Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I was talking to a friend of mine (obviously I can't name her) and she said that she was considering getting married because that would allow her boy friend to get some tax deductions. As kind a gesture as that might sound like, "I think it's a terrible reason to get married," I said to myself. But then I thought. And then I coded a little. And then I went back to thinking and I realized that I've heard of far worse reasons for people to get married and here are some of them:

1. I was too drunk (aka the Vegas style): Yeah! That's a good reason to pay alimony. Rachel described it as "the worst hangover". I say it's the "most expensive drink you can ever buy for yourself."

2. I've been a virgin for too long: And now you'll get screwed for a much longer period my friend! Whoever thinks that marriage equals free sex obviously doesn't know how much a diamond ring costs.

3. My ex was getting married: And so you had to beat her to the altar. Bravo! I'm sure she dint ex-pect it.

4. I love getting family discounts: Do you think "this counts"?

5. I was tired of cooking for myself: So you wanted to spice things up, eh? Remember the adage involving too many cooks broth(er)?

6. I was tired of cooking period :)
7. I did not want to spend any money on visiting the girls (of course, an arranged marriage scene). So I married the first one I "saw".
How about?

8) My Mom told me to
g8 post!:)...but u hv left out some of the 'award-winning' reasons given(mabbe more in india):):)
1."my parents want me to get married"(how obedient!!!)
2."my parents want a granddaughter/son to play n spend all their time with"(what????)
3.*in a sentimental n serious tone*"i wanna know how it feels like to be a mother n raise a kid"(sob!sob! now ppl pls help me stop crying...how truly touching!)
4."all my friends are married n hv gone to different places...its soo boring 4 me..wat will i do all alone??"(my goddd!!!!)

trust me...ppl nowadays are veryy creative:)..i hv actually heard all the abv reasons given to get married:):)
How abt this?

This is my first time,so I just wanna try it!
Everyone has to get married. After all happiness aint the only thing in life.

Ive heard that line too many times.
you are damn funny mate.....
beating the ex-partner to the alter though takes the cake and the cream..god!!
So which one was your excuse Shaggydadu?
And long time no see...how did the Pujos go? Shubho Bijoya btw!
The ease of divorce just makes vowing to stay together forever sooo much easier... :)
@rohan - thank you for not having a comma between the last two words :))

@hokey - that's some good money saved my friend :)

@anwin - and now momma's boy has to be papa himself :)

@xyz - this is really spooky - when i was writing this post i thought of at least 3 of the reasons you cited but left them out to make this post terse - spooky :)

@karthik - now i am all pro experimentation :)

@archster - that was an awesome line :))

@jaded - thank you :)

@biplabda - great to see you back. oh mine is a lot weirder - weird enuff for even my blog to support it :) and seasons greetings to you too bondhu.

@karuna - yeah! some day they will have marriages and divorces happening at the touch of a button and then we will get to know the true value of sam :)
One reason that is becoming more common than all other put together - "I wanted to upgrade my lifestyle, so I married a rich dog/ bitch."
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