Thursday, October 27, 2005

Commenting on Commenting 

All ye kind commenters
All ye who speak kind words here
This post aint abt you folks
Coz I hold ye all too dear

Is it just me or have you guys noticed too that there's a distinct difference between the commenters on male blogs and female blogs. Now don't get me wrong - I know that some of the folks who are kind to leave their views on my posts also comment on some of the female blogs. This post is not abt you guys. It's abt those commenters who ONLY frequent female blogs. This post is to categorize some of those commenters:

* The "Present Madam" group: I'm not joking but quite a few of the commenters are more like the little kid who diligently raises his hand every day and says "present miss" the moment the teacher reads out his name. This group is largely male dominated. For some reason they have a fictional competition where they feel that if they don't have enough "attendance" they will fail the class. So they diligently come and leave the same comment for every post - "Great one! Nice views! Great one!"

* The "You go sister" group: This one's my favorite group of commenters. A hugely experienced group of women who have undergone EVERY possible feminine experience. Whether the post is abt pre-marital sex or baking chocolate cake - it doesn't matter coz these women will be there to usher support. There comments are mostly like "I totally understand what you are saying. The same sh!t happened to me too. I too fell for the same bloke you mentioned."

* The "Please post pictures" group: Once again a male dominated group. What is it with men and wanting to see photographs of women they have no clue abt? These women have to just say something as mundane as "today I saw a dog. It was very sweet" and instantly 20 men will be like "Wow! Just thinking abt the dog makes me smile. Please post pictures."

* The "I don't have IM" group: This is a fast growing group of male commenters who don't know abt the concept of email or instant messenger and decides to have an entire conversation on the blog. They comment and wait diligently for a reply to be posted and then they comment on the reply and wait again and comment again and wait again and ...

I understand that some of these observations might have offended some of you. Please leave a comment and let me know if you are annoyed :))

I'm not annoyed because I don't fit into any of your groups.
You tell em sister...............
Great one! I totally understand what u are saying about The Commentors...eagerly waiting for a reply to this comment so that i can reply to it...
*wonders what kind of smiley to add to this one*
@drive-by - thanks for stopping by and yess - i visited your site - you dont fit into any of the categories :)

@anon-1 - oh you bet i will :))

@poornima - thanks :) oh any smiley will be great as long as you are smiling :)
hey! great post! present! please post pictures! I too fell for the same bloke you mentioned!

Will wait diligently for your reply.
*tapping fingers on the desk...n continues to wait diligently....*
umm... post-ta ektu modified mpne hocchhe na?
hmmmm..wonder which category i fall under??

waiting eagerly for reply ;-)
*Just thinking abt the dog makes me smile. Please post pictures.*

ROTFL... Have seen these kinda commenters ever so often. Especially the sorority sisters group who incite you to Just Do It!
I don't think I fall into anty category...

@samit - r0fl !!!
damn funny! which category do u belong to? and can we also have a classification of the female commenters on your blog?

BTW pls put up ur picture as well!
Kaps: Now look what you have done...you asked for Sneaky Sagnik's pictures (this whole post was a subversive ploy -get it, get it!!)

Sagnik: Infact of your covert tactics I still do not like your pooch neither do I want his pictures or your pictures. How's that for a female comment on a male blog?
Hmmmmmmmm....trying to figure out which group I fall into :))))
@samit - now why does it all sound familiar, hmmm??

@poornima - now see, that's what makes you different - you are just tapping fingers - if it was a male commenter on a female blog he would have eaten off half his nails by now :)

@teleute - yup! and there are very good reasons for it - shall tell you why :)

@ron - oh! come on - you fall under the insightful commenter category like all commenters on this blog :))

@jax - seriously! we really need some "you go bro" commenters too - anyone listening ? :)

@kanti - you are too young to take sides - as a new age commenter you should just follow your instincts and then see which one best suits your style and opt for it :))

@kaps - oh i am not a very regular commenter but in the past i have done a few "present madam" comments in the blogs of friends (both male and female) to let them know that i read their blog :))

@anyesha - dhat! now all my plans have been revealed - i hate you for that - as a revenge technique i will send some "IM-less commenters" along with a few "Post photo please" ones on your blog now :)

@M - oh, as i said - all people who comment here are insightful, deep, introspective, intelligent and funny - and you fall under each of those categs :)
Guess i have been bunking the last few and its time for me to go present Sir with aplomb :)
ha ha ...hillaroius...the last category irks me a lot..but happens to me...and i find it trouble...when ppl expect me to reply in the blog and continnue the dialogue....i mean when is it going to stop...

no offence to anybody...in case u happen to read this....:)))
dude, u seem to hav a genuine good humored set of religious commentators, who will take the abuse.. and surprisingly am feeling a part of that group too. so whatever. i will be not mad at any of the things u said, but will say im mad u didnt get a catagory of commentators like moi who start comments with "dude".lol
@ prezent *mich*

did u know that your blog is spammed by the *prezent mich type*?
: O : O isn't it?

