Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ctrl+S Private Ryannnn 

Think abt this. One of my dear friends is walking the arranged marriage route. But you know what they say - "arrange marriages are so passe". Nobody agrees to having an arranged marriage these days. They're all like "oh we met over the net and then we fell in love and then we married" - all in 30 days and under the constant regulation of doting mothers and over-inquisitive aunts :)) Yeah sure! Yanway, like always, I digress again.

Wouldn't it be nice if like most computer applications we could have a Ctrl+S option for relationships? This very dear friend of mine is doing the whole "My name is so and so and my favorite actor is so and so" followed by "what are your future plans" followed by "I'm doing this because my mother asked me to" routine - aka the "babu steps to arrange marriage". It's the first time he's doing something like this, and boy does he feel the pressure. You spend 12 phone calls just to reach the comfort level where you can finally tell her "You know what, I'm a graduate student and I frankly don't make as much money as you think I do" and the next thing you know is "Accha, I don't think this thing is working out bhery well. So let us be just friends." So my friend wants to know - what then? Will he have to start afresh again? Start from scratch? Again call up some random stranger and say "My name is ... I went to school in ... My father has a blah blah figure salary ..." I feel for you dude. I seriously do. The Ctrl+S option would make it really cool where you could save definitive romantic states and the next time around just start from there.

Save romance. Save love. Save a poor graduate student's marriage dreams.

bhery nice.
but u forgot that once you reload/reopen/restart a relationship/romantic state,it is bhery likely that the end result will be the same.
(as in cases of arranged marriage one has to mention his salary/daddy's salary ultimately :)
and for all forced-arranged-marrage people.......i feel for ya guys too,like totally!
apparently you have taken your friend's troubles to heart! but..
i have seen lovers become really incompatible and i have seen ppl in arranged marraiges fall in love with each other..coz marraige is a gamble anyways..
You really don't want me to comment on this one, do you?
@ui - aha ui in a profound monet - bhery bhery nice :)

@jaded - wow your gamble concept has given very interesting images in my mind - where i am imagining a prospective couple in front of a roulette machine with the words marry, live in, date, break up etc. written on it - very nice :)

@plumpernickel - no no - please please do comment - would really like ur opinion on this too :)
really a comment to ur previous post...dont know what to say to this one..
anyways...they were showing Karan Arjun on tv last nite..what an utterly wonderful 80's style movie...complete with evil thakurs and baddie fathers in law n rebirth and slightly mad but very weepy mothers n everything!! ;-)
sigh...the ordeal of arranged marriages...I tell you S...the most intense programming would not help...more sighs...
lol at that. yes i do indeed know what ur talking abt - it is such a pain. somepeople will sound really professional on the first encounter and just say pls send me a brief write up abt urself - i thought that was really weird but i guess it saves talking for ages then doiscovering something basoic is disastrously wrong. sigh. this arranged marraige thing is really hard, i think :)
hmm this post shows that all girls who prefer arrange marriages are glod-diggers.
which is not true!
i inspired a write-up...yaay
post it pliss pliss..also make a cartoon if possible!
pliss pliss pretty pliss!
A cartoon would be nice.
Cartoon PLZ!!!
what would you have done if you were in u r friends' shoes?
awww come on...it ain't that bad after all. Poor grad student is only a misconception. They make quite a lot (by Indian standards anyways). Atleast enough to support a decent lifestyle for two, depending on where you live. And just found out that you really don't make that much more once you are out of school and in the real world...so...to live like a king you first need to believe you have a kingdom :))
@ron - yup! Karan Arjun was a total masalla one as was Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. The most recent total masala movies would be Asambhav and Elaan - watch them and laugh at them if you can :)

@ummlicious - why else do you think programmers often find it the most diff to find matches :)

@prerona - what? people actually say that? lol! its almost like your secretary dealing with the first few stages :))

@anon - how does this post make women sound like gold diggers? i thought it was a completely unisex post :(

@jaded - coming soon in a theatre near you - and thanks for reminding me that I haven't made a "cartoon" in ages :)

@kanti - will do :)

@ari - dude, you wont understand all this - will ya :))

@m - :)) that ounds reassuring. plus we Indians always have the trump card of telling our salaries in Indian rupees - don't we?? :))
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