Monday, October 03, 2005

Blogging the Old School way 

For starters, A Happy Mahalaya to all of you reading this. Let us hope that we all have an excellent DURGA PUJO. For all the Bengalis like me who stay out of Kolkata and miss the Mahalaya tradition - check out the great Birendra Krishna Bhadra's rendition available online here and here.


I've finally activated the word check option on commenting. I agree it's quite a pain but after a billion spammers came and told me "i like the effort you have put on your blog. i maintain a dating site ..." I decided to take the step. So (teddy) bear with me.


So last night Sid and I were watching a reallllly bad mid 80s Hindi movie and we realized how much we missed them. As Jitendra jumped from rooftops to rooftops in a horrendous leather outfit, sporting a beard so fake that even he found it difficult to hide the snicker behind it. Shatrughan Sinha is a genius. No man can use the exact same lines, expression and baritone for a romantic scene as well as one that involves hurling abuses at the corrupt village head - but our man Shotgun did it with amazing panache.

The best part of the movie was that it was hilarious in its most intense moments. Jeetendra stood on top of a village water tank and ranted abt all things that bugged him. That made me wonder if the village tank was the blog of the 1980s. Everyday people would get up on the tank and shout out views and thoughts. Villagers would have their blogrolls:

"10 o clock means that Ravinder would speak on the tank! I like his views on women. He is very funny!" Ravi bhaiya said.

"Yes, his slot gets a lot of hits these days. Especially from the village lasses. I find it repetitive," Bantu spurted.

Bantu was new to tank blogging. He had started a slot on the other side of the village but not too many people visited his slot. He was hoping to comment something nasty abt Ravinder today. But then Ravinder has been very strict with his commenting policies of late. He had to. Too many people were spamming his comment slot by advertising their poultry. So now they have to run their comments with Ravinder first. Some people said that the reason for Bantu's anger against Ravinder stemmed from the fact that Banno, the village babe, regularly commented on Ravinder's slot - in spite of Bantu being a regular commenter on Banno's rants abt the lack of fashion accessories ...

Aaah! The simple times. Aaah! The simple pleasures :)

Man, there's a pop-up on your page now...dunno how?
god hoccho tumi.....but i think the desi channels has added a new dimension in our lives....
Glad to be back to reading your blogs after a loooooooong trip to India.

Jumping Jack Jeethu with his sparkling white shoes washed in Super Rin always was butt of all jokes !!

I like the concept of Tank blogging :) You really have wild imagination.
@biplab - quite a few people have told me that and i have no idea how it came or if it is just something specific to my page - lese if i can find out more

@ari - indeed indeed - so go and wach "quaidi" starring jeethu and shatrughan

@machus - welcome back - how was India???
Tank blogging were intellectually stimulating as only the Think Tanks of the village leaked their views.
Happy Durga Puja to you too! Am going to be in Kolkata after years...and tho'it's only for 3 days this year, I know how much I missed it when I was in Dubai!

The tank blogging is cool. Let me go upto the terrace and try it out :-)
if jumping jack jitendra was the woe of '80s, his daughter has taken the '90s to a different level altogether.
but nothing beats the blog rant of apna dharamji on top of the watertank :))

(PS:Happy Durga Puja to u,I bet u guys in US celebrate it with much more gusto than the bengalis scattered over the other states in India)
@point5 - oh brilliant with a capital B :))

@aparna - aha! lucky you! i keep telling people that to enjoy the true spirit of Kolkata go there during Durga Pujo - enjoy tons woman :)

@swathi - oh Delhi and Maharashtra have big Durga Pujo celebrations too i have been told. In SD they celebrate it all in one day But it is still a lot of fun :)
u r real funny...have a nice durga pujo
Yup...the golden olden days...
loved this post. specially...

Banno, the village babe, regularly commented on Ravinder's slot

the possibilities are endless
@aindrila - thank you! you have a lovely Pujo too :)

@sakshi - yess! the Golden days of Silver Screen :)

@Mr. Basu - yes, let's not even get into the possibilities - for all those children who read this blog :)
Why? Didn't know any kids came to this blog... the possibilities are truly interesting... plz continue with the possibilities Samit!
happy durga pujo bro.keep up the great work.
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