Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Can you keep a secret? 

A friend of mine and moi were having this profound conversation:

He: Do you think X and Y (two of our friends) have slept together?
Me: No idea!
He: I know what all they've done (with a smirk).
Me: What?
He: Sorry! I can't tell you.

What? Then why mention? Why tease my curiosity? Why play Paris Hilton to my mind and then become a Roseanne? And this is not the first time that something like this happened. Have you noticed how even being privy to the smallest pieces of information make people add a whole new persona? People always like to dramatize the knowledge of secrets.

Like this friend of mine. He's a self proclaimed storehouse of secrets. Everything. Ranging from "why the new girl in the department is wearing a red dress" to "why India should produce more wooden products" - he knows something abt everything that someone or everyone is unaware of. I could be sitting in a lame burger joint with him, munching an overdose of cheese, and carelessly say "Hmmmm! This burger is good!" and that's all that'll be needed to make him go. The funny thing is that he always looks on both sides before letting out a theory. Like he's being watched under some radar. And it's never just one round of looking. It's always "left, right, wary-expression, left right". Then the voice deepens and he says, "You know why these burgers taste good, right?" "Coz they make it properly with chicken and cheese - a combo that can't possibly go wrong?" I ask myself. But alas the answer is never that simple. It always has some deep rooted reason - reasons which are far too confusing for my mind or this web space?

And btw - what's this thing with people hushing their voices when telling a secret. When will we realize that jarring your voice with hush tones doesn't make the voice any less audible. I'm not exaggerating but I've seen people exchange secrets and eye expressions to each other across the room in a hushed voice. What's the motivation? Do we appear blind or deaf - or are they plain simple dumb?

I know what u did last summer!
Ur friend reminds me of Mel Gibson's character in Conspiracy Theory :)
some ppl take tremendous pride in their 'xtremly talented n wonderful gift'of knowing 'secrets' tat others are so 'pathetically' unaware of(wat a pity!!)..not to stop there, they r very 'generous'in telling us a matter tat is 'so very imp' n has to be defn known by us for our very own welfare(how sweet!!)..but they can only tell u wat u r 'unaware of'(such helping tendency!!)they however cannot give u the details(c'mon its supp to be a secret,how can they???)they stop right there n xpect(the 'smart') us to either:
1. wonder, wonder, wonder n(wat else?)keep on wondering wat it is all abt n finally click on the answer(phew!!)
2. beg them frantically, desperately to tell u wat it is all abt(as if the secret of the magic potion for us to live is in their hands)
3. go to the heights of asking everyone(even tat really dumb guy/girl who irritated us at the party last week)the sensous, scintillating secret tat we r so painfully ignorant of(how sadd!!!)

**grrr!!how i hate these ppl!!**
come to me, my preciousssssssss! i'll tell u every thing. about y ur body hair is coloured with l'oreal.
@unjustified - but to quote the great leslie nielson - "so did I" :))

@rohan - and that my friend makes me Julia Roberts :)

@xyz - once again - that wa s great post by itself :) and btw, have you seen how many of these secrets once revealed are such a let down?

@sayantani - what???? ki???? kya????
uh, ntn... just wantd to get that reaction. im too dumb to actually comment on this post with something constructive.
"why India should produce more wooden products" - is that really a secret ? C'mon now !

I usually hang up when the other person goes 'Do you want to know a secret ?'. Click. End of conversation.

Wish I could do that in real life though. Though, I have said no to that quite a few times. Nice fun to see thier faces when they are all enthu to spill the beans on someone else, and you act all un-interested !! :)
U can be watever u wanna be as long as I get to be Danny Moder (of course u dnt get to be Julia Roberts then ;) )
@sayantani - now come on - dont be hard on yourself :)

@vignesh - "wood"n't you want to know more abt that secret :((

@rohan - :))
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