@ "please post pics" --
are u in anyway sublty hinting that u want people to start asking male bloggers to *post pics*?

and @ all commentors here --

*just thinking about the people who want to see pics of the dog makes me roll on the floor with laughter*

"Just Do It!"
it's kind of obvious what i mean isn't it?

shobhik -- " I don't think I fall into anty category..."
yup u don't fall into the anty category
u fall into the |^anty category :P
@rohan - you sir saying present sir is making me all embarrassed :)

@nandya - seriously! and the bes thing is that someone has to stop and i never know who should do it :)

@sayatanti - dude(tte) you da woman! :)

@ui - no one wants to see pics of male bloggers - no one :)
Hmm...I have chewed off all my nails in an attempt to figure out where I fit...and discovered that, (just like the daily horoscopes) I fit them all!

Now there is no hope for me...
Still laughing!
u didnt write about the commentor who invites you to his dating website or offers you culinary lessons and promises 1000$...
@aparna - muhahahahahaha - now we all know who you are - you can run but you can't hide :))

@neha - thank you :)

@point5 - but we all know how to deal with them - its ironic that the solution to preventing people from writing gibberish is to type some yourself *but i still wanna thak the folks at word verification*
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
errr.. who writes this blog male or fem?
:P didnt check.
present sir
- btw under which category wud u classify people who visit blogs but rarely leave comments?

Witty as always. A near perfect example of enjoyable, rib tickling humour.

A few questions about blogging-
1. Since a weblog is on a public domain, i understand non- bloggers can read and comment too?

2. I know it is difficult to accept criticism ( I am excluding personal attacks of the 'slut', 'bitch' kind) but why is it that if a faintly non congratulatory comment is left, it is either prompty delected or replied to with abundant usage of 'humourless', 'moron' etc.?

It is redundant to say this comment does not apply to you but i thought you could post a blog on blogging on blogging.

However am also prepared for the 'swat the fly' treatment.
present sir! great post on my blog! i've posted pictures! you can be the first commenter! i totally know the kind of people you mean though...and i show you're tired of people doing this to you about 20 times already, but do reply!

p.s: you fell for that bloke too???
Oh shit man!
u neva fail to humorify the atmosphere..do u ?

what category r u generally in?
I don't know the blogger is male or female, but since it is about female blogs here I go.

This is so typical of Indian girls, they always think too high of themself, any guy talks to her she think ooo he is hitting on me, someone comments on her blog - the guy is stalking me. If some one asks for direction on street-- ooo I am 'Beauty of the year '

Get out of this mentality, would you all ? Guys are not that desperate as you all think and even if then this world is full of lot other deserving ppls.

Rest in Peace.
Lol...bang on target! U did miss out people who disagree with ur post just so that you'll visit their blog to see who they are.
No comment :P
@shrek - moi be a man :)

@anat - hmmmm! lesse - maybe sigh-lent observers :)

@khizaya - i totally agree - i have always supported freedom of speech - people are free to criticize me, rebuke me or praise me - but i will not allow vibrators to be sold to me on this blog :))

@rimi - madam, between you and me - it was one of your posts that gave me the idea for a fair part of this blog - don't tell anyone :)

@ze-exagger... - thanks :) i have been a present mdadm/sir commenter to a few blogs written by close friends - just to let them know that i still read them :)

@green - but some men are ... muhahahahaha

@ideasmith - i disagree with you on that :))

@ai - well said
Oooh, this is loverly.

but you forgot commenters who only comment to tell you about how horrible you are :)
And I'll prove em right.

Sagnik, u 'orrible man! You make nasty statements about me sometimes and about womenkind in general most of the time, so I'll write about you on my blog! Ah, well, successful attempt anyway.

Where are you, lazy man? I've managed to insult your roomie several times on msgr, mistaking the poor soul for you!
@eM - aha! that happens mostly with anonymous commenters who have an opinion but not a name :)

@ideasmith - yes yes! :) my apt mate informed me my post LA trip that "Idea" chatted with him :)
Lol! That was funny.
I am guilty of the 'you go, girl' phenomena for sure :D

Came here thru Rohan's blog... waiting for your take on the blog story tag.
Interesting classification, this is...:) Add to that ...the "don't mess with ma blogger" group ! ...the clan who literally thump on the slightest critisim of the blogger by fellow commentors(sometimes it may be reasonable).

Check out this space for some more types of commentors and commentators !
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