Monday, September 12, 2005

Risque ... very risque 

Ah! What a weekend it was. Work was done. College Alumni Meet was attended (which was awesome fun). My longest single day drive (250 miles) and LA trip was made (which was great fun). And yes, lots of food was consumed (Italian, Indian, more Indian, Thai, Chinese ...) A new week has started now and hopefully I am all charged up.

Ok! Now coming to the post that I want to make. I mentioned this subject to Sid the other day and he agreed and I said to myself "I should post this on my blog BUT it's a bit too risque if not read in the right spirit." Later in the weekend I mentioned the idea to a lady and she found it absolutely non-risque and said that I should post it here and so I shall. So what is the subject of this much contemplated post? I FEEL THAT MEN USE CARS AS A SOCIAL PENIS. Yup! I said it and now you can read abt it :)

Seriously. It has always amazed me at the huge (and no pun intended) hullabaloo over that one male body part. How big is it? How this is it? How that is it and blah blah. How do you think the nose feels? Nobody ever cares how big the man's nose is? Or his toe nails. Or even his moustache and beard. The penis has become a status symbol for the modern man BUT BUT BUT it continues to be a concealed one too. So boys will be boys and they wonder what to do and BANG! They make the car a social penis.

No! Don't write (or read) me off. Just think abt it. "Hey, you should check out my new car. It's really big.", "Wow! Did you hear that. He got the latest model of the blah blah.", "Ya I like his car. But it's a compact one. I like big cars, fast cars", "My car is old but you should check out it's performance. It can give any of the new ones a run for their pride", "I got some work done on my car. It's no longer the old jalopy it used to be. You should take it out for a ride now." yada yada yada. Haven't you heard these lines before? Think abt it. Doesn't it sound strange? And you women join in the gung ho too. "You should check out my boy friends new car. It's so smooth.", "What car does your husband drive" - blah blah. We have all heard it. Isn't the conversational resemblance a lil too uncanny? Have we ever spoken like this abt our suitcases, or belts, toasters, refrigerators? Nope! It's always the car. Think abt it.

hmmm.. me thinks the two are inversely related :)
Being a mechanical engineer...I feel Cars can tell a lot about a person's psyche & his wealth
* U drive a Ferrari/Porsche, if u r filthy rich
* U drive a Nissan 250Z / Mustang GT, if u like the thrill of driving
* If u r a girl and want the above, u drive a Mitsubishi eclipse
* If u drive a beetle, u have effeminate traits :).....and so on..

Similar statements can be made with a Prada Handbag or Gucci Belt, but they are not as big and visible as ur car....and definitely not as expensive...

....I cannot think of such possibilites with toasters / refrigerators though :)
So what does a BMW Z4 say?

@anon - is it? or is there a reason why Asians like driving compact cars? :))

@point5 - Oh! I dint even touch the women side of matters - I just think cars are among the few things men boast abt - and thanks for the quick course Cars101 :)

@+vani - it says you have a lot of money in your hand and that you should give me a part of it :)
Damn you...I "thought" like you said and now i cannot listen to any talk about cars without grinning my evil grin :D
I'd think men treat EVERYTHING that way! Except uh...mobile phones...where its cool to be small.
ummm...i rather agree with anonymous...the smaller u are the bigger the car to compensate...oh well..we will never know will we??
is this a V-desi phenomenon???I dun see guys in India showing off 'bout their cars...
Lovely original hypothesis.
Except that it's been done to death since the 1930s!

Abbu-lees, post again!

how awfully insightful all this is!
never made the connection earlier...not that I really agree with you. BTW what car do you drive? :)))
You give stick shift a whole new meaning, my friend.
I have to agree with JAP on this, Sagnik. The idea has been around for a while. Which also explains the whole 'men suffering from a middle-age crisis suddenly splurging and buying a fancy Ferrari' - the 'overcompensating' funda that Anon and Ron both refer to.

But you know what they say about good theories - it never hurts to state them again ;)

@Rajesh - The BMW Z4 is my current 'I wanna, I wanna, I so badly wanna' car :)
its about the machine baby, u gotta be smooth and u have to have good sustainance and suspention, risque enough? thats a bad try to get bak at u for giving night time porn trawlers really bad things to visualise on appearence of a big car. and im waiting for ur takle on the female side of this story, tho told umpteen times,it seems. and mobile phones someone said? think vibrator, women! haha
Gaddi is a guy's shaan.....
@kumari - nice to know that i have influenced your already creative imagination :)

@ideasmith - yeah! you cell your point well lady :)

@ron - as I said earlier - Asians loving compact cars, Indian only going for mid size sedans - too much of a coincidence - eh?

@swathi - probably - most of my Indian friends use a cab - which is a rented car - and i dont even want to get into what that might mean :))

@JAP - see that's why i am into re-search :)

@teleute - i have always said that this blog is a place of education after all :))

@m - i drive a Nissan Sentra - I have no clue what that says :(

@Vignesh - :)) btw, my Nissan is a stick shift :)

@megha - what a dick (or car as i would say) am i to repeat stuff so banal :))

@sayantani - good now your comment makes my post appear a lot less risque - actually maybe even suitable for children :))

@arijit - shaan-to ho! :))
shit - never thought of cars this way!

Anyways, check this out, its on our cricket team! http://arijitsett.blogspot.com/2005/09/overheard-in-team-india-locker_08.html
fuck cars.
I like my penis just fine thank you!
reading ur post makes me wonder..has 'penis' become such an important issue nowadays that its raised to the level of "social status"???hv ppl started evaluating guys based on a penis??? watever happened to compassion,intelligence,smartness,
affection,friendly,outgoing???has it become 'old-fashioned' to judge guys on those lines??or is it just me who's still stuck with all these n ignorant abt the present trend???
@kanti - but now you have to think of cars that way - muhahahaha :)

@unjustfied - "fuck cars"??? explain :)

@xyz - trust me - even i don't judge men based on their penis :)
@sagnik -- U mean u actually see men's penises ?? :O
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