Monday, October 10, 2005

Age old stuff 

So I just heard from someone that ex has been "concealing" her age. And it's not one of those "hide a few months to still be a teenager" kind of concealing. If rumors are to be believed (which I'm tempted to) - ex has been hiding her age by a good two years . This made me wonder - am I really that old??? Has the grey hair finally caught up with the grey cells?? Should I be hiding my age too?? Hmmmm!

A lot has been said abt the enigma concerning the fairer sex's age and the darker (?) sex's salary. We are now part of a society where it's ok to flaunt breast sizes but uncouth to ask a woman her age. So I shall comply to these societal norms and not delve into the topic of women and their age but instead deal with the issue from a male perspective.

To be perfectly honest, men lie abt their age too and here are some classic situations when they do so:

1. The Boy Genius - "I was sixteen when I finished undergraduate chemistry," a friend of mine would boast. Screw you! We all knew you that you turned sixteen on your twenty first birthday - so shut the baby mouth up! This btw, is something very "male"! A lot of men love to reduce their ages to make their very ordinary accomplishments sound brilliant. "My son knew how to spell when he was three," the father would boast. "Very good! Too bad you dint know how to count then - didya?"

2. To Eliminate the Creep Factor: The sweet girl sharing dinner with you claims she is twenty two. You are twenty nine. You know your grandmom and grandpa had an age gap of sixteen years and that didn't stop them from providing you with innumerable uncles and aunts. But still! 29 vs. 22 - naaaah! "So how old are you?" she asks you while licking the sauce from her upper lip using her tongue. That's it. It's lie lie time. "I'm twenty .... twentyyyyy six" you say. You see the girl taking a moment to do the mental calculations herself - she adds her nicely hidden two years to her advertised age and decides that 26 vs. 24 is not all that bad. Everybody is happy!

3. Maturity Oozes: Barring faking age to get into night clubs or to buy yourself that much needed beer, there is only one other time that I can think of when men actually increase their age and the reason is simple - to sound more mature and to be taken seriously. "So you think that India should disinvestment even more? How old did you say you were?" your colleague asks you with that all familiar tone of sarcasm. "I'll be turning thirty this year," you say without a blink, calmly adding the two years to your age that my ex has been letting go :) "Wow! You look a lot younger," the colleague replies, almost sounding apologetic. The same trick is used when you meet a woman who fits your bill but is a few years older than you. So you get bold, turn a lil old and a lie is told.

Honestly, I have never been able to figure out this "age" obsession!

But your funny take on it, sure reminds me the 'n' number of times I've smirked when people around me have lied about their ages;-)
Your post was funny as always!

I lied once to get into a club :) i used my friend's driving license for an ID and i guess they felt all Indians look the same and couldnt tell the difference.

He asked me when my b'day was and i blinked. Not a fun moment. My friend was also a lil pissed that i didnt remeber her b'day.
What about the classic one - I had my first kiss/date/sex/relationship when I was 7/8/9/10.
:) Your post has made me feel a lot better - I was freaking out about turning 20!
oh men lie all the time.. its not jus about age or their sallary..
pI bet reason no.2 is only one men ever use!!!

I've used no.3 myself...to discourage unwanted attention from the opposite sex....how different we are then, huh?
In primary school, my teachers would always make me wear the high school uniform and send me to quizzes for high school students only! Yeah, I was that brilliant a child genius :D
I'd get bullied as 'babyface' but what the heck...I won the prizes!
I have the babyface problem. Looking at me, most people assume I'm in 9th grade or something... it sucks right now, but i guess it'll get better when Im forty and I look thirty!
@minal - yes it's funny when people are hiding their ages and you know the truth :)

@archster - thanks you :) i have never lied to get into a club but felt very good when they doubted me being 21 (i am 27 now) recently :)

@ani - wow! you had your first kiss through the ages of 7-10 - boy you were passionate :))

@mary - Aha so you still have to lie abt getting into bars and drinking :) or are the ages lower in Australia??

@divya - he he :) if it wasn't for your name i would have thought that comment was from ideamith :lol:

@ideasmith - even if the name wasn't their i would have guessed it is you madam :))

@jax - you show off :))

@kanti - but you can still be the boy genius - when i first saw you i was like "what??? this kid blogs?" :)
Its never been a factor for me personally but I do recall ppl getting all shifty when that question pops up, guess that coz I am just 23 (ppl who know me are expected to play along)
I think people get really age-conscious around their mid-20s ...for ex. a 25 yr old guy feels old in a group comprising of 23 yr olds....I think he should remember that in the end...say 50 yrs later...the 25 yr old guy will be 75 and the 23 yr olds will be 73...and he can feel good once again
Guys never lie about thier age. They always tell the age their brain behaves as. Personally I can vouch this information from couple of girls I dated.:-)
@rohan - sh!t you are 23? i always thought you were 18-19 coz you look so much younger :))

@ari - so here is where you are using all that you learnt in all those Mathematics class :) jokes aprt, i guess guys like to be on the other side of the 5s - 25, 25 etc.

@gvenum - oh! ya i used to joke that one of my exes and i were like demi and ashton mental age wise and nothign close physical looks wise :
:)) What a way to end my day.
Sagnik - lots of people younger than me blog... blogging is an obsession with computer geeks in my school.

@Rohan - you do look like you're 18.
I apparently have a rather versatile look... alot assume i'm a year or two younger, but then they consider how much bigger i am than the rest of my friends (somehow i've befriended alot of 5ft nothings) they attribute a few more years to me. I've gone from 16 to 22 in minutes! (rather convienient on most occasions)
i can say with full honesty that i almost never get believed when i tell people my age, and usually inspire much surprise in most people. it is not very nice all the time.
@ratna - what a sweet comment to read at the start of my day :)

@kani - aaah! you computer geeks. you should have seen when i was your age. seeing a computer boot would classify you as a computer geek :)

@karuna - 16-22 in minutes - that sounds like an awesome line for something like Compaln maybe :)

@teleute - cant blame them - when i saw you first , i was pretty sure that you are in high school - with kanti :)
sagnik, i cant get into a casino (which has a age-limit of 18) when i am 25. i din conceal my age, but i am still seem as a very young gal despite my age ><
ohhh my god!! too gud a post:)...was smiling all thru while reading it!!:) no.1 was the best of all n the most honest one tat can ever be given:)u dont belive it?? c'mon man..i cud dance to an entire song when i was just 2 yrs old..:):):)
@lynniebabi - please tellm ethat you are not complaining abt that :)

@teleute - :)

@xyz - you are one talented woman - aren't you :)
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