Friday, September 09, 2005

Truly Stray Thoughts 

Well well (btw, is that kua kua in Hindi?), I was in mood for creating two headLINES toons but the laptop has still not returned and I don't want to use Linux to create new prototypes! Hence I'll just post the toon ideas in word form. Also, since you'll anyway be using your imagination, don't imagine my standard stick figures for these toons. Imagine Pam Anderson and Monica Bellucci instead!! Hola!

* To an alcoholic sobering is so boring!

* Bargaining is price"less"!

On an unrelated note, my extremely bored and whacky sister has posted an ad for my dad in a leading matrimonial service (why why why). It seems that Mom and Pummy are having a whale of a time screening 50+ applicants for dad! The latest is that dad appears to be quite a catch and even got a slightly wild offline message the other day! As far as I'm concerned, if your dad has a more active dating scene than you do - all I can say is kua kua!

i totally have to meet pummy one of these days! man, she's incredible!!!
Oh man! Same predicament here. Some dame visiting home ended up praising dad to no end!! I ended up getting a lecture on staying fit and how dad should be a role model!!

I tell you women these days! Taste naam ki cheez nahi hai!
did you know that the wild offline message was from the lady's daughter and her husband who were having a whale of a time ;)

might not be true.... but u can find consolation in thought that it might be true.
Discovered your blog today via some other blog. It's great! Hilarious! Have linked your blog in mine.

Salman's Shirt
@rimi - oh! just land up in Forum at any time of the day and there will be a good chance that she'll be there too :)

@sanketh - seriously dude, i think it is the charm of the married man - so to get a good wife you need a wife to start with :((

@hokey-pokey - i wish, oh how i wish :)

@salman's shirt (great name) - thanks :) one o fthese days me too shall come out of my boredom and refresh my blogroll list - one of these days :)
Nah!! No Bengali soap can be this entertaining. Just a question...does your dad know about all of this? his reactions to the wild offline message would be interesting I'm sure.
Well, at least you can take consolation from the fact that these ladies hadn't met your dad. When my dad visited my brother's college, all the girls were like, "Oh, my god! He's so hot!" One girl even confessed to my brother that she had a tiny crush on my father! Obviously, my mother wasn't amused. :)
man, ur sis is a genious. she can now theaten ur dad,"beshi barabari hole, biye diye debo."
ohh myy!:) tat surely was a 'mind blowing' thing tat ur sis did..i shud try it out myself someday;)..this reminds me of another incident..my mom n dad attended a party a week back n they had a dance floor there..just as they were approaching the dance floor 3 to 4 guys came and asked my mom out to dance with them..when she refused politely they even went to the xtent of saying tat she shudnt be dancing with guys who looked like her uncle(my dad)..poor thing..tat sweetheart didnt hv the heart to say no to those guys n sweetly asked my mom to go n dance with them..but my mom didnt hv the heart to do tat to darling dad n told those guys tat the 'uncle' was actually her hubby...u shud hv seen those guys reaction after tat(i leave it to ur imagination):)i had succa laugh when i heard wat had happ after they came home...'dads are always darlings':)
ROTFL, that was hilarious
this blog has not been updated in TWO days. what is wrong?
LOl lol....ever wondered what would have happened if she'd posted that ad for you instead?
@ideasmith "tune mere muh ki baat cheen lee" lol!

I'm sure the response wud b over-whelming if an ad was placed for u
(btw Pummy is a very cute lille sis)
yeah, some incredible female I am sure. I think it runs on the family ;) . what say you Sagnik?
@teleute - thanks and the reason for no posts was a very busy and eventful weekend :)

@ron - dad does know coz the emails are directed to his personal account and he does lil but complain to me and press the delete button :)

@jasmine - hats off - your bro's situation is worse than mine :))

@sayantani - she has much greater threats in her baggy - trust me :) more like "beshi barabari koro na ami biye korey nebo" :))

@xyz - what's this with the moms and dads stealing our glory these days - btw, you should seriously blog - you have an amazing collection of anecdotes

@ai - thanks :)

@ideasmith - trust me that option would be a BIG failure :)

@swathi - same same as above above :)

@anwin - if only the sis did something useful for me :((
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