Saturday, September 03, 2005

Wild Weekend Whim 

This came out in a conversation this morning. Why don't I have wild night stories? Simple - coz my social peer group doesn't lead to exciting wild nights. Lemme explain.

Say, I was a TV personality specializing in mother-in-law daughter-in-law soaps in India - I could've then had a good wild night story. "Hey, Sagnik. What did you do last night?" the reporter would ask me in the press junket. "Don't ask dude," I would then say, implying "Please ask again, dude." The reporter would oblige and I would then dish out exquisite Page 3 stuff. "Man, you know the girl who plays the maid in our serial? She and I hooked up. We partied all night long and then in the morning ... well, well, well ... let's just say that the maid ironically acted very dirty ..." Now that is a good wild night story. Something that I could mischievously narrate to my teenage son later and shock him ... alas, that's not my social circle.

I am a desi techie and my social circle does have a fairly vast diversity - I know desi techies, and desi techies and ... well, desi techies. So a simple "dude, did you get wild?" question would lead to an embarrassing "Well, me and this guy from the cell phone company got really drunk last night and then I don't know what happened but we woke up wearing each other's pants." :O See, that's not cool. Forget cool - that's not even room temperature :((

... and thus the techie stays away from wild nights, and instead Blogs.

kintu eta toh dupur belay likhechho... shaak diye maachh dhakar chesta korchho?

...we woke up wearing each other's pants...

such are the phrases we live for! *clap clap!* and thank god for the desi techie's non-existent social life, because it lets him BLOG!!!
@teleute - man, i am caught! should have thought of a better story - what to do - these strange pants have dihevelled me :))

@rimi - making fun of the social scene of your "brother's school" senior - cheeh cheeh! :)
... what to do - these strange pants have dihevelled me...

ooh... the possibilities are endless! what effort it requires to not be punny!
are you familiar with the tongue-out smiley on YM? ;D
dude, wearing each others pants....and what else? go on, don't be mean, don't keep me in the itchinng dark! tell me what else does desi techies do for a wild nite.
first of all for anybody reading t his comment chain - i meant the term "diShevelled"

@teleute - i know - if only this blog wasn't PG rated *hic hic* :))

@rimi - i can be many things but a smiley ignorant i am not :P

@sayantani - let's make it like a short story - i will leave something to the imagination. in all likelihood that part will be crappy, but the viewers will never know :))
u mean to say hving some wild nite stories is actualy "cool"???n u feel telling those to ur teenage son n bragging abt it is "more cool"??the after effects of being 'cool' too often wud leave u too 'frozen' to enjoy anything else (tat staying at 'room temperature' wud be a much better option)...n at the time when u really wanna mk it 'wild' everything will just seem so 'mild' to u...
P.S.the author has no idea y the very tiny'goody goody'side of her is getting onto her while writing this comment n hence holds no responsibility if its gonna hv some adverse'hopeless-small-girl-not-yet-grown-to-face-the-world' opinion of others on the otherwise spoilt brat...
@xyz - what you say is very true. the techie is ashamed of his words and actions :) but but but - if th etechie doesnt have a few wild nights he might not even have a kid to tell stories to :))
yea those r the wild nites tat r really 'cool'...n i m sure u can share them with ur kids....but a wild nite with the girl who acted as a maid in the serial u produced??? is tat also 'wild' enuf n can be bragged abt to ur kids???:):)
You should seriously look up my friend then. :-) I believe his social circle was rather interesting, I don't really know about San Diego though.
sagnik, if this isn't hot then wat is?? i mean even in the days of ur teenage son a guy-guy nite must b wild?? wat say? ;)
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