Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weight till you hear this 

This is an interesting issue concerning a friend of ours, that S and I discovered this afternoon and it is worth a mention. Kind people with advice to offer can suggest possible solutions and our anonymous friend will thank you and maybe even leave lurid comments on your blog.

So the issue concerns a friend of ours (let's say X). Now X is on the heavier side of heavy and has a lady love who balances the scale of the relationship with an equal amount of mass. Not that X hasn't fancied shedding some pounds. I've seen those T shirts rest in his cupboard that have let out secret ambitions. I've seen the occasional small size shirt cover him up - shirts that concealed closely sucked in bellies that occasional bulged out for a well deserved breather. X's lady love has her desires too. She has a few dresses in her suitcase which she tries out when nobody is in the room. She looks into the mirror and smiles. Then sighs. Then the skimpy attires go back inside their small V.I.P homes. Now the problem.

I conjecture that in a relationship of two heavyweights (and that can be a good word mind you) it's very difficult to lose weight. If your girlfriend sheds some pounds and you still use the same belt hole as last month - well, you get nervous. You know that if she loses a few more pounds she'll be in a different league. Her neighbor who you thought she fancied might just show renewed interest in her. The same holds true for her too. She monitors your weight with feigned nonchalance. The moment you go shopping with her and buy a T shirt which is a size smaller than what she had gifted you in the last holidays, her mental alarm goes boink boink. She knows the girl in your lab who had gone out with you twice. But she never worried then. She knew that you could never get her. But now with this new T shirt you might actually stand a chance. Blah blah. Blee blee. Bottomline - insecurity grows. And the best way to combat is to let the person grow (now isn't that what relationships are abt).

So X and X's lady love have both tried losing some pounds but it is very difficult to do that simultaneously without making the other person feel insecure. As a matter of fact, the fatter one of them grows the happier the other one feels. Why do I care - you ask. Well coz I stay with X and I'm scared of the growing grocery bills :)


'Motivation Clothes'. Yes, they can be a cause of insecurity, when only one party starts to fit into them.

I dont have any solution for this rather weighty problem... but does it help by sayin this post was funny?
But what if both of them decided to lose weight at the same time n joined the same gym? Then each one can motivate the other and they can lose weight together....what say?
ah... weight problems...

i say, stay the way they are... and tell x to pay for his own bills... in that way, they will feel secure and you(r wallet) will feel safe. =P
@archster - oh that does help for sure :)

@ron - naa! minor problem - they now stay in diff places - so working out in a gym will scare them more :(

@lynniebaby - shal promptly pass on advice :)
Hahahaha..that was so funny :D

Maybe the should try having a combined weight goal...and only ever weigh themselves on the scales together, that way if one of them loses/gains more weight than the other, they don't know ;)
I am curious about how you know what X's girlfriend does when she's alone in the room..
Hmm this post gives much food for thought!
They shouldn't waste so much time thinking over their waist....
@mary - thanks :) that was a brilliant suggestion - i'm sure they will "scale" new heights with it

@ideasmith - :) errr ... hmmm ... well ... err ... i dunno :)

@aparna - delicious!

@point5 - and the no-belly prize goes to you my friend :)
In the words of my roommate- gain matlab zyaada, it means profit, fayada- so putting on weight actually means profitable.....
Interesting dilema....mebbe u can get X and Y to move in together so than keep a day to day watch on each other's weight and of course u shall no longer have to worry abt X consuming a lion's (or elephant's)share ur grocery bills :)
@ari-sir - wah wah - deep and heavy philosphy - kyaa baat hai :)

@rohan - but what if they both move in our present house and decide to eat even more ??? :(
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bad bad S...don't you know that food is the only thing that gives one satisfaction in any way he/she consumes it...and to be critical about someone who shares the same passion...no fair...
If I were u that wud be the last of my concerns right now, I would be more worried abt either X or Y and reducing me to pulp :)
You compete with them and incerease your bill :)
@me(!) - same passion sharing is fine - but same grocery saring can be depressing :)

@rohan - true indeed :lol:

@ratna - but that would still increase my bill :((

@aindrilla - thanks :)
and I thot guys alwayz bothered 'bout their girl frends figures
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