabuncle - than you kaku :))
Shaggydadu, now onwards, I'll call you khurtoto shoshur, ok?
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